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Private Castings 21: Kata Lynn

  • Release date:
    July 17, 2003
  • Cast:
    David Perry|Beata|Jean-Yves Le Castel|Peggy Sue|Katja Kean|Viktoria|Kata Lynn|Andrew Youngman|Philippe Soine|Andchana

Private Castings 21: Kata Lynn: Foaming Up With Pleasure


Genre: Compilation, Foreign

Director: Pierre Woodman

Cast: Katja Kean, David Perry, Philppe Soine, Jean Yves Lecastel, Peggy Sue, Kata Lynn, Andrew Youngman, Gabriella, Andchana, Julia, Beata, Viktoria, Pierre Woodman, Lena

Length: 147.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/03 (compilation only)

Extra's: 15.5 minute interview with Pierre Woodman from 7/25/97, Production Notes, trailers, biographies, double sided dvd cover, subtitles, languages (both are optional)

Audio/Video Quality: Like in Volume 18, the
movie started off with a warning about below average technical matters due
to the footage being shot in less than favorable conditions. If it had been
posted on the dvd case, I'd have even given them credit for truth in advertising. In any case, the show was full frame and the technical matters varied a lot. Much of the footage was older and taken with crummy equipment with low lighting. I think it was important
to release, given the historical significance of the material but keep in mind that the grain, colors, and other problems were far below what I've come to expect from Private. The sound varied as much with some really weak dubbing but the English subtitles were very clear and added later.

Body of Review: The Private Casting series is something of a casting
couch where Pierre would interview a gal and sometimes do her. The interview
format allows a viewer to see something about what people talk about when
they say he's mean to the women. There are subtitles that show most of
what's said and then the gals are shown in behind the scenes action on
photoshoots and movies. In Private Castings 21: Kata Lynn: Foaming Up With Pleasure, we get another batch of gals, most of whom went to work for Private afterwards. Here's a breakdown of the scenes:

Scene One: 7/97: Triple X Files 6, That's$ Life 2, and Private Magazine 143 (backstage report): Katja, a world class cutie with blonde hair and awesome blue eyes, took on David and Philippe in the first part and Jean Yves in the second part. Whew!

Scene Two: 10/96: backstage from Triple X Magazine 23, Tatiana 2, and Private Magazine 143: Peggy, having the luck of following Katja, made the best of it. She wasn't ugly but she sure didn't look like the previous gal. The footage included sex but was mostly the interview and behind the scenes footage.

Scene Three: 2/97: Indecency 1 & 2: Kata with Andrew and then her and Gabriella and Philippe, had a couple of solid scenes that included lots of hardcore, made for raincoaters, sex. She is also known as one of the hotties of the world, much like Katja in scene one. Yum!

Scene Four: 8/94: Backstage from Sex Magazine 1 & 22: Andchana, a mixed race gal from France, showed her goodies off before we saw her performance for the still cameras. Not bad if you like freckles.

Scene Five: 5/94: Backstage from Sweet Baby and Pirate Magazine 42: Julia, an average looking Private performer (keeping in mind that she was still attractive), discussed her origins and how she came across Private. The footage was really grainy but warm.

Scene Six: 4/94: Backstage from Pirate Magazine 29: Beata, a 19 year old gal in an exclusive interview, showed her stuff (but not much as she had a tampon crammed up her couchie). We then saw the shoot with her and some guys.

Scene Seven: 7/99: Interview and Initiation: Viktoria, in another exclusive, did Pierre after her interview. She seemed ill at ease with the possibility of appearing on film but Pierre talks her into it before they get it on. She got into it by the end in a very vocal manner.

Scene Eight: 2/93: Interview: Lena, a very attractive blonde from Moscow, in the last interview(also exclusive), discussed life with Pierre. She took off her top but that was all before the end. Very short interview compared to the others.

Summary: I like this series and wish I had seen the earlier volumes since they often allow an inside glance into the world of Private's performers. Like in Volume 19, this one is worth a rating of Recommended since some of the flaws were a bit much and not all of the gals had actual scenes.


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