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Black GF 1

  • Release date:
    January 14, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 59m
  • Cast:
    Ana Foxxx|Essence|Dariel Dukes|Layla Terrace|Cleopatra Hendrix|Amy Shores|Momoko|Melanie Coxxx|Ashton Star

Genre: Interracial / Hardcore / Gonzo

Director: User submitted videos.

Cast: Cleopatra Hendrix, Amy Shores, Dariel Dukes, Essence, Momoko, Layla Terrace, Ashton Star, Melanie Coxxx, Ana Foxxx. Joshua, Cris Commando, Jack Blaque, Brad Tyler, Donny Nash, Michael Vegas.

Duration: 119 mins

Date of Compilation : 7 November 2012. Web info suggests seperate production dates for each scene, as far back as June 2010.

Condoms: Scene-by-scene.

Extras: Stills slideshow, nothing special. Cumshot recap, nothing worth recapping. Web access: www.RealityKings.com & www.BlackGFs.com .

A/V Quality: Average. User submitted videos gets them off the hook for the minimal production value.  Presented in 16:9 aspect ratio. Standard def, the majority of the shots are close-ups, 3 of the scenes benefit from natural outdoor light. A few scenes break from POV briefly, showing the guy.  2-Channel Dolby Digital. Audio is sufficient for the performer's banter and menu screen music.

Overview: My expectations are low, going in.  This movie is presented as "user submitted videos" which translates to me as low production value, average to below average camera work and a lot of sceen time lost to close-ups of some guy's junk.  The interracial dynamic is here, white guy on black chick in 8 of the 9 scenes; one guy may have been East Indian or even black.  The same tired position rotations are here over and over.  A few of the girls are cute, but there is not enough build-up to get them into the scenes.

Cleopatra Hendrix (Joshua): Average looking dark skinned chick with small tits and an overall medium build.  No buildup, scene starts with Cleopatra on her knees with her mouth open.  This scene was the definition of run-of-the-mill; a few minutes in cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary for a fake “O” (her) and pull out for a chintzy facial (him).  Condom used for sex.

Amy Shores (Cris Commando):  She has to shower for work, but her boyfriend would rather film her and fuck her.  Amy Shores is the best looking woman in this movie, very pretty face plus a firm set of natural D cups on a slim figure.   Bathroom sex: she looks best when kneeling on the toilet, taking it doggystyle.  The dude fiddled with the camera too much and was a significant distraction more than a couple times. Missionary, doggystyle, reverse cowgirl; pop on her ass. No condom.

Dariel Dukes (Jack Blaque): Her boyfriend starts her massage, but wants to massage her pussy with his cock.  In this scene, the guy looks East Indian or some non-white background.  Dariel Dukes is very pretty, and very slim/petite.  She’s also annoyingly vocal. Looked best in FDAU position.  Missionary pullout, pop on stomach. 2nd best scene. No condom.

Essence (Brad Tyler): Boyfriend convinces Essence to stop cleaning the kitchen and strip for his camera.  Essence is cute because she’s so small and petite, but her teeth need work.  Missionary, doggy, reverse cowgirl; facial.  Nicely shaped butt on small frame made doggy and RCG best positions for this scene. No condom.

Momoko (Joshua): This scene was only 4 minutes long, so I can’t recommend it.  I was excited to see Momoko on the cover, as I had seen her in some web trailers, this might as well have been another trailer.  Thirty seconds of BJ followed by reverse cowgirl, and cowgirl with a facial pop.  Momoko is a good looking light skinned, probably mixed, chick who’s thick and seems to have a good attitude but there is not enough here to judge. Condom used.

Layla Terrace (Joshua): Layla looks like she might be mixed; Indian? She gives what might have been a nice BJ/tit fuck but it’s cut after about 30 seconds for a switch to her face, up close, while I assume the guy is going down on her.  Some uninspired side saddle fucking was followed by a pop on Layla’s natural Ds.  Look for the guy to get a great shot of his wedding ring as he spreads Layla’s cheeks apart for a better view.  This scene did NOT use condoms.

Ashton Star (Joshua):  Another with no setup dialogue, just right in to the BJ.  Medium cocoa complexion skinny girl with small tits, reminds me of Beyonce.  Another short scene with a girl going through the motions and being noticeably fake.  BJ, cowgirl, doggy, mish finish on her stomach.  The girl was cute, in spite of the blond weave/wig, her well rounded ass looked especially plump in the doggy style part of the clip. No condom.

Melanie Coxxx (Donny Nash): A shorter girl with a dark chocolate complexion, athletic build with D tits. Cute face.  Boyfriend is back after a trip out of town. She shows him how much he is missed.  Brief BJ, reverse cowgirl, doggy, missionary.  This dude couldn’t stay hard.  She didn’t even try to fake it.  Facial finish.  No condom.

Ana Foxxx (Michael Vegas): This is the only other girl I had seen before.  I don’t remember where, but she’s not a total newbie.  Ana is a petite, chocolate complected girl with a real pretty face and few inhibitions, I’ve seen her do threesomes and anal.  Her: “We have to get ready to go.” Him: “We can go late, let’s fuck first.”  Break from POV as the shot shows the guy’s face in the beginning. BJ, mish, doggy, cum on ass.

Final Thoughts: Don’t waste your time.  This is just footage thrown together.  I found 4 of the scenes available on Reality Kings Street Blowjobs site, so you can go there and check trailers and maybe get a trial membership for $4.95 rather than buy this movie.  These scenes aren’t worth watching more than once.  They are J.O. material only, so no good for a couple.  The girls are not identified in their scenes, the credits are at the end.  If you see this title in the store, SKIP IT.


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