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All Natural 1

  • Release date:
    August 18, 2000
  • Runtime:
    1h 4m
  • Cast:
    Chelsea Blue|Anastasia Blue|J.J. Michaels|Mia Smiles|Vivi Anne|Brick Majors|Mitchell Spinelli

The Movie:

"All Natural" is a series with girls that have a "natural" appearance, with real breasts and not excessive make-up or tatoos or other such things. While not exactly an original concept for an adult series, it's one that's appreciated by many. While not exactly well defined (the girls are interviewed and asked as to what "natural" means to them; they don't seem to care much or know), these girls are nice looking and don't have enhancements.

The first scene is with Mia Smiles and Chelsea Blue, who have a nice - if not extraordinary girl-on-girl scene by a pool. The girls play with each other's breasts - Chelsea has a particularly nice set of large, natural ones - before going down on each other. The two have good chemistry with one another and eventually start to use toys. The scene has somewhat shaky camera work, however.

The next scene is between Vivi Ann (a really cute British chick with a great smile, very nice body and warm personality) and JJ Michaels. The two joke around before retreating to someone's lawn where she goes down on him and he returns the favor, much to her enjoyment. The two then go at it in a few positions; while the scene is pretty good, it suffers from some very odd camera angles and some shots that seem like they're from halfway across the lawn (and a couple that seem like they're from the next yard over, looking in). Some odd transitions here too, including one that just showed a flower puot before returning to the action. In other words, good scene and a great actress, but we don't get the kind of view of the action that the scene deserved. Odd note: it starts to absolutely pour during this scene (sounded like hail, too), but the scene keeps going.

The last scene is between Brick Majors and Anastasia. She's a cute little blonde with a nice figure. This scene was the most high energy of the three, as Brick pounded away, turning the young actress - who smiles and seems very much into it - into a screamer. An intense scene, the two really go at it full-on, as she gets it both vaginally and anally. Again, some iffy camera work, but the best of the three (yeah, it's a short one) program.


Audio/Video: Crisp image, with accurate color and sound, although some artifacts that made me think it was transfered from a tape. Sound was a basic stereo; although the sex sounds were crisp and clear, the music was a bit distractingly bassy.

EXTRAS: Photo gallery.

Final Thoughts: This was an alright effort, neither good nor bad. I liked the girls, but a couple of scenes suffered from distracting camera work and the program overall is certainly on the short side. Rent it.


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