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Lesbian Psychodramas 13

  • Release date:
    May 17, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 45m
  • Cast:
    Allie Haze

Genre Lesbian, Feature

Director ?

Cast Raylene, Sovereign Syre, Allie Haze, Jennifer Best, Randy Moore, Keira Kelly, Mia Gold

Duration 165 minutes

Date of Production 10 May 2013

Extras The same sub-standard set of extras as every other GF release; Promos, Trailers, cast montage, web address.  How easy would it be to include a few still photos and an edited scene from the loads of footage in the vault? Very easy, but still, GF neglects an easy way to score points.

A/V Shot and presented in HD.  Well-lit and blocked scenes; all four trysts on beds. Dolby Digital, 2-channel audio was sufficient for the musical interludes, sexy sounds, and dialogue (including a couple scenes with four performers on screen).

Preview This is the second part of my examination of Lesbian PsychoDramas. (See Pt 1 here) Apart from my interest in getting a better feel for GF's "harder sex series", I also chose this title because of Raylene.  The milfy Latina was in a balls-out scene in the first adult video (I'm talking VHS days) I bought.  Her happy-go-fucky attitude has never failed to arouse.  Critically acclaimed Sovereign Syre is also a personal favorite, and Allie Haze is a shooting star, who curiously was left off the cover. Although there are younger and older ladies in the cast, there are no cougar/kitten couplings.  Girlfriends tried and true 2-by-4 scene composition (2 ladies in each of 4 scenes) with seven cast members means one lucky lady is featured twice.  In this case, it's petite blonde, Keira Kelly, pictured on the far right of the cover.

Scene View You gotta love porn acting.  I commend the effort to make a video production that's about more than just watching two naked people get it on, but this opening scene seemed like the director (whoever it is; GF doesn't often give credit) just gave the ladies an idea of the plot and let them ad-lib.  Cinematic criticism aside, this was a great start due to the pairing of Raylene with Sovereign Syre. I love Ray's new mature body, and it was on excellent display, especially as she enjoyed the masterful mouthwork Sovereign is known for; alas she denies us the signature eye-rollback, as she kept her lids shut at the moment of climax.  For my money, this scene is the film's best.

The second scene also began with a group discussion for some plot exposition of the "OMG, we had lunch with Sovereign and Raylene, and they got all Lezzie with it" variety.  Leading into the bedroom, wherein Allie Haze gets Keira Kelly to give girl love a try.  Thanks to the superstar, this scene is the better of the two involving younger women, for reasons I'll address later.  Both petite beauties looked great and seemed to enjoy their time with each other.  My favorite sight was Keira upright, riding Allie's face. There was a good flow to the action as Allie led at first, allowing Keira to come into her lesbian experience slowly.

A high-five goes to whomever cast Jennifer Best with Randy Moore.  Two milfy blondes that could be sisters make for a great on-screen pair.  Jennifer plays the reluctant role, but it doesn't take much more than a few licks for Randy to crack the shell.  I've enjoyed Jennifer Best in a similar scene, and enjoyed her here, too.  Being a milf fan, this was my second favorite scene.

The last vingette didn't really thrill me too much.  Truth be told, Mia Gold's acne had me thinking about Proactive solution the whole time.  Don't get me wrong, she has a hot, tight little body, but every part of me was hoping for more face-down shots of her.  Keira Kelly took the opportunity to try out the tricks she learned from Allie, and it looked like she learned pretty well. It wouldn't be fair of me to continue to rip this scene, as it's for a petty reason, suffice it to say, I was not aroused.

Final Thoughts / Review Once I noticed the sequencing of the scenes, I appreciated the fact that (whoever) the director chose to go older > younger > older > younger with the pairings.  I'm a fan of the women, while others may like the girls, either way the viewer should be satisfied with three of the scenes, to be sure; and with the fourth, if they're not as superficial as I can be.  The acting left much to be desired, but the underlying story gave enough of a dramatic aspect to enhance the sexiness.  Lesbian PsychoDramas 13 is Recommended for solo viewers and couples, with at least three of the scenes worthy of replay.

Having watched volumes 12 and 13 in succession, I can see little relation past the title on the box cover. The scenes in this movie could have been in any number of Girlfriends releases, and I didn't see anything that seemed "more hardcore".  But, GF hasn't deviated from what they do well, and this is another solid production from the studio offering the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video.