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Amateur Introductions 2

  • Release date:
    September 11, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 16m
  • Cast:
    Whitney Westgate|Kennedy Leigh|Cali Hayes|Ariana Fox

Genre: POV, amateur

Director: ????

Cast: Jeatta, Zarena Summers, Jonni Hennessy, Hayden Winters, Melody Jordan, Kaycee Brooks, Ashley Storm, Nova Brooks, Charlie Ann, Tegan Riley, Cali Carter, Cali Hayes, Katt Dylan, Brynn Jay, Ashley

Length: 2:18

Date of Production: 07/01/13

Extras: Cum Shot Recap, Photo Gallery

Audio/Video Quality: The video is presented in widescreen color. The picture quality varies from scene to scene with some noticeable grain in the picture but nothing to interfere with the viewing experience. The lighting is variable with some scenes darker than others or too much light that leaves colors washed out. As for the camera work, the action is captured in point of view (POV -- first person perspective of the action) and generally good. The camera is fairly steady and in focus with a few exceptions of scenes that are rougher than the rest. The audio is presented in 2-channel stereo and sounds very good.

Body of Review: Amateur Introductions #2 comes from Amateur Allure. It features 15 girls spread across 11 scenes. This video is a compilation of amateur "auditions" where the girls are tested out for ability to perform on screen. For this reason the scenes tend to be oral only (a few include sex) and all run pretty short. For those looking for a variety of new amateur faces, then this DVD will be worth checking out. Here's the scene by scene.

Scene 1: Jeatta - Rating 2.5/5

Jetta is a 21 year old gal. She is featured on the dvd cover. She's got a nicely shaped figure with perky ripe tits. In this scene she wants to break into modeling. The dude talks to her about the type of "modeling" he is interested in having her do and has her watch a clip of some girl sucking cock. She remains interested and her clothes come off. Next she gets on her knees and sucks the dude off with some titty sex. It's a very short bit and wasn't too enticing. Next they head into another room and Jeatta lies down on a bed. The dude proceeds to eat her out with the camera focused on her upper body, squiring, moaning. Then she gives another quick short blow job. The oral exchanges were not terribly exciting. Jeatta sucked slowly and didn't seem to have much energy. The pussy eating was completely off camera. Afterwards the dude fucks in her missionary. The sex has more heat to it. Jeatta looks pretty good getting fucked, although there are some odd camera angles used. The action is also on the short side. The scene ends with Jeatta swallowing the cum shot. Overall it was a fairly average scene.

Scene 2: Charlie Ann - Rating 3.0/5

Charlie is an attractive 22 year old gal with a nice figure and a cute face. The scene opens with a dialogue about her audition. After a lot of talking Charlie puts the dude's dick in her mouth. She starts off with a slow going pace and continues to follow it for the rest of the blow job. Despite Charlie manages to do a fine job. Her pretty eyes look great looking into the camera as she sucks and deep throats the cock. Next she stands up and removes her panties. She proceeds to sit on the dude's cock. They fuck in reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, doggie and missionary with oral sex in the mix. The sex is enjoyable. I liked her attitude and she seemed to really get into the action. The only disappointment was that we never got to see her tits. The scene ends with cum swallowing.

Scene 3: Kaycee Brooks & Robin - Rating 3.0/5

Kaycee is the blonde gal on the left side. She's a got a slender thin frame and small tits. Robin is the brunette on the right and she also has a thin body but slightly bigger tits. In this scene Kaycee brought her friend Robin along for this audition. The girls talk and flash their tits and pussies. Next Kaycee goes for the dude's cock. She sucks him off with some good energy as Robin watches. The scene's excitement levels kick up a notch when Robin takes over. As she sucks Kaycee plays with Robin's tits. Next they break and the dude tastes their pussies. Then they go back to cock sucking. This time the girls work together with Kaycee sucking while Robin licks the shaft and balls. As the scene comes to an end the girls kiss each other and then put their faces cheek to cheek. They open their mouths and swallow cum. Overall it was a pretty enjoyable oral bit. I would have liked to see more girl/girl action with these two cuties. Still the action as is was pretty exciting.

Scene 4: Melody Jordan & Ashley Storm - Rating 3.0/5

Melody is a cute redhead with nice natural tits. Ashley is a good looking dark haired babe with a shapely rear end. This scene opens with the girls sucking the dude's cock. They work well together in the act taking turns sucking while the other licks balls and the shaft. Next Melody shows off her tits and ass. We also get a brief shot of Ashley's nice butt. Then the girls go back to sucking cock. They both deep throat and look good in the act. The scene comes to an end with Melody taking the cum shot. The girls kiss, swap some cum and both swallow. Overall this scene was pretty nice. I liked the girl's energy and they both had very pretty eyes that looked great looking into the camera as they sucked cock.

