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E-Love Wanted

  • Release date:
    September 29, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 53m
  • Cast:
    Alexis Malone|Steve Holmes|Evan Stone|Dillion Day|Joey Ray|Fallon Sommers|Elizabeth Lawrence|Tanya James|Haley Paige|Tony Pounds|Natalia Wood|Betty Sue

E-Love Wanted
Simon Wolf

Genre: Feature

Director: Bud Lee

Cast: See Scene Breakdown Natalie Woods, Elizabeth Lawrence,
Tanya James, Haley, Alexis Malone, Betty Sue, Joey Ray, Steve Holmes, Evan
Stone, Tony Pounds, Dillon

Length: 113 minutes

Date of Production: 06/24,25,26/2003

Extra's: Behind the Scenes feature, Interview with Natalie Woods, Trailers,
Bonus scene with Violet Blue and Evan Stone from Naughty Bedtime Stories, Photo

Audio/Video Quality: Presented in in 1.33:1 ratio full frame,
color the video quality of this movie, which is on par with the other Simon
Wolf productions,
is very good. The video is a little warm at times, but overall a nice image.
Audio is mixed well without a lot of dynamic changes.

Plot Summary: When Ginny (Natalie Woods) finds out that her
boyfriend, Jeremy (Steve Holmes), just cheated on her, her roommate, Danielle
(Elizabeth Lawrence), put Ginny's name and picture on an online dating site.
Meanwhile, college professor, Zach (Joey Ray), has a student that puts his
name and photo on the same site. The roommate and the student set up Ginny
and Zach
go on a
hike. Will it work out? Sure it does, but the action in between the beginning
and the end is what we're really after, right?

Scene 1: Fallon, Steve Holmes
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Fallon is a super cute little blonde that Steve quickly gets down to business
with by going down on her. She looks like she enjoys his work quite a lot and
decides to show her appreciation by giving Steve a nice blow job with lots
of "POP!" sounds as she pulls off of his cock repeatedly. The first position
the try out is reverse cowgirl and she looks great here. They roll on to their
sides for a little spoon action while she plays with her clit. This dissolve
into doggy which winds up with not one, but two popshots to her pretty face.

Scene 2: Tanya James, Tony Pounds
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Tanya is another hot blonde that has Tony licking away as she stands in front
of him. She lays back so he can use his tongue on her a little bit more before
the scenario around so she can suck his dick. She looks like giving head is
something she enjoys quite a bit stopping to spit on Tony's prick every so
often. Reverse cowgirl is first up on the menu as they begin to fuck. A dissolve
into doggy brings us some very nice shots of the two performers in this position.
A close-up of Tony sliding into Tanya as she is on her back brings about the
last position before the cumshot she takes on her tongue.

Scene 3: Elizabeth Lawrence, Evan Stone
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Elizabeth is already nude from her photoshoot, so Evan offers a little oral assistance
to her after carrying her to a near by couch. This quickly turns to Elizabeth
taking Evans prick into her mouth for a nice blow job. They kiss a little before
a dissolve into reverse cowgirl where Elizabeth alternates between riding and
grinding on Evan's dick which is now wrapped in a condom. Evan wants to try out
begin this portion of the show. They move into cowgirl anal for a sec before
the final
her chin and mouth.

Scene 4: Alexis Malone, Betty Sue
Acts Included: Oral, Oral, Oral!
As you can tell from the performers names this is a lesbian scene that has two
very nice looking girls in it. Betty has an amazing rack on her. Alexis starts
things off by going down on Betty with a little fingering thrown in for good
measure. Wanting to try Alexis out for herself, Betty flips the action by doing
the same thing Alexis did to her. We then get a nice 69 from these two lovelies
that finishes out the scene.

Scene 5: Haley, Dillon
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Haley finishes up a phone call while sitting on Dillon's face and she quickly
down to complete a 69. Before long Haley slides down on Dillon's prick in reverse
cowgirl which dissolves into doggy. By the smiles and biting her lip,
position. They finish things off with Haley on her back getting up to accept
Dillon's cum on her lips.

Scene 5: Natalie Woods, Joey Ray
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
Natalie has an outstanding body! Joey moves up to kiss and caress his date then
quickly heads south. Joey wants to share so he puts the fingers that were just
in Natalie's pussy into Natalie's mouth. It's Natalie's turn to give a little
pleasure to Joey. The main angle they use to show this is a little odd and makes
Natalie look like she is grimacing the entire time. Once again they start fucking
in the reverse cowgirls position, which she looks great in and since this is
first date a condom is used. A dissolve is once again used to introduce a new
position, this time being standing doggy. Some nice close-ups are shown of the
two in
position before moving into spoon action. What better to finish off new found
love than a facial?

Overall Thoughts: Not a bad dvd. I've only seen a few Simon
Wolf Productions dvd's and I like the way they produce them. Some scenes seem
a little stiff here and there but nothing too bad. A good
couples product with this one and could see myself watching this one again.


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