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Battle of the asses 5

  • Release date:
    March 6, 2013
  • Runtime:
    2h 12m
  • Cast:
    Mason|Karlie Montana|Liza Del Sierra|Alexis Ford|Nikki Delano|Sheena Shaw|Anikka Albrite


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Battle of the Asses 5

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Mason/Sam No

Cast: Alexis Ford, Erik Everhard, Karlie Montana, Mick Blue, Sheena Shaw, Manuel Ferrara, Nikki Delano, Bill Bailey, Anikka Albrite; Liza Del Sierra and Michael Stefano in bonus scene only

Length: 132:24 minutes

Date of Production: 2/6/2013


Extras: The best extra for those that have not seen it would be the 33:22 minute long bonus scene from Battle of the Asses 4as described below. It starred curvy babe Liza Del Sierra and Michael Stefano, a very solid scene as I recall from my review last year. There was also an 13:14 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that included some deleted footage and actress comments, trailers, a pop shot recap, a photogallery, spam, and some website information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Battle of the Asses 5 was presented in a crisp anamorphic widescreen as released by director Mason for Elegant Angel. The camera work was again solid with plentiful lighting to eliminate grain, video noise and shadows so the picture appeared to be in line with her other work to date. The composition of the shots helped maximize the potential of the ladies too, rarely relying on extreme close ups all the time as some seem destined to do and the editing by Bossman Hall looking good. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English was sharp enough (as usual), the vocals dominating when the tease performances were over. The music was decent once again (this time by Kloud Nine Music and Freek Van Workum).


Body of Review: Mason is one of the best directors of gonzo porn, her work at Elegant Angel strong enough to compete against any of her peers. Her latest title coming in for review is called Battle of the Asses 5, one of the company’s flagship titles I look forward to each year. As with previous volumes in the series, this one offered some of the ripest and roundest rumps in all of porn, ladies such as Alexis Ford, Sheena Shaw, Anikka Albrite, Nikki Delano, and even super sexy Karlie Montana taking on a male partner. While the headliners of the show were clearly Alexis and Anikka, every fuck bunny paraded our way was inspirationally strokable and provided the kind of replay value fans expect from the company. Sun, oil, and a lot of great camera work made this one worthy of the ladies too, click the attached trailer to get but a glimpse of the entertaining value it offered up. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Alexis Ford, the curvy blond performer showcased on the left side of the front cover, was up first as she teased during the opening credits, her skimpy attire dismissed all too quickly as she paraded around the pool overlooking the valley. Alexis has certainly come a long way from her contract starlet days, various showcase titles proving her to be one of the best sluts of modern times. The booty emphasis of the tease was assured going into the scene and there was plenty of the sun and oil expected from the show, the capper being she was paired up with Erik Everhard, one of the best male performers available. Alexis’ boobs looked bigger than ever as did her DSL’s, the fetching young lady wearing black stripper shoes during most of the tease session. Once the tease was over, she was seen in the bedroom with Erik, his hand diddling her as they kissed on a black ottoman, the man gobbling her gash and ass like candy as she showed a lot of visible signs of appreciation. Erik then teased her by rubbing his cock along her ass crack as she bent over in doggy, Alexis always an active participant as he drilled her pussy and ass, her blowjob waiting until his pecker was suitably coated with her juices. She applied some hand to gland action along the way and came across as totally into everything, doing anal much sooner than most do in the series (this volume only showing her and Sheena opening their asses as expected for an ass related show). Her chemistry and enthusiasm made this a fine opening scene, Erik depositing his wealth of population pudding on her ass crack before diving back in for some more fun.


Scene Two: Karlie Montana, an extremely beautiful young lady well known for her lesbian exploits until very recently, was up next as she teased around the pool in her red bikini. Her thong rode deep up her ass and she knew how to shake her moneymaker very nicely, the gal sporting an all natural body and some pubic hair traditionally missing on most performers. The oil was poured onto her frame in copious quantities and she showed superb muscle control, jumping into the water of the hot tub that was steaming due to the weather (it was unseasonably cold at the time so Nate heated the hot tub to help the ladies). Once the tease was over, Karlie was naked on the lap of fully clothed Mick Blue, the gal dry humping him as he aggressively smacked her ass and savored her essence. This led to him going down on her as he spread her ass cheeks far apart, her girlish moans very satisfying as he warmed her up for even more. She then slobbed his knob a few inches, licking his balls and then encouraging him to mount her, Mick taking a page from Erik in teasing using her ass cheeks with his cock before the vaginal tryst began to show how much she had learned since her last outing with a male. He power pounded her and she pushed back to meet his thrusts, a little bit of taste testing done (very little) before Mick beat off a round of genetic juice over her ass. Karlie wasn’t through with him yet though, the gal jumping his turgid member once more to impale herself to what came across as a serious orgasm (fake or not, that’s up to you to decide), the scene continuing as it faded out.


