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Young As They Cum 9

  • Release date:
    December 10, 2002
  • Runtime:
    1h 36m
  • Cast:
    Tony Tedeschi|Lee Stone|Julian|Pason|Andre Madness|Kelli Tyler|Taylor Ann|Melody|Caressa Me

Young As They Cum 9

Digital Sin/New Sensations

Genre: Young Women

Director: Andre Madness

Cast: Kelly Tyler, Lee Stone, Melody, Julian, Caressame, Tony Tedeschi,

Length: 96 minutes

Date of Production: 10/9/02

Extra's: lots of trailers on side 2 of the dvd, a photogallery, a double sided dvd cover

Audio/Video Quality: The movie was presented in full frame format with stereo sound. The picture looked washed out with low quality lighting and a dvd transfer from hell. Lots of grain and color bleeding to content with. The sound was nothing like Digital Sin's better stuff too.

Body of Review: Ever notice how a gimmick used to sell a movie can be overused? Such is the case with the word "young" in a porno title. The concept is to sucker you into buying a title, not a movie-a throwback to days of old when a company would spend most of its money on the tape case and advertising slicks and not on the picture, sound or talent That appears to be the case in Young As They Cum 9 which looked really bad and had marginally boring sex. A shame really since a few of the gals were attractive by their looks on the dvd cover. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Kelly, a cute little thing, and massive Lee had sex on a bed. They had some chemistry with one another but the picture was weak and that hurt it. Fair.

Scene Two: Melody, another cutie, took on Julian on a bed. The picture looked horrible and this killed the heat although it might've been a winner.

Scene Three: Caressame and Tony had a scene in his office after she teased him.She had potential but it was lost here.

Scene Four: Taylor, the cutie on the cover with the big picture, and Julian, had a scene that was run of the mill. The pattern here was oral, straight, and pop shot with mechanical sex. Would it get better?

Scene Five: Red and Kris had a scene on a bed. I wish it was better than the others but it wasn't. No heat or chemistry.

Summary: If you haven't figured it out by now, this one was lame. Digital Sin has made some really hot porn in the past but this series is a weak link and perhaps a project made on a bet. If the picture was better, I could almost justify giving it a higher rating but as it is, I can only suggest a Skip It> Don't waste your time.



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