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Hard as Diamonds

  • Release date:
    July 8, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 33m
  • Cast:
    James Brossman|Tera Bond|Alicia Rhodes|Nikki Sun|Darren James|Vanda|Daphne|Steve Hooper|Alissa (I)|Kelli|Frank Thring|James (British)

Hustler Confidential 1: Hard As Diamonds


Genre: Feature

Director: Frank Thring

Cast: Alicia Rhodes, James Brossman, Daphne, Alissa, Lee Hershaw, Wanda, Maria, Darren James, Steve Hooper, Samantha, Keith

Length: 94 minutes

Date of Production: 2/19/03 (box), 1/03 to 2/03 (credits)

Extra's: 11.5 minute long Behind the Scenes, photogallery, trailers, cast list, director's profile

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. There was some problems with over saturated colors here-I think it was due to the lighting and this caused some grain as well. There were also occasional artifacts but most of the time it looked pretty clear. The sound was in stereo but nothing better than average with a music track that could've easily been dispensed with.

Body of Review: Hustler continues it's expansion with a variety of new series. The latest is the Hustler Confidential line with it's premiere release, Hard As Diamonds. The movie revolves, slightly, around some guys involved in smuggling and a mix up between two black bags. You've seen the plot a dozen or more times over the last 50 years (or more) but it provides the basis for some pretty good sex scenes, each of which made me think hard about modern day technology. Here's a breakdown of the 5 scenes by cast, noting that all but the lesbian scene had anal:

Scene One: Cleaning Up: Alicia, a big breasted blonde, and James had a scene in a shower. Her natural and curvy body, along with her skills in oral pleasure, helped make this a great scene to watch. She, like her associates in the rest of the movie, did oral, straight and anal before the pop shot. Solid.

Scene Two: Be Careful: Daphne, Alissa, and Lee had a scene on a lawn chair outside in the midday sun. If they were just going through the motions, they did a good enough job that I wanted to watch it again. Lots of oral and anal with ATM before the pop to the face. Okay.

Scene Three: Mr. Big: Wanda, Maria, Darren and Steve had a scene outside too. The sex included a DP this time and a double facial but the disjointed nature of it lowered the heat a bit.

Scene Four: The Switch: Maria and Wanda had a lesbian scene on a balcony this time. Aside from some blemishes, the camera seemed to like these two going at it. Great eye contact by Wanda.

Scene Five: Party Time: Alissa, Alicia, Samantha, Daphne, Wanda, Lee, James, Steve, Darren and Keith had a big orgy in a room. There was all the usual oral and straight, plenty of anal and even a DP with ATM.

Summary: The cast looked good and the action wasn't bad but the plot got in the way and the movie was too short. The extras weren't bad compared to some of Hustler's other series but what the show needed, besides better lighting, was more sex-5 scenes and a total running time of under 100 minutes isn't competitive at the price this one sells for. My rating for this one is Rent It.