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Massive Facials 6

  • Release date:
    April 2, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 7m
  • Cast:
    Riley Reid|Maddy O'Reilly|Bonnie Rotten|Sheena Shaw|Tommy Pistol|Marco Banderas|Alexis Ford|Chris Strokes|Chris Charming|Jason Brown|Scott Lyons|Johnny Fender|Bill Bailey|Danny Wylde|Rob Banks|D Snoop|Eric John|Chad Alva|Ike Diezel

Massive Facials 6
Elegant Angel
Directed by Mason
Date of Production: 3/13/13
Running Time: 2:10:20


Riley Reid
Alexis Ford
Sheena Shaw
Bonnie Rotten
Maddy O Reilly

Special Features:

Scene Selection
Behind the Scenes: 9:55
Cumshot Recap: 19:15
Trailers: 4
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Technical Stats:

Audio: Dolby Digital 2 Channel at 48 kHz and 192 kbps

Video: Mpeg-2 at around 3-4 Mbps

Overall Thoughts:

And so we are down to the last contender in the blow bang movies, and this one is from Mason and Elegant Angel and stars a few ladies we have also seen in the other blow bang movies, Riley was in Feeding Frenzy and Maddy was in Wet Food. So how will this one stand up compared to the rest, although just looking at the back cover and the girls are literally wearing masks of cum in a few of the pics, and we have Bonnie who has 12 loads covering her face, now that’s impressive. It seems the cock count is a little higher in the movie.

And I think it is safe to say we have ourselves a winner in the blow bang genre. I have covered the big three releases and have seen many facials and I have concluded that our overall winner is Elegant Angel and their newest installment in the Massive Facials series. We have a great cast of sexy and of course cock and cum hungry ladies, and factor in that the lowest number of guys is 6, and the most is double that. And Mason behind the camera means we are going to get to see all of the action, even when the girls are surrounded by a circle of guys. We have not setups to the scenes, and there is some variety in the oral action, and this could have been a long movie, but I think they did a great job of keeping it tight and not making us bored at any moment.

I would say if you are looking to get a blow bang movie, any of the three are a good choice, they all got great reviews, but I would say that this one stands out from the others and easily deserves our highest rating, an XCRITIC PICK. We started with a bang with Riley and ended on a bang with Bonnie.

Riley vs. 6 guys

And they know how to get my attention right away, as we start off with the lovely Riley Reid. A short interview and once again just hearing her talk is enough to get you at attention, and the outfit is pretty awesome too. And when the fun starts, she is surrounded by guys and she’s like a kid in the candy store, and then get a nice look at her booty and some time with her tits and pussy. And she falls to her knees and continues to giggle as the cocks make their way into her mouth, deep inside her. The spit begins to pile up as she deep throats the cocks and also gives some love to their balls. But as she bends over for the camera, the guys also make sure and give her ass and pussy some tongue and finger love. She gets her face slapped by the hard cocks, and then shoves two cocks in her mouth  and works that magic tongue of hers on them. And that two cocks in her mouth, that is also happening with two big black cocks. They take turns sliding and teasing their cocks near her pussy, as she continues to swallow and inhale the cocks. She wants more spit so she tells them to make her gag as they shove their cocks deep in her throat, and there is no shortage of spit as she continues. They lay her down over the side of the couch as the dive their cocks in her mouth, and she is still able to make sure her hand is jerking off one of the guys. They finger bang her pussy and she continues to laugh and giggle, she is such a playful and dirty girl, how can you not enjoy this. And it seems she gets pretty close to euphoria as the fingering in her pussy and ass continue. The guys continue their rotation in her mouth and throat and she is just covered in spit and gag. She fingers her pussy as they want her to cum for them, and she starts up the sprinklers as she squirts and then uses it to lather the dicks up. She ends up on her knees surround by the cocks, getting slapped in the face, and she begins to beg for their cum. And one by one they cover her face, there may be only six guys, but they have lots of cum for her. She plays with her pussy, while she waits for her last load, and we have more squirting from Riley. And this girl doesn’t want a tissue, she is going to eat up all the cum from her face.

Alexis vs. 6 guys

This was a last minute scene apparently, but the good news is that six guys is going to be a personal best for her. It seems she is going to make this a very wet blow bang, and she wants a face full of cum by the time she is done. But before the fun gets going, they unleash her huge tits and suck on them, while also sliding off her bottom and giving her pussy a little finger attention. She falls to her knees and begins the rotation as she sucks on a cock and jerks off two others with her hands. And she wasn’t kidding about the spit and liquid as her eyes are already tearing up a little from the deep throating. And the guys give her pussy some attention too, such gentleman. And with big boobs like that, you knew some titty fucking was going to happen, as we get some dicks popping out from between the valleys. They might not get to fuck her pussy, but that doesn’t stop them from sliding their hard cocks in between her ass cheeks, and she is not lacking in that area either. There are streams of spit running down her chest as she continues to suck off and get face fucked by the cocks. After some face fucking off the side of the couch, she end up surrounded by cocks and then takes their loads as this cum slut is just covered in cum when it’s all over, she can barely see.

