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Club Inferno

  • Release date:
    September 4, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 37m
  • Cast:
    Claudio Meloni|Csoky Ice|Sandra Romain|Franco Roccaforte|Maya Gold|Alissa (I)|Patrick Collins|Leslie Taylor|Daphinie|Tina Crystal|Lauro Gioho

Club Inferno is directed by Patrick Collins, but it was filmed in Budapest and features an all-European cast. While the storyline isn't anything new and certainly not anything spectacular, the movie does contain a fair amount of sex for its 98-minute running time, and fans of foreign chicks may want to check this one out.

Leslie Taylor stars as "Laslo", a down on his luck bartender who has absolutely no luck at all when it comes to women. Then, one day, dark-skinned Franco Roccaforte arrives at the part with blonde-haired Maya Gold in tow. He allows Leslie to have his way with Maya and then offers him plenty more of the same if he'll only sign on the dotted line. Yep, you guessed it…Franco is ol' Mr. Scratch himself, and the cost of uninhibited sex and popularity is Leslie's soul.

But Leslie doesn't hesitate on signing the contract, and the rest of the film features Leslie (and a mysterious old man played by Uncle George…who may or may not be another incarnation of the devil) scoring babe after babe. He first watches black-haired Daphinie (who threw beer in his face in the first scene of the movie) in a threesome with Choky Ice and Claudio Meloni. Later in the film, he gets it on with Daphinie himself, but the very next scene has him joining old man Uncle George for a threesome with Sandra Roman that includes double penetration for the Euro-babe.

The last scene in the movie is an all-out orgy, featuring Daphinie and another girl named Alissa, and most of the males who have performed in one scene or another in this movie (with the exception of Uncle George).

At the end of the movie, Leslie's character finally realizes what he has done to himself, and the movie ends on a downer – with the implication that Leslie will have to spend eternity servicing Uncle George (who seems to be bi), rather than getting any more of the fine European females he has tasted up until this point.

Both the video and audio quality on this DVD are decent for an adult release. Extras include a bonus scene from the title Succulence, a behind the scenes segment and five trailers for other Elegant Angel DVDs.

Overall, Club Inferno is a thinly-disguised gonzo movie…with only the slightest thread of a plot to make it fall within the adult feature category. For that reason, I recommend this one more to gonzo fans than I do fans of adult features.


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