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Club Fantasy

  • Release date:
    May 20, 2003
  • Cast:
    Chelsea Blue|Joel Lawrence|Taylor St. Clair|Venus|T.J. Hart|Evan Stone|Eric Masterson|Ava Vincent|Wendy Divine|Kaylynn|Nicole Sheridan|Voodoo|Rafe|Gina Ryder|Nicolette|Syren|Burke Morgan|Allan Lee

Club Fantasy is the first DVD I've watched from new studio Digital G, and while I was quite impressed with both the DVD's video and audio quality – the feature itself was kind of lackluster. Not necessarily boring, but nothing I haven't seen on many other titles.

The movie is technically a feature, although any plot is quickly forgotten after the first five minutes and the title turns strictly into an all-sex affair. Wendy Divine and Eric Masterson play a young couple in Vegas (in fact, the two are married in real life) who are given an address by a bartender for where they can go for some fun. They are only told that they must arrive in costume and wearing a mask.

Quicker than you can say Eyes Wide Shut, Wendy and Eric arrive at this masquerade party where sexual activity is already going on. The first thing that the couple does is find a room for themselves and start making out – which begs the question why would you go to a sex party with your significant other if you only planned to have sex with them?! Anyway, Wendy and Eric get it on in the doggy, missionary and cowgirl positions and Eric shoots his cum on her face to end the scene.

We then jump to a mini-orgy of sorts, and get to watch Taylor St. Clair in a threesome with Nicole Sheridan and Voodoo; plus blowjob action between a dark brunette (who may have been performer Venus…I wasn't quite sure) and a masked guy; plus blowjob action with Kaylynn and another masked guy. All three of the couplings end with a facial, but Taylor's threesome is the most fun to watch, as Nicole jerks Voodoo off onto her face. There's also penetration in Taylor's three-way, as she gets to ride Voodoo reverse cowgirl, and Nicole gets screwed doggy style.

Moving into another room, viewers get to see an average lesbian coupling involving Syren, Ava Vincent and Chelsea Blue. There is plenty of oral action between the women, some toy use, and we even get to see them pour some hot wax on each other's bodies. It's pleasant viewing, but as lesbian action goes, this is fairly standard on the "heat level" scale.

While we don't get to see anymore of Wendy in action, Eric takes advantage of some of the other available skin at the party by getting it on with T.J. Hart. Meanwhile, right across the room from Eric, blonde-haired Nicolette, brunette Gina Ryder and porn stud Joel Lawrence have a threesome.

The final scene of Club Fantasy is a bit anti-climatic, as Syren masturbates around a few hooded guys and lets them finger her a bit…but the movie ends before we get to see anything else!

As far as extras go, the DVD contains a very brief (about five minutes) behind the scenes segment, a photo gallery and some info on the Digital G website.

Although there wasn't much of a plot here, I got the impression that this title is intended primarily for the couples' crowd. Had it focused more on the story aspect of the young couple going off to explore other people at a party, the title may have been more successful. As it's presented (with little in the way of plot), I have to judge it primarily on the "heat" of the sex – and compared to other DVDs on the market, it's pretty average. Therefore, Club Fantasy warrants a rental, but not a purchase.


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