Sheena vs. 10 guys

It seems she has said no to this, but it’s our lucky day and she can’t wait for what is about to happen. She is talking dirty and showing off her body during her interview. But enough of the interview, as she is quick to her knees and is right to gagging and deep throating and also shoves a few cocks in her mouth too. And she has some energy as she makes her way around the cocks, she does a nice job of making sure they all get plenty of attention. There is a reason her twitter handle is dirty Shenna Shaw and she is giving plenty of evidence in this scene. Case in point, the drool and spit is streaming from her mouth, while a cock is being forced in, and she has her arms spread, and a hard cock in each hand, while she is also getting a cock slide in between her ass. They lean her over the side and have a trio of cocks just begging for her attention, and she once again shoves two of them inside her mouth. And as she is getting her face worked over, she is getting her pussy and ass worked over by one of the guys, and even some toe sucking by another. These guys seem set on making sure she cums too. She ends up on her knees and sucks and swallows more cocks, and just begs and pleads for their cum, and one by one, they cover her face with their cum, which is just dripping down her face, and they are not even half way done yet. When you think of blow bang movies, I think this is pretty much what you expect to see, a sexy lady just dripping with cum by the end, and this movie has delivered on that the whole time. She fingers her pussy and cums, and then finally opens her eyes and smiles.

Maddy vs. 10 guys

It’s time to see another girl that we have already checked out in another blow bang, and this time we are going to see her with a few more cocks this time, with the number being 10. There is plenty of footage of Maddy showing off her sexy little outfit while she is talking about her fetish of a cock buffet, which I am sure is what she is going to get very soon. And by that soon is now, as they give her tit’s a few squeezes ans she helps a few cocks get free from their pants. She is on her knees and she makes her way around the circle, sucking and swallowing, getting face fucked, while also making sure to keep both of her hands busy too. They swarm her and slap her face with their cocks and then it’s back to her having some cocks tickling  the back of her throat. And Maddy shows off her ability to shove two cocks in her mouth, just testing out her gag reflex. She bends back and takes a cock in her mouth, and when she comes up for air, she catches her breath and begs for more cocks, and then we see the long line of cocks waiting for their moment in her mouth. The spit begins to pile up as she makes her way down the line, and giving a few balls some love too. She makes her way to the couch and as they rotate in her mouth, they have a toy in her pussy keeping her excited, while a few slide in between her ass. She just begs and pleads for more, whenever there isn’t a cock deep in her throat. They get to her to cum with the toy and before she can catch her breathe, she is being fed more cocks in her mouth. She leans her head over the side of the couch, so you know what’s next, as the spit builds up as they face fuck her mouth and throat. The toy continues to spend some quality time in her pussy and they get her to cum again for them. But it’s not about her pleasure, so she is back to on her knees and they tag each other in for some more time in her mouth, going deep inside. She is by herself, playing with her pussy and one by one, the drop their loads on her face, while she begs and pleads for more. She gets a nice facial, but a few of the guys have some targeting issues and it takes a few of the guys awhile to cum for her.

Bonnie vs. 12 guys (SPOTLIGHT SCENE)

I know I had posted a blog about Best New Starlet contenders for this year, and how I said that I hope Staci Silverstone gets some attention. But I also have to realize that this lady, the lovely and heavily tattooed Bonnie Rotten has really made quite an impact on the industry in such a short time, that there is no way she is not going to win a few awards this year. She’s done plenty in such a short time, and to add some evidence to her cause, hmmm let’s see, oh yeah, she is taking on 12 cocks in this scene. She is looking forward to watching this scene later and even masturbating herself to it.  And just like that she is surrounded by her 12 guys, who are already running their hands all over her body, she kisses a few of them and then tells them to get their cocks out, as she falls to her knees. The spit begins to fly as she makes her way around the mass of cocks waiting for her, working both her hands nicely, along with her mouth. They move in and slap her face with their cocks, before she is back to bobbing on them. As she lets out a few playful giggles as they just seem to keep coming, finding their way to her mouth. They give her pussy some finger love as she goes into beast mode as the swallowing and gagging continue, and that also includes two cocks at once. She leans her head over the side of the couch and as she gets her mouth filled with cock, it seems she is going to let these guys fuck her pussy too, she is always willing to go the extra mile in her scenes. But I guess if you have 12 guys to please, letting them fuck your pussy can keep more people involved and not standing around and jerking off. She slips over and sticks her ass out and it’s not long before a cock ends up in her pussy and a few more in her mouth, as this girl is showing no signs of slowing down for these guys. She has a constant rotation of cocks in her mouth and pussy, and does her best to get her hands involved. We had some great scenes leading up to this, but it’s safe to say that this is easily the spotlight scene of the movie, and we haven’t even made it to the big facial explosion on her face. Someone needs to get Bonnie and Ashley Fires together, with about 20 guys and a camera and just let the magic unfold. And she is a fan of the rough stuff as she begs to be choked, while everything else is going on. She props herself on the floor as the cum begins to build up on her face, while she’s got the magic Hitachi working it’s magic on her pussy. And we are going to get a count as each one lands on her face, to make it official. And as her face is covered in cum, one of the guys comes in and offers a helping hand to get her to squirt for them. She runs her hands all over her face and cleans up the cum and swallows it. The bar has been set, who is going to top this.

Some BTS footage during the credits.


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