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Just Over Eighteen #5

  • Release date:
    February 20, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 19m
  • Cast:
    Tony Tedeschi|Vince Vouyer|Lee Stone|Brian Pumper|Mr. Pete|Allison Wyte|Pat Myne|Brett Rockman|David Luger|Lacey Barnes|Diana (II)|Dion Giarrusso|Baby Doll (II)|Melody Sweet

Just Over Eighteen 5

Red Light District

Genre: Gonzo

Director: David Luger

Cast: Diana, Brian Pumper, Tony Tedeschi, Allison Wyte, Mr. Pete, Lacey Barnes, Lee Stone, Melody, Pat Myne, Baby Doll, Cassie Young, Brett Rockman

Length: 139.5 minutes

Date of Production: 7/25/02

Extra's: 18.5 minutes of Bonus/Boner footage, 24 trailers, photogallery

Audio/Video Quality: Some things are as reliable as a Swiss army knife. One of those things is the high end production quality of Red Light District's picture and sound on their dvds. Once again, they provide a crisp, clear release that had no problems.

Body of Review: I watch a lot of porn to protect you consumers from the companies that'd cheat you with lame picture and sound, hotties that aren't in the movie, and other marketing gimmicks the industry is known for. Admittedly, with the expansion of the internet, the weaker companies are fading a lot of heat from myself and other like-minded reviewers who try to keep them in line. The good news is, it's working. Helped by companies that provide what we consumers are looking for, like Red Light District, the old school is losing out and they've found that coasting is not going to work much longer. That said, even the best companies make a mistake sometimes and this is one such case.

On the dvd cover, both Steve Holmes and Brian Surewood are listed. I've found both to be reliable woodsmen in their performances, like most performers for RLD. Neither are present in the movie. Now this is just a small complaint since almost all of us buy porn for the female performers but it's only fair that I point this out so claims of favoritism aren't tossed my way by shills for other companies. Okay, now that I've handled that, let me tell you that the Just Over Eighteen series focuses on showing young (but legal) women have a variety of sex acts. The better looking ones don't always participate in the circus act sex stuff (they're still acclimating to porn) but all of the ladies here were attractive, if not blazingly attractive like Diana or Melody, and didn't shy away from having a great time. Here's the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Diana, the hot looking cover girl, had a playful scene with Tony and Brian that included oral, straight, and a facial. I'm sure some of you would prefer she did anal but that'll only take a bit more time, I'm sure. Just watching the gal prance around would get most guys off and she probably doesn't want to cause anyone to have a heart attack.

Scene Two: Allison, definitely a step down in looks but making up for it with her "can do" attitude, she took on Tony and Brett (who looked a lot like Pete) in oral, straight, anal, DP and a facial like she needed it to survive. I thought she was a bit over the top but friends swear by her talent.

Scene Three: Lacey, a pretty, smallish blonde, took on the massive Lee in this scene. The sex was pretty good, without anal as that might've killed her (he is, after all, massive), although it wasn't as warm as it should have been.

Scene Four: Melody, a major cutie wearing a schoolgirl outfit, took on Pat and Pete in a very warm scene. This was another total babe that didn't do anal but if you care, just wait awhile. Yum!

Scene Five: Baby Doll, who had a fleshy ass and the least attractive face here, took on the very large Brian in an okay scene. She looked to be in pain at times (I would be too if he was impaling me) but took it like a champ.

Scene Six: Cassie, a woman who looked much like mainstream actress Toni Collette but with a much better body, took on both Pete and Brett. Good scene with no anal.

Summary: The Just Over eighteen series is most notable for it's new talent more than it's circus act sex so jaded folks might want to only rent it or pass it up for one of the harder series offered by Red Light. That said, the highlights easily included Diana and Melody with plenty of other scenes worth your attention too. The high level production values certainly helped make this fun to watch. I just hope that RLD pays a bit more attention to detail as they usually do with their releases and cast. Lots of bang for your buck here and I readily recommend it as a worthy release.



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