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Teen Dreams #3

  • Release date:
    February 13, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 44m
  • Cast:
    Alexis Malone|Kaylani Lei|Lisa|Jaden|Jezebelle

Teen Dreams #3

Digital Sin/New Sensations

Genre: Young Females

Director: Tyrone Shuz

Cast: Jezebelle, Julian, Kaylani Lei, Lee Stone, Jaden, Lisa Marie, Alexis Malone

Length: 104 minutes

Date of Production: 11/13/02

Extra's: photogallery, trailers on side B

Audio/Video Quality: Like a lot of Digital Sin's latest efforts, the picture was lacking in clarity, focus, and proper lighting. The audio was okay but not what I'd hoped for considering their past releases.

Body of Review: Teen Dreams is Digital Sin's series to address the porn movie niche of younger women. Just as Hustler has it's Barely Legal series, Ed Powers has his various Debutante series, and all the other companies seem to have their own series, Digital Sin has Teen Dreams. The idea is to show women that are fairly new to the industry since a growing number of men want to see new body parts in their adult movies. One of the good ideas Digital Sin has is that all scenes are properly credited and the women are also labeled on the dvd cover. Here's a quick breakdown of the cast by scene but the sex acts were all oral/vaginal with no condoms:

Scene One: Jezebelle and Julian started off in the shower but took to a bed after she warmed up.

Scene Two: Kaylani and Lee had an energetic scene on a bed after warming up on a chair. Very warm.

Scene Three: Jaden and Julian had an okay scene on a bed. Like the other scenes, it was oral and straight only. In my eyes, chemistry was lacking as was the energy levels.

Scene Four: Lisa and Lee started off very slowly and erotically but quickly got down to business. Pretty warm team up.

Scene Five: Alexis and Julian had the best scene here. It started off in a large tub of water and ended up on a bed. Very well done.

Summary: If they can improve on the technical qualities, and keep getting decent looking women, I think Digital may provide a good value for your money. My biggest complaint is that the level of heat and fun was a lot more varied than I'd have liked. In all, a decent enough release but for a guy like me, it's only a high end rental while guys really into younger women may rate it a bit higher.



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