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All About Allie

  • Release date:
    June 17, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 4m
  • Cast:
    Allie Haze|Chanel Preston|Chastity Lynn|Johnny Sins|Ryan McLane|Tommy Pistol|Mr. Pete|Ryan Driller|Jerry Kovak|Jay Fox|Barry Scott|Julius Ceazher|Ralph Long

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All About Allie

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: All Sex, Allie Haze

Director: B. Skow

Cast: Allie Haze, Johnny Sins, Tommy Pistol, Barry Scott, Ralph Long, Ryan Driller, Ryan McLane, Chanel Preston, Chastity Lynn, Jerry, Mr. Pete, Julius Ceazher; Jessie Andrews & Tom Byron in bonus scene only
Non-sex roles: JD Nuts, RJ, Big Dick Jim, John

Length: 124:24 minutes

Dates of Production: 2012

Extras: There were interviews, clips of the cast at work, and was appreciated. The best extra for most people will be the 11:18 minute long bonus scene from Overnight, described below. There was also a photogallery, some trailers, spam, cumshot recap, and a “special offer” for those with a smart phone but that was all.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: All About Allie was presented in a 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment. The flick was shot in high definition and looked decent most of the time, some rough edges observed nonetheless. The lighting was not as optimal as I would have hoped for and as a showcase for All About Allie, the technical elements were not as crisp as most previous titles by the director. The often abrupt editing by editor Jack Freedom seemed to jump around too much at times, perhaps the scenes were all shot for different projects and then made the best with in this showcase. There was a company watermark in the lower right hand corner for those that care. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English offering with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent. The aural qualities of the movie appeared to offer very limited separation and dynamic range, the vocals easily heard in most cases and mixed in with the ambient noises fairly well.

Body of Review: B. Skow and Vivid Entertainment were quite a team until he left for other opportunities last year. As the company continues to release archived footage he shot under their banner, All About Allie being the latest such effort, I find myself wishing he stuck with them. This was a collection of six all new scenes starring Allie Haze, a cute young lady with some serious sex appeal. Complimenting her in a few of the scenes was Chanel Preston and Chastity Lynn, this showcase approach falling short of what I would expect from one of the gonzo great companies out there but certainly amounting to a “must have” for Allie’s many fans out there. The back cover described the movie like this: “Allie's in every scene, as her sexual fantasies are brought to life! See her turn a poker game into a fuck session with a creampie! Watch her turn a music video into an interracial threeway! Watch an outdoor stroll become an exhibitionist romp. Watch her fuck a sex machine, and then take on five guys in her first blow-bang! All in for Allie? We thought so...” Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Allie Haze, the sexy babe featured on the front cover, was up first in a sun dress in a wooded area, the gal pulling out a clear dildo to suck and masturbate with as her dress came off on a small bridge. Allie’s all natural body was tight and she sported a mound of pubic hair, the music during this lengthy tease/solo outing just loud enough to be bothersome though her own moans & groans could also be heard, if a bit hollow. There was no mope here to deliver a load of baby batter, Allie savoring her own juices before the scene transitioned to her next one, the gal in a different wardrobe or I’ve have consolidated them in this review.

Scene Two: Allie Haze, next up in cut off shorts and a loose plaid top, was then in a fenced in wooded area with muscular Johnny Sins, the two pawing each other as they kissed at length. She was just as sexually aggressive as he was here, unfastening his belt and grabbing at him before her shorts were removed to grant him access to gobble her hairy gash. This had the intended effect on her, the juices flowing and her anxiousness to slob his knob accelerated, the brief hummer leading to a small variety of vaginal penetration positions. She was passive in most of the positions, making verbal comments but largely resting on the well placed couch with both partners giving some head/doing some taste testing between positions. Allie really savored his cock more thoroughly here, providing some hand to gland friction as he fingered her and her Vivid company necklace prominently in sight dangling from her neck. Allie was more active when on top of Johnny, moving her hips at least, but the dynamic did not change a whole lot as she still looked good but hardly furthered the action itself much. The scene ended as he fed her his genetic juice by hand; tossing off the semen to her open mouth though she did not swallow it overtly as the camera faded up and away from the couple.

