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Massive Facials 6

  • Release date:
    April 2, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 7m
  • Cast:
    Mason|Alexis Ford|Sheena Shaw

Category: Facials/Gonzo


Cast: Alexis Ford/Riley Reid/Bonnie Rotten/Sheena Shaw/Maddy O'Reilly

Director: Mason

Extras: BTS/Trailers/Photo Gallery/Web

Runtime: 130 Mins

Release Date: 4/2/2013

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Scene 1:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Riley Reid

Blowbang/Heavy Deepthroating/Buttcheek Fucking/FaceFucking/Female Masturbation/Footplay Bukakke style facials (Massive Volume)

The introductory moments of 'Massive Facials 6' begins as we see the astoundingly beautiful Riley Reid sharing in some conversation with director Mason. Her resounding excitement for the scene that awaits is a beautiful sight to see here, and once the action begins she carries that excitement into the scene showing her relentless hunger for cock while choking and sucking each of her 6 suitors wonderfully. Sloppiness reaches great heights as Riley continues to egg on her cocks endlessly as the scene progresses. The guys continuously play with Riley's pussy and ass bringing her to an epic orgasm in the middle stages of the scene before jamming more cock into her hungry throat. Lots of sloppy facefucking and huge deepthroats from Riley as the scene moves forward, ultimately resulting in a 6-man jizzbath given to this cute little cocksucker. Wow. Great scene here, Riley's face is an absolute mess in the ending moments as she brings herself to one final orgasm before the scene ends.

Scene 2:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Alexis Ford

Blowbang/FaceFucking/Cunnilingus/Heavy Deepthroating/Buttcheek Fucking/Bukakke Style Facials (Massive Volume)

The next scene opens up with porno super-beauty Alexis Ford telling us that she is going to be the best cocksucker that she can be, let's see what she's got! When the guys enter view Alexis gets poked and prodded by them before falling to her knees for the blowbang festivities. Nice cocksucking antics from Alexis from the very start of the fun here, lots of exaggerated cock choking and Alexis' tits are also showcased wonderfully as we continue on. Alexis gets absolutely destroyed with cum in the final moments as each of her 6 guys release their jizzloads over her face. Another great scene here, Alexis looked amazing throughout all of it.

Scene 3: *Scene To Remember*----------------------------------------------------------------------

Sheena Shaw

Tease/Blowbang/Heavy Deepthroating/FaceFucking/Bukakke Style Facials (Massive Volume)

Next up is one of my personal favorites Sheena Shaw. The scene begins perfectly with Sheena swaying her ass back and forth as she talks about how she'll be sucking 10 cocks for us today, and I simply can't wait to check this out. The cocksucking begins shortly after, as Sheena is now encircled by cocks, and attentively sucking each individual cock carefully. As the scene moves on Sheena gets progressively dirtier and really channels her inner cockwhore well. Loads of facefucking, cock choking, and endless sloppiness from Sheena here. The scene concludes with the obligatory facial from each of the guys, as Sheena simply gets wrecked by jizz here. Sheena's genuine filthiness make her scenes so fun to watch, this one was no exception, as it was definitely my favorite of the bunch.

Scene 4:------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Maddy O'Reilly

Blowbang/FaceFucking/Footplay/Dildo Play/Heavy Deepthroating/Bukakke Style Facials (Massive Volume)

Maddy O'Reilly begins the next scene as she talks with Mason. Maddy is wearing a cute pink bikini and jean shorts, with leg warmers and high heels to complete the 'cute cocksucker' look. Once the action begins Maddy goes full force into a bevy of hard cocks to suck and throat each of them with the utmost perseverance. The early moments are slightly less sloppy than the scenes that preceded hers but Maddy ultimately works her way into things well. The deepthroats are not completely non-existent, but they are definitely not as prevalent as the previous scenes, as they are mainly orchestrated by the guys facefucking her more than Maddy herself. The scene ends with another fantastic cumbath given, as Maddy accepts each load with her eyes closed and not much exuberance. This was a good scene, but in my opinion, Maddy wasn't completely present through all of it. However, there were some really nice moments strewn throughout the scene that makes it definitely worth a watch.

Scene 5:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Bonnie Rotten

Blowbang/Missionary Sex/Doggie Sex/Heavy Deepthroating/Facefucking/Female Masturbation/Squirting/Bukakke Style Facials (Massive Volume)

Bonnie Rotten. 12 cocks. Do I really need to preface this scene review with anything else? Bonnie is stunning from the very first frame of this scene, as Mason talks with her a little bit before the cocksucking starts. The action begins with a close-up shot of Bonnie saying "I got my twelve" and without further ado, let the dicksucking commence. Unlike the other scenes Bonnie gets fucked early on here as the guys insistently fuck her face while she gets railed by Chris Strokes. Action here is intense to say the very least, and Bonnie is simply incredible as she gets loaded with cock from every direction. Her face is a sloppy mess before the loads are even released, and her hunger for dick is a sight to see. The scene ends with the guys using Bonnie's face as their personal cumrag before she climaxes herself with a Hitachi wand and lets out a couple small squirts in the process. Wonderful. Bonnie is absolutely incredible as always. Her recent success is a no-brainer when you watch her work, and this scene is yet another testament to that. Wonderful.


When you buy a movie like Massive Facials 6, that is produced by such a prestigious studio, and directed by such a highly acclaimed director, it's almost a sure-shot that you're going to get a good movie. Well, I'm here to tell you that your assumption is absolutely correct, ever since I started watching Mason's work back in the day, it's always been evident that she gets a little more out of girls than the average director. This film has some truly great hardcore action, and the vitality and exuberance displayed from most of the girl's in the film is an absolute joy for any perv to watch. If you're a fan of the dirty, filthy, sloppy blowbang with an emphasis on cute cum-covered faces and cock hungry cuties, pick this movie up. It's got the goods!


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