Scene 5: Brynn Jay - Rating 3.0/5

Brynn is a cute brunette with pretty green eyes. She has a nice figure and small tits. This scene skips a prolonged, dull dialogue. Instead there is a quick question that is followed by Brynn performing oral sex. She takes a slow approach but still manages to keep excitement levels high. She is very thorough and handles the oral action with expertise. The sad part is that she keeps her eyes closed for most of the action. The scene ends with her swallowing the cum shot.

Scene 6: Katt Dylan - Rating 3.5/5

Katt is an extremely attractive 19 year old gal with good body and nice perky tits. This scene is her audition. You can see her full scene in Cum Swallowing Auditions #2. They open with a dialogue about her audition. This leads to her sucking off the dude. Katt's approach is on the slow side but she looks great in the act. Her cute face is perfect for oral sex. We also get a nice tease throughout this bit as the camera frequently shows her tasty cleavage. Towards the end her shirt comes off and there is some titty sex. They finish with cum swallowing. Overall Katt gave a slow going but enjoyable blow job.

Scene 7: Nova Brooks & Zarena Summers - Rating 3.5/5

Nova is an attractive brunette with pretty blue eyes (shown in the picture). She also has a great body and tasty tits. Zarena is also a good looking brunette with a nice body (although we don't get to see much of it). This scene has no opening dialogue. Instead we get a nice close up of Nova sucking a cock. Shortly after Zarena is summoned to join in the fun. Zarena pairs up with another dude and sucks him off. Of the two girls Nova's performance is better. She is more energetic and just looks great taking cock in her mouth. Zarena's performance isn't bad either but next to Nova just seemed less exciting. Eventually the girls switch positions and we get a quick glance at Nova's tits. The scene comes to an end with Nova swallowing a pop shot. Zarena gets a facial from her dude. Nova then licks her face clean. Overall it was a good scene. I really liked Nova's performance and wished we could have seen more of her.

Scene 8: Jonni Hennessy - Rating 2.5/5

Jonni is a 19 year old strawberry blonde with green eyes. She has a slender figure and small tits. This scene opens with a quick dialogue about the audition. Then Jonni gets into the dude's pants and sucks him off. She gives a hands intensive performance and doesn't seem to get much more than the penis head in her mouth. Towards the end she does some deep throating. They finish with Jonni swallowing the pop shot. Overall the scene was okay. It felt bland.

Scene 9: Cali Hayes - Rating 3.5/5

Cali is a good looking babe with a nice figure and perky natural tits. She's a young 18 year old. The dude has her sit at his desk and watch some footage of a recent scene. She gets horny and rubs his cock through his pants. Next she undoes his pants and sucks his dick. Her cute face looks good stuffed with cock and even better when she makes eye contact with the camera. She's got pretty brown eyes. Early into the action she stands up and shows off her nice tits. Then they resume the cock sucking. The action is heated. Cali knows her way around a dick. The action ends with cum swallowing. Overall I really liked Cali. She was really cute and looked even better stuffing her pretty mouth with dick. It's too bad we didn't get to see more of her.

Scene 10: Ashley & Tigan Riley - Rating 3.5/5

Ashley (brunette) and Tigan (blonde) are pretty attractive girls. Both have slender figures and decent sized tits. This scene opens with a very short dialogue and is followed by oral sex. From the start the girls are very active and energetic. They eagerly suck the dude off and work well together as they take turns. At some point the girls expose their tits and do some light girl/girl fun. I really liked their chemistry together. The scene ends with Ashley taking the pop shot in her mouth. The girls proceed to kiss each other and swallow the bits of cum in their mouths.

Scene 11: Cali Carter - Rating 3.0/5

Cali is the last girl up. She's a sexy blonde gal with a hot body and nice tits. This scene opens with a quick tease. We get some nice shots of Cali's tits. Next there is a brief dialogue that is followed by her sucking cock. Cali looks pretty good in the act. She takes a slow approach but still keeps the action exciting. She is eager and takes the dude's large cock down her throat with ease. Her pretty blue eyes also look great looking up at the camera. Towards the end we got some shots of her pussy with the dude fingering her. The scene comes to an end with cum swallowing. Overall I liked Cali. She's definitely a girl I'd like to see more of.

Conclusion: I was pretty happy with Amateur Introductions #2. While it was not the best amateur release I have seen, there was still enough content and variety to keep my interest. The girls were all cute and I felt for what the video was that it was pretty good. I think it is important to keep in mind that these are not full scenes and the content varies from scene to scene (in terms having interviews, teases, straight sex, so on). If you are itching for some fresh new faces and enjoying seeing young cuties suck cock in POV, then give this video a try. It has good content and replay value.


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