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Deidre Holland: Up Close & Personal

  • Release date:
    November 26, 2002
  • Cast:
    Jon Dough|Tom Byron|Melanie Moore|Heather Hunter|Raylene|Randy Spears|Vanda|Ashlyn Gere|Deidre Holland|Barbara Dare|Cheyenne Silver|Jennifer Stewart|Alicyn Sterling|Monica Moore|Nannes Beaumont

Deidre Holland is my all-time favorite porn actress, so when I saw this disc come up for grabs, I snagged it greedily and plunked it into the player as quickly as I possibly could. Ahead of me was nearly 3 hours of Deidre action, highlights from a selection of films, and I was excited about every moment. The actual experience of the disc was a mixed blessing. Let's go scene-by-scene, and I'll tell you why.

First of all, the first video footage the DVD shows, before you even get to a menu, is of Deidre giving the somewhat loathsome Tom Byron a blowjob on the front porch of a house. It's entertaining to watch her, but he looks reprehensible, as usual, so the scene itself has good points and bad points—and is therefore representative of the entire disc.

From the way-too-loud menus, you can first choose from a large Scene Selection menu. Unfortunately, the highlighted menu selections are almost impossible to see, so it's not always clear what scene you're selecting with your remote. With a little trial and error, though, I figured it out. Here we go!


Deidre is poolside with Jon Dough, her favorite coworker and (at one time) husband. After a long tease of her perky, tanned body, she beckons to Jon and they have all kinds of fun outdoor sex, going from blowjob to a terrific cowgirl to anticlimactically masturbating for each other to fruition. Unfortunately, the shot-on-video image quality is bad, wobbling through its gray, flat, murky color scheme. Grade: B


Deidre takes on a comely lass in a nature-setting lesbian tryst, and whoo-boy do they get into it. Each has a terrific, all-natural body, and the girl eats Deidre energetically, then Deidre returns the fleshy favor. I loved the movement of this scene, as they engage in a sporty 69, seeming to really get off on each other. Cap this one off with some mutual fingering, some face-riding, and vaginal rubbing to climax, and you've got a kick-ass lesbian scene. The video quality isn't top-notch, but it's better than the first scene. Grade: A


An Arabian Knights theme pervades this one, which stars Randy Spears. It consists of a striptease, a blow, some cunny-lapping, ending with missionary and doggy-style vagina-ramming. Pretty standard, with better color. Grade: B-


Deidre has lesbian sex against a tree! This video is horribly foggy and grainy, but it has a nice sensuality and a hot, whispering sense of passion. There's lots of licking while standing on a branch, then a good 69. Nice stuff, wrecked by image quality. Grade: B-


Another lesbian scene, in which Deidre and a playmate relax in a hot tub. One thing leads to another, and there's much of what you might expect. This scene is remarkable for its awful digital wipes and shot transitions. Grade: C+


Deidre and Jon fuck on a bed to rock music. She's wearing too much makeup. There's cunnilingus and a nice cowgirl, then the music just stops, leaving the soundtrack full of bed creaks. Forgettable. Grade: C


Deidre and Randy, looking very young, go through the usual motions in a bedroom—cunny-exploring, blowjob while face-straddling, masturbating for each other, lap-fuck, doggy on the bed, and blowjob to climax. Not bad. Grade: B


Deidre has sex with a dude during a picnic. Suddenly, Jon turns up holding a gun and wearing bright blue briefs. Mickey gives Deidre some tongue and then proceeds with missionary, standing, doggy, cowgirl, climax. This scene has horrible digital artifacts but okay colors. Grade: B


A winsome young woman massages a nude Deidre atop a table to a lively jazz soundtrack, which sounds all wrong. Much attention is paid to Deidre's lovely body. We see that Jon is watching from the shadows, jerking off. Meanwhile on the table, after 10 minutes of oily rubbing, which is nice in and of itself, the masseuse starts fingering and licking Deidre—very nice. The scene ends with a strap-on dildo, doggy and missionary style. Grade: B-


Four girls are modeling lingerie, and Jon comes to visit. It's the luckiest day of his life. Two girls blow him while Deidre and another girl get it on in the background. This is a pleasing little orgy scene that has much for the eye to see: Face-straddling, cowgirl, triple-lesbian fun, doggy style, cunny-licking, and masturbation. Fun! However, the warbly video is absolutely awful. Grade: B+


In the worst-quality image of the entire DVD, Ashlynn Gere and Deidre have a nice lesbian threesome with another gorgeous woman. They're really into it, giving the scene a rambunctious energy. Which is too bad, because the video quality is almost impossible to watch. Grades: A+ for the sex, D for the image


Deidre has sex with Jon in a jail cell. Pretty standard fare, including blowjob, standing cunnilingus from behind (nice!), mutual masturbation, doggy, and cowgirl. Grade: B


The runt-like Joey Silvera has a threesome with Deidre and another girl on a bed. There are some fun variations of the three-person wrangle here. Grade: B


Deidre and Tom Byron have sex in a bedroom. Despite Tom's unwashed appearance, it's a fine scene, full of all the requisite stuff—cunt-slathering, missionary, doggy, cowgirl, doggy cunny, and finally the action moves outside to the front porch, which is the scene that we saw before the menu. I can't get over it, though: Tom Byron looks pretty scuzzy here. Not that I'm really watching him. Grade: B


The Anal Europe extra lets you view two clips, one featuring a couple engaging in fellatio, then straight to anal. The scene has a slimy feel. Better is the next clip, involving two girls and a dude. 17 minutes.

Vivid Girls Get Fucked is another pair of scenes. The first features the gorgeous Cheyenne, but it's grainy. The second features Raylene, and I was underwhelmed. 21 minutes.

You also get Previews for Hansel & Gretel, Secretary, and Upperclass, totaling 10 minutes.

Finally, a Gallery.


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