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Up Your Bum

  • Release date:
    October 31, 2002
  • Runtime:
    1h 59m
  • Cast:
    Sheena|Amber|Tony James|Alicia Rhodes|Chloe (V)|Jay Scarman|Jamie Woods|Corey Jordan|Justin (III)|Frazier Luvitt|Rocky Black

Up Your Bum

Anarchy Films

Genre: Anal

Director: Corey Jordan

Cast: Alicia Rhodes, Jamie Woods, Chloe, Amber Sex, Sheena, Frazier, Jay, Tony James, Justin

Length: 119 minutes

Date of Production: 8/20/02

Extra's: 8 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage, trailers, photogallery, 11 minute long montage of Anarchy's female performers

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. It had a fair amount of grain and the colors seemed off a lot of the time but it was the angles that bothered me the most; this was one of the director's first movies for his new company and his inexperience showed. The audio was a bit low on the vocals during the interview and some background noises were present but it wasn't too bad.

Body of Review: In recent weeks I've come to appreciate upstart little porn producing companies like Anarchy Films. The reasons tend to be my wanting more choices and a desire to see various styles of work rather than the corporate formula porn so many larger, more established companies tend to rely on. The only problem the smaller companies have is that their work is sometimes inconsistent a lot more than their larger counterparts. Such is the case with Up Your Bum. The movie is all about anal sex and the women tended to take it like champs, even if they didn't generally seem to enjoy it much. The female cast was not exactly top notch either which may have doomed this one from the start too. In any case, here's a breakdown of the scenes, all of them having anal and none having condoms:

Scene One: Alicia, a curvy blond 23 year old, did one of the anonymous guys here on a couch. First, she blew him, them a bit of titty fucking before he reciprocated with oral. They then started doing the nasty in the vagina before the anal sex. It ended with a load to the mouth. Not great sex but pleasant to watch once.

Scene Two: Jamie, a 19 year old gal with a much leaner body than the previous gal, took on her guy in a bed. Oral, straight and anal before the pop shot. Some energy here but not as much as I'd hoped for.

Scene Three: Chloe, another curvy blonde with large breasts who claimed to be 18 years old and in her first anal scene, did a guy beside a classic car in a shed. Lots of fun oral here before some titty fucking and he went straight for the anal, skipping the pussy altogether. Some ATM action for those who care. I just didn't like her implants.

Scene Four: Amber, a leggy blonde who looks to be in her early to mid 30's (no matter what she claimed in the BTS feature), took on a guy after swimming in an indoor pool a bit. Another implant queen who seemed to be there for the money rather than the sex (you can do it for both you know).

Scene Five: Sheena, a dark haired lass with a lean body and a nice ass that claimed to be 21 years old, had a scene where she looked to be hoping it was over soon. While she needed a trim on her crotch hairs and her breasts seemed somehow off a bit, she was okay looking. Mechanical sex with little to recommend.

Summary: I suppose my expectations for this one were raised when I saw the Anarchy label attached to it. They have had some pretty good dvds of late and I probably didn't notice that this was one of their first releases. It was a dvd that I'd have to rate as a Skip It unless there was a big sale in the bargain bin. Too little heat combined with mixed production values made this one I'd pass up.



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