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All New Hot Showers

  • Release date:
    September 23, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 27m
  • Cast:
    Madison Ivy|Celeste Star|Luna Star|Capri Cavanni|Kiera Winters|Elaina Raye|Chloe Chaos

All New Hot Showers
Hustler Video
Directed by Rick Davis
Date of Production
Running Time: 2:27:23


Capri Cavanni
Kiera Winters
Elaina Raye
Madison Ivy
Celeste Star
Chloe Chaos
Luna Star
Mark Zane
Billy Glide

Special Features:

Hot Hustler Trailers:6
Photo Slide Show
Animated Chapter Index
Hot Sex Talk

Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 224 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 4-8 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

A movie all about hot sex in the shower, sounds like a great idea to me. Who does enjoy a nice romp in the shower while you are getting dirty and clean at the same time. Well I can say that overall I was a little disappointed in this one. We did have a few decent scenes, the two G/G scenes with the Madison and Celeste one getting the spotlight scene. But other than that we seemed to be missing a little something here and there, but in the end still worth a RENT IT. Either way, after seeing this you will love the next time you hit the showers.

Capri and Mark

It’s time to get a little dirty while also getting clean. And the busty Capri is up first to fill your head with dirty thoughts in the shower. The clothes start to come off and your eyes will be fixated on her boobs and ass as she slides under the shower. She starts to soap up that sexy body of hers, and the dirty thoughts begin now, and even she is turned on, as gives her pussy a little rub with her fingers. And she’s getting a little help, as he walks in and continues to soap up that body, spending some extra time with her ass and tits of course. And she leans forward and convinces him to take off his pants and she ends up on her knees, sucking his cock, while also covering him in soap. She bends over and grinds her ass on his cock, as his hands continue to run all over her body. After some rinsing of the soap, he slides in from behind as she grabs onto the shelf. Getting a weird vibe in this scene, seems they are doing their best with what they have to work with, but something is missing, which is too bad. It’s not all bad, we get some decent doggy as he seems to find his rhythm a bit. She lays down on the bench and swallows his balls and then get face fucked until she needs to release some spit. And she continues to use that spit as lube on his cock, before climbing on for some reverse cowgirl, as she rubs her pussy. She spins around and hops and grinds on his cock, as he picks up the pace and gives her ass a few slaps along the way. Ok I am willing to admit we are getting better as the scene continues. She ends up on her knees for some more oral appreciation as she waits for his cum, which he shoots all over her face.

Kiera and Elaina

These two petite ladies are dressed in some sexy lingerie and already in the middle of some foreplay as they make their way into the shower. They continue to kiss, as the clothes start to slowly come off, piece by piece. But for you stocking fans out there, I have a feeling those are going to stay on. They lick and tease their pussies and then finally make their way to the shower to get things soapy and clean. Elaina gets Kiera’s motor running as she finger bangs her. Kiera returns the favor and then lets her lick the taste off her finger. And we get some tits pressed up against the glass window, Cool Hand Luke anyone? Well let’s add in some ass cheeks pressed up against it as well. These ladies know how to get my attention. They break out a toy and shower head to please their pussies, as they share some heated kisses. They add in a strap on, as Kiera bends over, inviting her to slide inside her pussy. Kiera gives the cock some nice oral appreciation, covering it in spit as she works her pierced tongue over it, before it ends up back in her pussy for more doggy, and then slides on for some reverse cowgirl. She shakes and shivers with excitement and then grabs the toy and makes sure Elaina’s pussy gets plenty of attention as well, but I would say Kiera is getting most of the attention in this scene, and from her moans, I would say that Elaina is hitting all the right spots. They bumo and grind their pussies together, getting Elaina going, followed by more heated kisses before we end this scene and get back under the shower.

Madison and Celeste (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

With these two ladies, I am expecting lots of steam from the water hitting these hot and sexy ladies. And she be no surprise they were featured on the cover. These ladies could melt you with their eyes. Some heated kisses between these ladies and Madison falls down and teases her pussy with her hands. Celeste gives her ass a few grabs and slaps, and leans over to lick and suck her boobs, as the top comes off. She turns Celeste around and dives into her ass with her tongue, then pulls her panties off with her teeth, yes please!! Madison slides off one of Celeste’s shoes and gives her stocking covered feet some love, your welcome foot fetish people, and even Celeste joins in the foot party. Madison teases her pussy with her foot, as she turns on the shower and then grabs the soap and lathers Madison’s body, and then gets her motor running with some finger banging of her pussy, while licking her ass. A hot pink dildo makes an appearance getting some oral love from the girls at the same time, before Madison uses her mouth to shove it in Celeste’s pussy. It’s soap time, as Madison soaps up Celeste and then they both end up covered in sexy suds. Madison works her wonderful ass, while Celeste is deep in her. Kudos to Hustler for putting these sexual and intense ladies together in a very hot scene. Madison brings out the strap on and Celeste can’t wait to get her mouth wrap around the hot pink cock and then climbs on for some reverse cowgirl. And then Madison continues to dominate  her as she fucks her from behind. Madison gets her chance to ride the pink cock, as her tan ass fills up the screen. Some great doggy and then some more kisses as they fire up the shower one last time.

Chloe and Billy

Decked out in some sexy black lingerie and stockings, as she dances and teases her pussy. But it’s time to fire up the shower, as she unleashes her perky tits as her body begins to shine. She grabs the luffa and soaps up her body, as she continues to play with her pussy. She uses her finger and brings Billy in and she leans up against him as she strokes and teases his cock, before trying to see how much a his man meat she can get in her mouth. They head to the bathroom as she continues to test the waters of his cock in her mouth, as he thrusts it into her mouth. After her long oral session, he sets her up on the counter and licks her ass and pussy. And after she’s wet and ready, his slides his man meat inside her pussy, getting balls deep in her. She flips around and takes him from behind, and continues as they make their way to the floor. Seems like these two are not about the shower, but there is plenty of oral, as she leans her head over the side of the bench and gets his huge cock shoved in her mouth, along with some sucking of his balls. She climbs on for some reverse cowgirl and it seems he’s a bit too much to handle at first, but you can see it wraps around his cock tightly as they continue with some cowgirl. She ends up on her knees once again and takes an ok money shot in the mouth, and of course some more oral to follow.


Dressed in some black and pink lingerie, with some nice bows and stockings, she’s shaking and dancing for the camera. She fires up the shower as the lingerie comes off, stockings stay on of course, and I am ok with that. She lathers up her body, making it shine, as her hands rub every inch of her body, with some extended time on her tits and pussy of course. She’s all about getting plenty of dirty as she’s covered in soap, giving her pussy a nice finger banging. And when it’s time to rinse off, the shower head becomes a toy for her pussy. After the shower head, she sucks and swallows a pink dildo, and then slides it inside her pussy.


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