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Anal Trainer #5

  • Release date:
    October 29, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 41m
  • Cast:
    Austin|Mark Ashley|Ariana Jollee|Ana Nova|Mr. Pete|Crystal Ray|Nicole Sheridan|Voodoo|Chris Mountain|Austin O'Riley|Jonni Darkko

Anal Trainer 5
Digital Sin

Director: Jonni Darkko

Genre: Gonzo, Anal

Cast: Nicole Sheridan,
Austin O'Riley,
Crystal Ray,
Anna Nova,
Ariana Jollee,
Mark Ashley,
Ben English,
Mr. Pete,
Chris Mountain

Date Of Production: 06/12/2003

Video/Audio: The video, presented in 1.33:1 color, is very
crisp and well lit. Audio is presented in stereo with the music being
a little too loud
in the mix.

Extras: Photo Gallery, Trailers

Scene 1: Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Toys, Facial
With a close-up of a red butt plug starting this one out we already know where
this scene is going. Nicole picks it up and takes it over to Voodoo and after
a little teasing he slides it in her butt. We have anal penetration roughly
one minute into the first scene. Nicole turns around to blow Voodoo while he
keeps fucking her asshole with the butt plug. Nicole knows how to talk dirty
and shows off that skill in abundance in this scene. As a matter of fact, Nicole
knows how to do lots of things, and we get to see them all here! With the butt
plug firmly in her backdoor, Voodoo eases into Nicole's pussy for a little
penetration. The energy has been quite high in the scene so far and it just
picks up once they move to reverse anal cowgirl. Nicole basically jumps up
and down ramming the dick in her ass hard and wants more. Nicole has an outstanding
pair of legs and one hell of an ass on her and we get to see both of them very
well once they position themselves into standing doggy. When Voodoo fucks her
and then pulls out Nicole promptly slides fingers into her gaping asshole telling
him to fuck it some more. The energy picks up once again as Voodoo pounds the
hell out Nicole's ass as she is hanging upside down Nicole tells Voodoo to
cum for her over and over as he fucks her in pile driver. Once he finally cums
it gets sprayed on her face and ass along with everywhere in between. Wow,
that's a great start for this movie. Tons of energy and chemistry between these
and it does nothing but add to the scene.

Scene 2: Crystal Ray, Mark Ashley
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Toy, ATM,
Crystal opens this one up with a little tease footage before greeting her partner
with a blow job. Crystal bats her big beautiful eyes at the camera while she
sucks cock. Mark fucks her mouth getting a little rough with her before he
lays her back to finger her pussy working in three fingers at one point. Mark
probes Crystals backdoor with a dildo eventually filling her snatch with his
own prick. Mark decides to try out that ass for himself and does so for a moment
before Crystal asks him to let her taste. After some ass to mouth oral, Crystal
bends over to take her friends dick right back up her gaped asshole. Crystal
begins to give Mark more head and decides she wants a little in return so she
moves her pussy so he can eat her out at the same time. Back to the anal! Crystal "hovers" reverse
cowgirl while telling the viewer Mark's prick is deep in her ass. The pop shot
comes after a little manual stroking and allover Crystals tongue and chin,
she swallows the cum that makes it into her mouth and the scene fades out.
Well, what do ya know? Another good scene! Crystal always seems very eager
please and does so here very well.

Scene 3: Anna Nova, Ben English
Acts Included: Oral, Anal, PTM, ATM, Toy, Facial
Anna gets going right away by shoving a couple of fingers in her ass just a
few seconds into this scene. Shortly after warming herself up with fingers,
she replaces them with a large pink dildo. Ben comes in to give her a hand
with the dildo as she sucks his cock. There is a great shot of Anna from below
as she is having her mouth fucked, Anna and Ben move into missionary with anna
taking his prick straight up her plump backdoor. Even though most of it's in
German, we've got another dirty talker here! Ben pulls out every once in a
while to have Anna suck him a little more and then quickly plows back into
her butt. Anna rides Bens cock hard in a reverse cowgirl as he is telling her
to fuck herself with it. More brief pauses for a little ATM break things up
before they go at it doggy style. remember the pink dildo from the first part
of the scene? It makes it's way back and into Anna's pussy as Ben plugs away
on her behind. She once again stops to do a little sucking this time sucking
Ben's prick and her little pink friend at the same time. Anna rubs her clit
as Ben jerks off in front of her eventually cumming allover her face. After
two scenes with tall slender women it was nice to see a little bit thicker
woman in this one. Another winner as far as I'm concerned.

Scene 4: Ariana Jollee, Chris Mountain, Mr. Pete
Acts Included: Oral, Anal, PTM, ATM, Toy, Facial
I've only seen a couple of Ariana's scenes before and they were good scenes,
a little on the rough side, but good none the less. She looks great in the
bikini she is wearing and quickly puts two fingers in her own ass after a small
amount of teasing. The guys show up and spank Ariana's butt and fuck her mouth
in no time flat. Lots of spit with this one as !!! slides in and out her mouth.
They bring in some large anal beads and stuff her ass with them before replacing
them with a real dick. The two guys rotate around from her ass to her mouth
a couple of times. A couple of things they do here, holding her nose while
she has their dicks in her mouth and slapping, I just don't get into. They
move through a few positions making sure her ass and mouth are always filled
with dick before shooting their seed all over her pretty face. Not finished
with painting her face, they take turns spitting into her mouth for a moment.(Another
one of those things I don't find all that attractive.) Another good scene with
lots of energy. Some rough stuff here and there but it's not too much to take
a way from the scene overall.

Scene 5: Austin O'reilly, Jay
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, ATM
Austin wastes no time and opens up this scene with a dildo already slipping
in and out of her pussy. Not to long after this introduction, slides her friend
into her backdoor. Jay shows up and soon finds himself in Austin's mouth while
he is moving the dildo in and out of Austin's ass. More mouth fucking occurs
with some gagging before Austin slides her twat down around Jay's rod. Austin
sucks a little more and moves back into her reverse cowgirl only taking Jay's
dick in her ass this time around. She stops fucking briefly to suck some more
dick before placing it back up her asshole. Austin bent over looks very nice
with her big, round butt up in the air. More anal and ATM ensues throughout
the rest of the scene with Austin taking Jay's load right on her face. Not
a bad scene to wrap things up. Austin always seems to enjoy herself in her
scenes and this is no different.

Overall Thoughts: I'm very happy with this volume of Anal
Trainer. I've never watched anything from this series before, but I think I'll
definitely look
out for other installments. The girls were hot and the sex was pretty smoking.
I really thought the standout was Nicole and Voodoo's scene, but the rest
of them were very good scene as well. I liked the fact that it played with
rougher stuff but never over did it, which is a major turn off for me. All
of the performers across the board, looked as if they were enjoying the scene
and their partners. I highly recommend this one anyone looking for an anal
theme movie.