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Amateur Introductions 1

  • Release date:
    August 12, 2013
  • Runtime:
    1h 46m
  • Cast:
    Maddy O'Reilly|Zoey Monroe|Samantha Rone|Zoey Foxx|Carmen Monet|Bailey|Claire Heart|Rikki Nix|Christie Nelson

Category: Amateur/Gonzo/POV


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Cast: Christie Nelson/Madison Swan/Carmen Monet/Zoey Foxx/Maddy O'Reilly/Rikki Nyx/Zoey Monroe/Bailey/Claire Heart/Samantha Rone

Extras: Photo Gallery/Web

Release Date: Unknown (2013)

Runtime: 105 Mins


Scene 1:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Christie Nelson

Blowjob/Female Masturbation/Handjob/Cum Swallowing

The first scene in the first volume of Amateur Allure's 'Amateur Introductions' starts with an interview between our director/stunt cock and Christie Nelson. After a small introductory segment [as I'm imagining will start each scene] the bj sets in. The blowjob is set completely in POV format and continues forward with our director chatting it up with Christie as she sucks his rod. A break in the action leads up to some masturbatory antics provided by Christie, albeit a short one as she moves back onto the task at hand. Lots of talking in this scene, which gives off a bit of a fun vibe, but I suppose could also be seen as a slight distraction. The scene ends with Christie jerking her new pal to completion and swallowing his jizz juice. Pretty decent scene here, a nice length to keep our attention.

Scene 2:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Madison Swan (Part 1)

Newbie Madison Swan (now known as Mia Malkova) is next up, and the scene starts as she enters the room with her mother of all people. Hmm, I'm guessing this is setup, but nowadays I guess you never know. Anyways, our director later eludes to the fact that Madison is there for pornography, much to the dismay of her mother who thought that she was there for a simple modeling gig. Madison's mother is pretty uneasy about the situation, and the camera confusingly cuts to Carmen Monet (See review for scene 3 below).

*Scene 2 continues later in the film*

Scene 3:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Carmen Monet

Blowjob/Cum Swallowing

To begin the third scene in the film, Carmen Monet jumps out of the shower and starts sucking cock almost immediately. The bj from Carmen is slightly more energetic than the last scene and is again set up in complete POV format. After a short session our cameraman jerks himself into her mouth and she swallows it up. Probably about a 5 minute segment here that then moves back to Madison and her mother.

Scene 2: (continued)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Madison Swan

It seems that Madison's mother is now okay with her shooting porn, and the cameraman gets a couple shots of her while her mother sits to the side and watches. Carmen gets naked, looking quite amazing as she does so, but the camera again cuts because her mother needs a second to adjust. This is getting tedious.

Scene 4:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Zoey Foxx

Blowjob/Doggie/Missionary/Cum in Mouth/Swallow

Next up is Zoey Foxx, and the bj begins directly as the scene does, with a slow and sensual one given to our director. The scene gains some steam and a nice change of pace when another guy gets behind Zoey and begins fucking her from the back.  Zoey's facial expressions are fantastic here, as she looks to be loving every minute of the light pummeling she's receiving from behind. The scene soon comes to a close after she swallows both loads from the guys. Decent scene here, again it was so short that it's a bit hard to get acclimated to, but Zoey is definitely a hottie.

Scene 2: (continued)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Madison Swan

Blowjob/Light Deepthroating/Cum Swallowing

Now we're back to Madison Swan, who's mom sits beside her as the blowjob has finally begun. The taboo of the scene is definitely making it better, and Madison's cuteness is not hurting matters either. She mixes in some pretty decent  deepthroating as the scene continues forward, with the camera reverting back to her astonished mother at various times throughout. Zoey is a major cutie, and this scene is shaping up to be the best in the film thus far. The cameraguy continues talking, as he does through all of the scenes in the film, and soon releases his gunk directly into her mouth  to close out the scene. Hot girl, not a great scene.

