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Texass Tales

  • Release date:
    February 10, 2010
  • Runtime:
    1h 40m
  • Cast:
    Jonathan Morgan|Tommy Gunn|Sophie Dee|Marco Banderas|Mr. Pete|Dylan Ryder|Kris Slater|Jayden James|Alexis Texas|Kristina Rose|Seth Gamble

Genre  Gonzo, Hardcore.

Cast Alexis Texas, Sophie Dee, Jayden James, Kristina Rose, Dylan Ryder. Mr. Pete, Kris Slater, Marco Banderas, Seth Gamble, Tommy Gunn.

Director Jonathan Morgan


Duration 99 minutes + 14 minute bonus

Condoms Yes

Alexis Texas & Mr. Pete.  He's on a couch.  She comes in, does a tease, he does brief oral.  Then she sucks his dick and they fuck.  Totally uninspiring.  Positions included cowgirl, doggy and side-spoon. They were talking but it was hard to make out.  He looked like staying hard was hard to do.  The condom is hard to detect, at first.  The facial pop was very weak, her face would be wetter if he had hawked a lugi on her.

Sophie Dee & Kris Slater. This performance was oversold.  The girl is pretty and thick, but the audio (moans and groans) didn't match the action on display.  For an ass man Sophie Dee is a treat.  There was some brief tit-fucking, but his tool wasn't up to the job.  Her oral was a spitty hand job, not so much blowing.  He splashed a shot on her cheek that she rubbed into her breasts.

Jayden James & Seth Gamble. She starts out saying she'll fuck the shit out of that boy.  Those words were music to my ears.  Once they are able to remove her strapped thong, he ate her out first. There may have been some hardness issues, as the condom appeared slack a few times.  Overall, Jayden looked like she had the most fun, making for the second best scene.

Kristina Rose & Marcos Banderas.  She is the reason I decided to give this flick a watch.  Kristina is so cute and naughty at the same time, her scenes are always great.   This one was no different, as she gave a wet blowjob and slid him in for fun in a few positions. My fave scene, of course.

Dylan Ryder & Tommy Gunn.  No chick in a scene with Tommy should be allowed to wear heels.  I'm not gonna call the guy a munchkin, but...  This scene was another in which some minor knob polishing took the place of an honest to goodness blowjob.  I wouldn't let anyone have sex on my pool table, and I don't think I'd be hot to play on a tabel some folks just fucked on, but that's just me.  He must have done some pretty good oral, because she was able to take the whole package on her dfirst try.  Sideways sex (angled for the camera) always looks awkward, and should be avoided if possible.  Thanks to Dylan this was tied for the best scene in my eyes.

Final Thoughts This is typical porn.  Good for a watch or two, or you could Rent It.  Whoever had the idea to include the pre-scene BTS needs to rethink that idea.  The female talent is hot and the action is hardcore.


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