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Anal Seduction 2

  • Release date:
    September 12, 2003

Anal Seduction 2¨Park It In The Rear


Genre: Anal

Director: Ray Anderson

Cast: Jennifer Dark, Leslie Taylor, Tristan Segal, Lucy Love, Nick Lang, Luisa De Marco, Beef Clinton, Corneliah, Jane Darling

Length: 109.5 minutes

Date of Production: 5/8/03 (box), 4/28/03-5/9/03 (credits)

Extra's: 4 minute long Behind the Scenes featurette, trailers, slide show, cast list, spam

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.78:1 ratio widescreen color. Most of the time, the lighting was poor and that added grain to the scene as well as threw off the colors on the fleshtones. The grain might've been bad but the compression artifacts were even worse here and that really bothered me. The sound was fair but the music interfered with the vocal moaning and I noticed no separation of channels in the stereo set up.

Body of Review: In the last few years, Hustler has been making inroads to conquering porn by releasing a variety of movies, all with specific themes of one sort or another. As their publishing empire puts more emphasis on the internet and DVD sales, Hustler continues to find that consumers prefer to enjoy their porn with a specific theme. The theme in Anal Seductions 2 is, of course, anal sex with a lot of double penetrations (DP's) taking place in the five scenes. Much like in the first outing of the series, Anal Seduction 1, the director, Ray Anderson, brings together a cast of attractive gals and the usual men to have a variety of sexual scenes based on anal action. While I didn't think it was all that exciting compared to other Hustler releases, it was worth checking out for fans of the performers. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and types of action:

Scene One: Farmer's Daughter: Jennifer, the dark-haired cutie with a great body, took care of Leslie and Tristan in some stables. Aside from the technical limitations that plagued the whole show, the sex was fairly warm. Seeing this hot gal take it orally, vaginally and even anally with a DP was impressive. Had she put a bit more true enthusiasm into the scene, I'd have enjoyed it a lot more though.

Scene Two: Car Dealer: Lucy, also an attractive gal, had a scene with Nick, as she played a woman trying to buy a car from a sleazy car dealer. As in all porn, she worked out a deal with him to get a cheaper price by using her feminine wiles, and the two had a scene in his office. There was oral and anal sex but most of it was definitely anal. The sex was not particularly hot and that's a shame since the director had a lot to work with in terms of cast.

Scene Three: Vase Shop: Luisa, another attractive brunette, Tristan, and Beef had a scene in a vase shop. The sex went so far as to include a DP but I think she shined more with her vocal and oral talents. It was perhaps the hottest scene of the bunch but wasn't her best work to date.

Scene Four: Sunset Walk: Corneliah, a lean little blonde with almost no breasts at all, and Leslie, had a scene on the field of a small airplane field. It was kind of mechanical sex and the lighting was bad so I didn't enjoy it much. I saw flies buzzing around her couchie, which made me wince in terms of looking at it. The emphasis was on anal sex again which was what the box cover advertised.

Scene Five: Pool Hall: Jane, my favorite woman of the entire show (not to mention a cute blonde), took on both Nick and Beef after playing some pool with them. There was a bit of heat here too but at no time did I think she was having fun and "pay for play" scenes don't generally work for me unless they at least look like they're having a good time. The scene had a DP for those who enjoy them.

Summary: Once again, the series didn't have the advertised running time of "over two hours" and it was not the best DVD the company has released in the last few months. While the cast of women was attractive enough for most straight men to enjoy, the action itself was a bit less than thrilling and that made it fairly tame to watch, regardless of anal fans desires to see butt-blasting fun. I'm rating it as a Rent It based mostly on the women alone (their looks, not their heated performances) so you can adjust the rating as you see fit.



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