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Scottish Loveknot, The

  • Release date:
    June 10, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 30m
  • Cast:
    Jodie Moore|Vanda|Steve Hooper|Jamie Woods|Mark Sloan|Alma|Michelle Louise|Myli|Tony DeSergio|Gazzman

The Scottish Loveknot (Private Black Label 30)


Genre: Feature

Director: Gazzman

Cast: Jodie Moore, Bailey, Michelle Louise, Dan Stallion, Vanda, Ginger, Tony De Sergio, Jamie Woods, Violet

Length: 90.5 minutes

Date of Production: 6/21/02 (per the commentary, the movie was taped in and around the longest day of 2002)

Extra's: director's commentary with performer Tony De Sergio and director Gazzman (they didn't discuss much of importance but I listened, hoping for clues as to identity of a few of the gals-luckily for me, the process of elimination came in handy), double sided dvd cover, trailers

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 16:9 anamorphic widescreen (Private's first per the director) color. In the outdoor scenes, the scenery looked great-it was taped in the Scottish Highlands. In a few of the indoor scenes, there was some problems with low lighting and grain as well as the slow motion and filters used to make it look like it was recorded on film (rather than tape). Still, it was very clear a lot of the time. The audio was presented with several choices including 5.1 English surround that had some real separation, a 2.0 channel, various foreign languages and various subtitles.

Body of Review: Private has been making top quality porn for some time with a number of series that have just sex and others with feature films. In their Black Label line, they often try to show some story along with the heavily anal action and hardcore sex. Such is the case with The Scottish Loveknot: Black Label #30). In the movie, a pair of star crossed lovers from the 13th century meet untimely ends and attempt to find one another through time. A trio of guys are presented with a test to see if one of them is the right guy, a test that takes place once every hundred years, and in doing so, they risk losing it all to the fates. For the most part, the acting and story are disposable but it was a good setting for the very hot women and lush locale used for this solid effort. Here's a breakdown of the cast as best I could determine (the director couldn't get their names right so in that sense, maybe Private needs to use credits again):

Scene One: Jodie, one of Private's newer contract performers, and Bailey, had a scene outdoors in the lovely Scottish countryside. She looked really good here, much better than elsewhere that I've seen her. The sex included anal and except for some slow motion camera work, it was pretty warm.

Scene Two: Michelle, a blonde from Eastern Europe, and Dan, had a scene at night in a tent. Very energetic sex between the couple which included oral, straight and anal (like most Private movies). Very warm scene!

Scene Three: Ginger, a gal I've seen in a couple of Evil Angel movies, Vanda a hotty that used to make a number of movies in the USA, and Tony, had a scene after they gave him oral and teased him with some lesbian antics. Allegedly the first time anal on Ginger and while some of the scene was mechanical, overall it was warm.

Scene Four: Jamie, another blonde although not as hot as the others, and Bailey, had a scene where all the usual sex-oral, straight and anal-took place before the pop shot. This was my least favorite scene of the show but it was technically well shot except for the slow motion stuff.

Scene Five: Jodie, the hotty from scene one, and Dan had a short scene that was very erotic. Oral and vaginal only but warm.

Scene Six: Vanda, Michelle, and Violet had a lesbian scene while the guys watched them. There was mostly oral but some toy action crept in near the end. Warmish to my sensibilities.

Scene Seven: The gals from scene 6 were then joined by Dan, Tony and Bailey (though he left early) in an orgy scene. There was a second camera angle but it showed the camera crew and wasn't as good technically either. There was oral, straight and anal with a short DP. Fun to watch but limited in heat because of the slow motion camera work.

Summary: The sex was hardcore and well recorded with hot looking women for the most part so I'm suggesting this one as a Recommended movie to get but some of the listed extras on the dvd case, including a backstage report, were not present and the story could've used some editing otherwise I'd have boosted it up a bit. If you want a good movie for babes, this may be what you're looking for.



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