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Carmen Goes to College 4

  • Release date:
    October 15, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 26m
  • Cast:
    Lee Stone|Aria|Chloe Dior|Carmen Luvana|Avena Lee|Julian|Daisy|Talon|Andre Madness|Steve Hooper

Genre: Feature, Straight

Director: Andre Madness

Cast: Carmen Luvana, Avena Lee, Chloe Dior, Aria, Daisy, Talon, Julian, Lee Stone, Steve Hooper

Length: 86 Minutes

Date of Production: November 24, 2002

Extras: Photo Gallery, Web Trailer, 110 Mins of Trailers

Audio/Video: The video presented in Full Frame 1.33:1 ratio. The video quality was pretty much clear and crisp. Upon a very close inspection the picture is slightly grainy/blocky, but really it is hardly noticeable. The lighting was done decently. There were some scenes in which they depended upon natural light (the sun), which caused shadows amongst the actors. The sound quality was excellent, presented in stereo surround. However, during ALL of the scenes music is introduced that is too loud and it tends to drowned out the "actor responses." I did enjoy the music.

DVD Mechanics: the feature presentation is divided into 71 chapters! Very annoying when trying to move from scene to scene.

Body of Review: This film is titled Carmen Goes To College, but in actually there is little to do with her in school. Similar to Brain Nicholson's review of Carmen Goes To College Part 3, this should have been called Carmen Joins a Web cam Service. The title of this series is greatly misleading.

The plot of the feature is that Carmen is a college student living with Avena and Chloe. Carmen has been taking on a variety of sexual task-oriented jobs found in the prequel Carmen Goes to College 1, Carmen Goes to College 2, and Carmen Goes to College 3. However in this installment she performs sex acts presented via web cam. She falls in love (or lust?) for her boss who is not interested in her. Eventually they have sex.

While I was initially excited to view this film, I was greatly disappointed with this film. The biggest issue was the background music played too loudly and a few of the scenes were simply limp.

Scene 1: Carmen Luvana with Talon
Carmen (portrayed on DVD cover) is an extremely attractive Puerto Rican girl with large breasts. She has bleach blonde her with her darker roots showing, doesn't look bad, and looks rather good. She is wearing a cotton one-piece dress with nothing underneath!

The scene introduces Carmen and Avena in a hallway speaking to one another, making references to Carmen's past experience in Part 1, 2, 3. After failing in a variety of sexual related jobs, she is now attempting to gain financial support to attend college via web cam porno site. Then Professor Frank (Talon) asks to speak to Carmen. They go off and she ends up "working" on declining grades. Yes he looks a bit young to be holding a PhD.

This scene is kicked off with Carmen performing oral on Talon, then Talon on Carmen. The two take positions on a chair, such that they engage sex in reverse cow girl. The act is then moved upon a large wooden desk. The scene ends with the money shot on Carmen's stomach. Throughout the scene Carmen is very vocal.

While Carmen is fairly attractive and looks great undressed, she seemed to be "over doing it" with her cries of pleasure.

Rating: 6/10

Scene 2: Avena Lee, Chloe Dior with Julian
Avena Lee is a very cute Chinese/Caucasian girl. She is perhaps one of my current favorites. She is small and petite with braces. Chloe Dior is actually new to me. She is an okay looking gal.

This scene starts out with two naked girls (Avena and Chloe) in a bed, discussing the events of scene one... Out of the covers Julian pops out says "Mr. Winky is getting lonely." Julian (one lucky guy) gets oral from both Avena and Chloe. Unfortunately during the oral scene we mostly see the backs of Avena and Chloe. The oral then evolves into an oral train (person A on B, B on C). Eventually the angle gets a little better. Julian then begins to work on Avena doggie style with Chloe under her. The scene continues other various positions. The scene ends with the two girls lying on the bed and Julian providing the money shot on Avena's face.

I must admit I was very disappointed with this scene.

Rating: 5/10

Scene 3: Aria, Lee Stone
Aria is okay looking gal, but she does have an incredible body.

In this scene Carmen watching Aria and Lee Stone perform one of the web cam sex shows. The two are in a small yellow room. Lee Stone performs oral on Aria, and then they jump straight into the sex. They are both very vocal and seem overly excited. At one point Aria slaps herself! LOL. The sex includes doggie style, missionary, cow girl, reverse cow girl. I was disappointed that Aria did not perform oral on Lee. The scene ends with a facial.

Rating: 6/10

Scene 4: Carmen Luvana
This scene begins Carmen's web cam debut. She begins to rub her gorgeous body with her hand. She performs this act in several different positions. This scene was fairly short, but very good.

Rating: 9/10

Scene 5: Daisy
Daisy is an attractive Latin(?) girl. In this scene we find her sitting on one of those swingy thingies. She starts off rubbing her lower region and proceeds to use various toys. She did not make a sound. Very uneventful scene.

Rating: 1/10

Scene 6: Carmen Luvana, Steve Hooper
Steve gives in and Carmen performs oral on him, then he to her. Steve gets back on the chair and takes Carmen facing him. Carmen then ends up with her backside on (yet) another desk. The sex is then continued as Steve bends her over the desk. Scene ends with a facial.

In the beginning of this scene a camera angle (that I love) is used. Carmen is standing up, bent over performing oral on Steve, who is sitting down on a chair. The camera angle comes up between her legs and shows her large breasts dangling while she performs her act. I see this in a lot of German videos, very awesome!

Rating: 10/10

Concluding Words: Initially I was very excited about reviewing this film, because of the constructs of what I had expected the genre to be, Carmen Luvana, and Avena Lee. However after the first two scenes I was a bit let down. The energy in Carmen's first scene just seemed to be so fake. The second scene with Avena Lee, was filmed so horribly. A good portion of the oral segment was watching the girls' backsides. Nothing too excited happened afterwards.

The film then got a little better. Scenes 4 and 6 were my favorites. In fact, scene 6 so was hot I had to give it a 10. I've watched it a couple of times and it was just great. But I feel that the purchase of this film is not worth this one scene. So Rent It.

I also wanted to note that I'm currently more interested in the soundtrack of this film, than this film. As mentioned in the Audio/Video section the background music was just too loud. Most of the time it interrupted the sex scenes.

Note that each scene is rated from a scale of 0 to 10.


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