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Jesse Jane: Erotique

  • Release date:
    October 13, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 25m
  • Cast:
    Mark Davis|Aria|Barrett Blade|Dick Delaware|Monique Alexander|Ashley Long|Belladonna|Jesse Jane|Renee Pornero|Jessica Jaymes|Felicia Fox|Amberlina|Nicole Loren|Nic Andrews|Joone|Samantha Lewis

Jesse Jane: Erotique

Digital Playground




Nic Andrews


Jesse Jane, Belladonna, Amber Lynn, Ashley Long, Barrett Blade, Monique
Alexander, Dick Delaware, Renee Pornero, Mark Davis, Nicole "Nikki" Loren,
Jessica Jaymes
Non-sex by Mike Horner, Joone, Orna, Rob Sanchez,
Samantha Lewis, Aria, Felecia Fox, and about 15 others who weren't credited.


85 minutes

Date of Production:

6/24/03 (box), 6/30/03 (credits)


audio commentary with Nic Andrews, Jesse Jane, Orna, and Barrett Blade (and
later, Chris Webber-one of the grips), 11 minutes of Behind the Scenes
footage, trailers to shows like Contract Star, Story of J, Sex in the Valley, Teen America, No Limits, Rush, Virtual Sex with Jesse Jane, Jack's Playground, The Hitman, Beat The Devil, Three Timing, Sinful Creations, photogallery, 2 biographies, double sided DVD cover

Audio/Video Quality:

The picture was presented in 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen, which is
not typical in the adult world at this time. The movie was made to look like
it was shot on film and had the usual grain such camera effects come with.
The lighting was minimal which gave it some mosquito noise but if you like
the artistic effect Nic employs in his movies, and a lot of folks do, you'll
know it isn't as bad as it sounds. The audio was presented in 5.1 Dolby
Digital Surround and had some separation between the channels. It sounded
good for the way Nic wanted it but I prefer the music to be lower than the
vocals in my porn. Maybe a future extra can be a separate audio track with
either no music or a greatly lowered music track.

Body of Review:

Digital Playground is one of the few companies that doesn't make a lot of
porn. Along with Simon Wolf, Wicked Pictures and a few other companies, they
focus on quality rather than quantity. This fact goes over well with fans
that have been generally happy with the resulting quality of said companies.
With their latest contract performer, Jesse Jane, making movies at an
accelerated rate, director Nic Andrews has been keeping busy with making
features to show case this young Texan. Fans probably remember this bleach
blond cutie with the huge implants from her last movie, Virtual Sex With Jesse
, as well as the others she has made since starting this year. In
her latest release, Jesse Jane: Erotique, director Nic Andrews, shows
a series of vignettes, many of which feature the blonde little Texan that
has been taking the industry by storm. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by


Scene 1:

Jesse & Bella

Jesse, the cute blonde lead of the show, and Belladonna, had a scene
together in a repair garage on a motorcycle. Bella, a natural submissive,
let the buxom blonde take charge and both had fun. After some oral and
fingering, Jesse wore a strap on dildo and took her partner from behind
while pulling Bella's very short hair. It was supposed to be a guy but
circumstances arose and Bella was put in at the last minute (I think it
worked out quite well). Bella took a turn wearing the toy and Jesse also had
some fun before they ended. Whew!



Scene 2:


Amber, a gal that looks a lot like Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, had a solo scene
on a roof with a glass dildo. I liked the scene but it was fairly limited.



Scene 3:


Ashley, the tall blonde from England with a huge sexual appetite, and
Barrett, had a scene on a couch. I really liked her fishnet stockings and
the scene was pretty erotic but had a lot of energy too. I was kind of
surprised that there wasn't a bunch of anal going on since she is a
well-known anal queen but I'm glad there wasn't (I'm not a big fan of anal).



Scene 4:


Monique, a blonde hotty wearing a hot fishnet body stocking, had a
masturbation scene beside a house outdoors. The gal was great but the action
was, by design, limited. She also used a glass dildo to great effect. I hope
to see more of her in future movies. She was also cute in her non-sex role
in the movie Love At First Byte.



Scene 5:


Jesse, wearing some nice lingerie, took care of Dick on a table with a lot
of people watching them. The scene was supposed to have Cheyne Collins who
bailed, and I think it worked out quite well. Dick has a lot more staying
power and Jesse sure put it to good use here. The scene was oral and
straight only but fun to watch.



Scene 6:

Renee, Amber

Renee and Amber had a lesbian scene where each was dressed in fetish attire.
The pierced nipples, thigh high latex boots, and vinyl gloves, along with
the glass dildo and strap on all combined to make a good scene. My biggest
fuss about it all was that it was made in an artistic manner, sort of like
16mm, which bothered me.



Scene 7:


Jesse, after masturbating on a bed, is joined by Mark, who gives a solid
performance. The two had a lot of chemistry together in this playful scene
that was oral and straight only. On the commentary track, Jesse indicated
that she thought this was her favorite scene in terms of heat.



Scene 8:


Nicole, a brunette wearing a fishnet body stocking, had a solo scene. By
this point, I was getting grumpy that so many fine looking gals were being
used in masturbation only scenes. She used one of the glass dildos and even
did herself in the ass. It was short and sweet but limited.



Scene 9:

Jesse, Jessica

Jesse and Jessica, both attractive gals, had a lesbian scene in the desert
at high noon. I thought Jessica was too lean for my tastes but well worth
watching with the sweet young lead here. There was lots of licking and even
more of the glass dildos by Phallix with the two having fun. Yum!



I thought the show was worth a rating of Recommended although a lot
of people will probably think it's even better than that. If you're a fan of
Jesse Jane, you'll certainly want to check this one out and even listen to
the commentary track where the whole group had a lot of fun. There were six
full scenes and three solo scenes with enough diversity to make anyone
except the most hardcore raincoater happy. Nic is a talented guy, as were
his crew (both those in front of and behind the camera) so you're not going
to be disappointed unless you really have to see a lot of extreme sex.


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