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Stripped: Carmen Luvana

  • Release date:
    August 25, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 29m
  • Cast:
    Kyle Stone|Tyce Bune|Evan Stone|Carmen Luvana|Angela Crystal|Allison Wyte|Jessica Drake|Sophie Evans|Lezley Zen|Tristan Seagal|Stuart Canterbury

Stripped: Carmen Luvana

Adam & Eve

Genre: Feature

Director: Stuart Canterbury

Cast: Lezley Zen, Tyce Bune, Carmen Luvana, Alison Wyte, Angelica Crystal, Kyle Stone, Sophie Evans, Tristan Seagal, Jessica Drake, Evan Stone

Length: 89.5 minutes

Date of Production: 6/13/03 (box), 2/22/03 (credits)

Extra's: 11 minute interview by Carmen (in English or Spanish), trailers, photogallery, bonus scene from Hot Rods with Avy Scott and Cheyne Collins

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame as originally shot. There was a fair amount of grain present and the lighting caused a huge problem with color over saturation. The mosquito noise and artifacts were really bad in some scenes but generally only bad. The audio was presented in stereo English but I didn't notice any separation between the channels. Most of the problem with it was it sounded hollow.

Body of Review: Carmen Luvana, the sweet little Latino contract performer at Adam & Eve, has made relatively few movies but has built quite a reputation in the last year. I liked her when I watched My Plaything: Carmen and while a number of her releases have yet to fully display her talent, I'm hoping this will change over the next year. In one of her first releases for Adam & Eve, Stripped: Carmen Luvana, Carmen is a popular stripper at a club. A rival club owner wants her services and is trying to lure her away, in order to get her to work at his club. Granted, that's not a detailed plot device but this is a low-end feature that appears to be designed to test her market appeal. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Lezley, a brunette with large implants, and old man Tyce had a scene in a waiting room. The sex was oral and straight only with little heat. I like her in a number of scenes elsewhere much more than here with the technical limitations reducing the heat.

Scene Two: Carmen, the hot young Latino star here, and Alison had a lesbian scene at the club. I thought they worked well together and had some chemistry but the picture was poor and hurt the picture.

Scene Three: Angelica, a curvy blonde, and Kyle, had a scene by an outdoor pool. The two had the usual oral, straight, and anal with some heat but not a whole lot. I liked the scene a little bit but not a lot.

Scene Four: Sophie, the wonderfully attractive redhead known for her extreme sexual antics, and Tristan, had a scene on a bed. She even used a toy while he did her ass. The scene was easily the strongest here but had the same lighting problems the other scenes had.

Scene Five: Carmen, finally taking a guy in the movie, did Tyce. I would've preferred she do Evan but can't deny that she carried the scene with some real heat. Fans of rimming might like the fact that she did him that way before giving a great blowjob.

Scene Six: Jessica, another hotty that I've liked in a zillion other movies, and her real life husband, Evan, had a scene at the bar. I also kind of liked this one too (the couple are great together) but wish it looked better.

Summary: I thought this was one of those releases that was tossed together a bit too fast. I can almost forgive the director for the technical issues since he always seems to have them but the cast often looked like they were reined in from having as good a time as they wanted. This greatly limited the heat and made me decide it's only worth a rating of Rent It based on a couple of scenes.



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