Scene Three: Allie Haze, this time wearing an oversized white short while reclining on a metal bench in a noisy garage, spent some time putting a lot of lubricant all over her neatly trimmed pussy. Although the background noise was obnoxiously loud, Allie could be heard moaning as she prepared herself for a solo scene using a mechanical dildo, the sex toy located at the end of a rod attached to a machine involving a piston from what I could tell. The light diddling led to the machine being turned on (there was an abrupt edit, as in other places in the movie, so the act of flipping the switch was not seen), the dildo slowly plunging in and out of her juicy slit. I liked the second half of the scene where she bent over to take the penetrating plastic pecker with her wonderful ass in the air, Allie sucking it clean at times before addressing the camera with some dirty talk.

Scene Four: Allie Haze, was up next kneeling on a floor surrounded by Tommy Pistol, Barry Scott, Ralph Long, Ryan Driller, and Ryan McLane. There was no introduction or warm up here, Allie just went crazy for cock as she sucked the men off in turns, jerking one or two off while her mouth worked on yet another. While she changed positions to recline on her back on the dressing room table, this was a basic, straightforward blow bang scene where she drained their balls of population pudding, the spunk rubbed onto her neck and throat more than swallowed though she did provide some excellent eye contact with the men.

Scene Five: Allie Haze, Chanel Preston, and Chastity Lynn, were up next in a lengthy lesbian tryst in a bar, Allie walking in wearing a sheer black outfit to kiss them both before things got more interesting. They played some form of strip poker but the vocals were replaced by music, the montage ending when the ladies began pawing each other’s pussies. The lengthy lesbian tryst had a lot of gash gobbling, ass rimming, and fingering while each of the ladies was showcased for a time or two. The music died down when they began the actual sex portion of the scene, the trio ending up on a pool table to do each other in very heated fashion. Chanel lit up when eating ass or having her own perfect pucker pounded by a glass toy, Chastity doing likewise though Allie broke off when Jerry walked over with a turgid cock for her to suck. There was no stated reason for this to happen, nor why she would leave the chemistry filled lesbian tryst she seemed so happy with for so long, just a quick edit to show him pounding her throat with moper cock and her breaking away from her two pals that were still engaged in having some fun together. Before too long, the oral and vaginal acts by Allie led to Jerry unleashing his splooge, her ladies still using her ass and pussy as she blew the guy and Chanel in particular embracing her inner slut to grab some pecker too, the curvy beauty taking his wealth of ball batter to cumswap it with Chastity before the three ladies wrapped it up together once Jerry was dismissed for the day.

Scene Six: Allie Haze, in a sexy red dress, was up last in bed with Mr. Pete and Julius Ceazher. There had been a short tease montage before she hooked up with the men and they tossed her down onto the bed, Pete digging for clams as she took Julius’ meaty head into her mouth leading to Pete taking dibs of her juicy pussy. He banged away and she concentrated her oral efforts on the top few inches of the big black cock in front of her, Allie using her hand to gland combat style to avoid pushing her limits. She then swapped them out to blow Pete while Julius porked her pussy, the men continually taking turns boning it as she serviced them orally. I wish Allie had been more of an active rider in the scene but she seemed content to relax on her back most of the time and allow them open access to mouth and snatch, the men finishing with her when they tossed out rounds of spew to glaze her face and neck, enough left on her open mouth to give her a taste but the lady spitting it into the sink to wash down rather than swallow it.

Bonus Scene: Overnight: Allie Haze, Jessie Andrews, Tom Byron: Jessie Andrews, an exceptionally cute newcomer, and cover hotty Allie Haze, were up first in a sexual tryst with Tom Byron, the ladies working him over in bed. Jessie began the overtly sexual scene by slobbing his knob playfully, her delight showing as much as Allie’s who then climbed onto his face for some head of her own. Both ladies took turns jerking him off and blowing him, Allie moving forth to actively ride his pecker vaginally as Jessie encouraged them both. Allie took her turn and the ladies went back to sharing his cock orally, some lesbian kissing punctuating their appeal for one another too. The scene ended when Tom bust a nut of genetic juice all over Allie and Jessie licked it up for an ending kiss flavored with semen.

Summary: All About Allie by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment might not be up to the level of Skow’s showcase efforts from his earlier years with the company but Allie Haze’s appeal merited giving it a rating of Recommended or better. If you adore Allie as much as a great many fans do these days, by all means consider it a “must have” for your collection, the amount of Allie Haze fuck for the buck worthy of your collection. In short, All About Allie had some general appeal in terms of the casting, the technical prowess used to capture them during tease and sex, and some added replay value if you appreciate Allie Haze herself, Chanel Preston and Chastity Lynn adding some stroke value for me as well.


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