Scene 5:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maddy O' Reilly

Tease/Blowjob/Missionary/Doggie/Cum Swallowing

The next scene begins as we see super cutie Maddy O'Reilly. After her initial introduction to the home viewers, she begins unzipping our director and the blowie comes quickly after. A very slow and sensual bj again here that goes on for a short time before leading into some missionary style sex. A solid sex segment here, that later caps off exactly the same as the scenes that preceded it. Lots of giggling and fun had by Maddy throughout the scene make it for a nice viewing, as this babe is sure to wet any perverts whistle. Good scene.

Scene 6:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Rikki Nyx

Footplay/Blowjob/Tit Fucking/Cum Swallowing

20 year old Rikki Nyx begins the next scene, as she gives some nice footplay to the cameraman  before the dicksucking ensues. Lots of camera interaction from Rikki make this a pretty nice viewing, but the action is so light that I'm finding myself losing interest. After moving onward with some tit fucking, the scene ends again with a shot to the mouth, and a swallow. Decent scene here I guess, the repetitive nature of the scenes however is growing on me, in a bad way.

Scene 7:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Samantha Rone

Blowjob/Cowgirl/Doggie/Missionary/Cum Swallowing

18 year old cutie Samantha Rone is the next girl in line, as she starts the scene looking absolutely adorable in her pink jacket and skin tight jeans. After a small conversation with our director, the knob slobbing begins in a light and teasing manner. Samantha is outstanding here, giving some fantastic stares into the camera as she teases her stunt cock in between bouts of sucking, and even a couple of light deepthroats. Samantha's seemingly inexperienced ways are making this scene all the more better as it soon moves into a cowgirl style fuck sesh between the two. Positioning moves really quickly, as they move through three of them in a matter of minutes. Nice scene here once all is said and done. Samantha is a force to be reckoned with, I look forward to the next scene of hers I get to watch.

Scene 8:---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Zoey Monroe

Blowjob/Cum Swallowing

Next is Zoey Monroe, who I've had the opportunity of reviewing in a couple movies before and absolutely love. The scene begins with some talking, and quickly goes forth with Zoey reaching for the goods. I suppose my being a huge fan of Zoey's has some impact on this, but I'm loving the early moments of this bj. Zoey's eyes are hypnotizing, and the work that she's doing in this scene is quite pleasing to a pervert such as me. Some nice sloppiness from Zoey here also, as this bj is probably along the more intense side of what has been showcased thus far in the movie. A nice smile & swallow cap off the scene, as this one was probably among the best in the film.

Scene 9:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Handjob/Blowjob/Cum Swallowing

A hesitant Bailey begins our next scene, and after some handjob action the bj begins. Bailey also states that this is the second cock she's ever touched in her life, and how true that is is up the viewer I suppose. Anyways, the blowjob is almost a carbon copy of most of the scenes in the film, and ultimately ends the same way as well. Nothing that makes it stand out any more than the others.

Scene 10:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Claire Heart

Blowjob/Light Deepthroating/Female Masturbation/Cum Swallowing

The last scene is Claire Heart, this girl is another super cute babe as most in the film are, and handles her stunt cock gently, but pretty nice overall. Claire takes a load from two cocks separately here, as both go directly down the hatch for swallowing. Claire is a babe, no doubt about it.


Amateur Allure is mainly known for it's web content, but have recently branched out, releasing 'Amateur Introductions' as one of three of their first DVD releases. Jules Jordan will be distributing for them, and these scenes seem to be exclusive to this movie, as far as I can tell. The execution of each scene in this movie is almost screen for screen exactly the same, with the exception of some light sex mixed into a couple parts here and there. Even though some of the girls in the DVD are really hot, I found myself losing interest at times simply because of the monotonous way that the film was put together. I'd have trouble recommending this one, but would certainly tell fans of the POV/Teen/BJ genre that there are parts of this that they are sure to enjoy, as well as parts that will just make you roll your eyes and hit the fast-forward button. If you're into renting porn give this one a look, but if you miss it, you're not missing all that much.


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