Scene Three: Sheena Shaw, a lean blond with a killer ass, was up next wearing some patriotic colors as her bikini pulled tight against her taunt body. Sheena has really made a name for herself of late, her polished moves such that I knew she would be just as strokable as she teased overlooking the city, her knowing smile suggesting she wanted it all from scene partner Manuel Ferrara. Fans of natural bodies will appreciate her tiny titties and pretty eyes, the gal wearing some white stripper shoes during the tease but completely nude when the sex started as she pushed her ass against Manuel’s face in bed. He inhaled her ass and kissed her seductively, the gal appreciating getting the royal treatment as he fingered her and she helped relieve him of his attire. Sheena was a world class cock sucker here too, lightly stroking his rod as she sucked him off, providing superior eye contact and swinging her leg over to engage him in a 69 where he fingered her ass. This was the other scene where anal sex played a prominent role, her ass opening wide to take his fully erect member moments into the tryst. What set this scene apart from others (in other productions) was how actively she rode him as he stretched her ass wide apart, the gal delightfully bouncing like crazy and doing all sorts of taste testing to show she enjoyed their mixed fluids in her mouth. He ended it by blasting her with spunk as she bent over, going back to bone her like he owned her anally in an effort to get her off yet again.


Scene Four: Nikki Delano, a little spitfire with a firm body and attractive face, was up next as she worked out inside the luxurious home in front of a large bank of windows in her yellow and white striped bikini. The redhead pranced about the open space like she owned it, her sexual self assuredness providing some extra stroke value as she continued warming up for scene partner Bill Bailey. I’ll admit that I prefer the outdoors tease but she did oil up energetically, some special effects applied that were not exactly my first choice of visual capture. At least the effects ended when she was bent over in the bed, Bill spending a lot of time rimming her and eating her perfectly pink pussy, Nikki rubbing her crotch against his face as she directed him to do it her way. Nikki then slid down to stuff his cock in her snatch, actively riding him in a variety of positions as she loudly moaned to punctuate the moment. There was some solid eye contact and taste testing, Nikki coming for him as the sweat dripped off her frame. From there, she straddled his face again and she had him lap up her juices, ending the initial vaginal onslaught with some doggy that led to him tossing out his splooge all over her sweet ass.


Scene Five: Anikka Albrite, a very fine blond as seen featured on the right side of the front cover, was up last with Mick Blue, her bright blue bathing suit amounting to a string and little more. She teased on a perfectly sunny day on top of a roof, the booty tease enhanced by the early introduction of oil as she pumped her rump seductively. I admit that out of the entire cast of ladies, she was one I found appealing right from the first scenes of hers I reviewed and her strength has been that she has never let up since, her body, face, and attitude making her a perfect performer for any gonzo productions. As displayed on the front cover, her shapely ass was in fine form too, the gal all tidied up and naked as she straddled Mick on the large white sofa. His hands roamed all over her though concentrating on her ass, the pair trying their best to pleasure each other orally though he really dove into her ass to give her the very best he had to offer. In return, she worked his pecker orally like she was attached to it, her ass held high in the air as she shook it for the camera. Anikka got so into the oral that she appeared to be in her own little world too, jumping on his cock to ride him while her ass shook even more powerfully. Mick seemed uncontrollable in how rapidly he was driving into her and she reciprocated even before he fingered her perfect pucker, the scene containing a lot more taste testing than usual but otherwise sticking to vaginal plowing that ended when he rubbed out a nut of ball batter to her ass crack in another worthy scene for her porn resume.


Bonus Scene: Battle of the Asses 4: Liza Del Sierra, a cute foreigner with a big ass wearing a purple string much like Jessie sported on the cover, initially explained that her countrymen (in France) did not appreciate her healthy shaped ass as much as we do, some booty shorts on top of the outfit enhancing her shape as she danced on the outdoor deck. She was no stranger to tease and it showed, the ample sample such that it looked awesome in the sunlight as she stripped down and took the oil. The tease gave way to her in the house on the white couch, Michael Stefano licking her pussy and ass to delight her and him alike. She sat on his face and they vaginally fucked, her oral efforts coming afterwards because neither could wait for the blowjob. She impaled herself on him and nearly lost it a few times, her hummer showing as much passion and skills though she did choke on his pecker in the process. As expected, she was a full service hotty too, including some powerful anal in the tryst but only after satisfying that her pussy was so tight it drove him crazy. The action was delightfully solid and only had a few moments of questionable camera work, Michael spewing all over her face by his own hand before she sucked him clean.

Summary: Battle of the Asses 5 by director Mason for Elegant Angel was another “must have” title for fans of the top notch female cast, earning a rating of Highly Recommended thanks to the quality and replay value displayed time and again in the show. As one of the company’s top shelf efforts and flagship titles, I expected a heck of a lot from the single disc release and it provided it in spades, Alexis Ford certainly earning her spot on the cover but Karlie Montana giving what amounted to one of her best performances to date too, the others sure to elicit repeated loads of genetic juice from viewers that appreciate the elements the director added to the mix. In short then, Battle of the Asses 5 was a very strokable set of scenes focusing on curvy ladies getting off as they engaged some top talent sexually, the technical aspects by director Mason and the extras helping it stand out from a crowded pack so pick up a copy to see why I liked it so much.


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