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Anal Teen Dreams

  • Release date:
    June 24, 2011
  • Runtime:
    1h 25m
  • Cast:
    Timo Hardy|Oliver Strelly|Victoria Tiffany|Zana|Vera White|Deena Davee|Randi Rayne|Eva Smolina

Genre: All sex, anal

Director: Axel Braun

Cast: ??

Audio/Video: Shot in high definition

Length: ??

Extras: Previews, Vivid Extras

Condoms: No

Overview: All the girls are very cute and clearly very new. I like the transition between scenes, the graphics. It's like watrching American girls instead of "Euro" girls. You can tell this film features new talent, brand new, but its not obnoxious. Amateur feel with a professional touch.

Scene One: The first girl is clearly an amateur as she is mostly making eye contact with someone off camera. Complete with fake moans. She gives a great sloppy blowjob to begin the sex. From there its alot of switching back and forth from pussy to blowjob to anal and back around. Tons of positions with tons of great camera angles to match. The scene ends with her licking his balls recieves a facial.

Scene Two: A girl in pigtails gets her nipples sucked on to start the scene. Then some fingering. Pussy action with a dildo. The toy goes in her anally, getting her ready for the real deal. She gets DP'd witht the toy then fucked in the ass for real. He finishes all over her cute face.

Scene Three: The third scene starst with a pretty little blonde laying on a couch sleeping. A dream sequence takes us to the same girl this time making out with a guy on the couch. He removes her clothes except her boots and jeans which later gets a bit distracting. They both go down on each other. Then he positions her in doggy, lightly spanking her. During the sex the girl is way too quiet. She ends with some deep throating and a big facial.

Scene Four: A cute brunette is laying on her stomache on her bed reading a magazine when a guy comes up behind her. They play alittle and he shows off her tits then pulls the rest of her cute school girl outfit off. They start with a blowjob all the while the girl is all smiles and cute. The sex is actually believable as she moans loadly and even begs "no" when her ass starts to get fingered. From doggy they go to standing up against the wall....all anal! He finishes in her ass.

Scene Five: Cute blonde school girl type starts scene with a blowjob and lays back for some rough fingering. She appears to enjoy the fingering moaning loadly. She gives great moans all through the sex, very arousing. Especially when switched from pussy to anal. She ends with a facial.

Summary: Overall the movie is full of great anal shots. Lots of gaping. All the girls were cute but on the quiet side when its comes to moaning or dirty talk. The best sex was Scene 4 and the best girl overall was in the final scene.


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