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Anal Workout 2

  • Release date:
    January 25, 2013
  • Runtime:
    3h 8m
  • Cast:
    Mick Blue|Mia Lelani|Ashley Fires|Marika|Liza Del Sierra|Alexis Ford|Juelz Ventura|Grazer


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Anal Workout 2

Elegant Angel

Genre: Gonzo, Anal

Director: Grazer

Cast: Ashley Fires, Mick Blue, Marica Hase, Juelz Ventura, Mia Lelani, Alexis Ford

Length: 188:22 minutes

Date of Production: 12/4/2012


Extras: The best extra was the bonus scene between Mick and Liza Del Sierra from Anal Workout 1 lasting 29:37 minutes as described below. Also, while there was a cumshot recap from the scenes, a photogallery, and spam, the 21:44 minute long behind the scenes feature was pretty decent this time (interviews with most of the ladies, Ashley Fires, Marica Hase, Juelz Ventura, and Alexis Ford).

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Anal Workout 2 was presented in 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen as shot by director Grazer for Elegant Angel. The lighting was strong, helping make this one look pretty solid in most cases, some pattern noise and minor defects noticed but only rarely. The ladies all looked appropriately slutty and distracted me from getting too focused on minor issues but even the camerawork appeared to come closer to some of his directorial peers at the company, a nice touch to be sure. The editing by Michael Cates had few abrupt transitions too, the flow of the scenes always handled quite well. The aural components of the show were on the basic side though, the music sounding much like other products released in recent years by Elegant, the vocals not all that involving except with a few of the more expressive women here. The score by Production Trax was decent but the music was never substantially different than what I’ve come to expect from the company, ending when the tease was over in each scene.


Body of Review: Grazer is the directing name of Mick Blue when he shoots for Elegant Angel. The likable fellow is considered one of the better male performers and his work behind the camera has been developing favorably for some time, resulting in a movie like Anal Workout 2. This gonzo release has five lengthy scenes full of tease and hardcore action, Mick jumping into every scene to sample the anal goods offered by hotties such as Alexis Ford, Ashley Fires, Juelz Ventura, Marica Hase, and Mia Lelani. Mick is one of my favorite performer turned directors and his works have been getting pretty heated of late so I was hoping this would be as solid as the advertising suggested it to be. Here’s a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Ashley Fires, a lean and muscular blond with a great deal of heated performances of late, was up first as she reestablished the series formula by working out in skimpy attire (a neon pink sport bra and tight black booty shorts) and then doing Mick Blue with an emphasis on point of view (POV) camera work, the woman’s ass becoming the prime target for his cock over the course of the scene. Ashley worked out by the ocean on a windy day, her incredibly fit body looking more desirable than ever as she exercised on the rocky beach. She showed some public nudity but was soon masturbating with an anal toy to reveal her perfect pucker on a black couch, her pretty eyes looking at the camera as she tasted the toy right out of her ass. This led to some powerful blowjob action on Mick, Ashley slobbing his knob aggressively with ample hand to gland combat and ball handling. Having excited the director to the point of erection, she jumped onto his turgid rod to actively ride the cock in her ass, a driven series of penetrative positions where her oiled ass looked so fuckable I could barely stand it. She took the pecker to place it inside of her ass each time, some oral included but the anal action being the major focal point of the entire scene. Ashley continued until blowing him to completion, draining his balls of genetic juice as her liquid lunch, the messy result turning her on even more.


Scene Two: Marica Hase, a tiny but picture perfect little Asian babe making the rounds of late, was up next as she stretched out in the series uniform, wearing hot pink shorts this time until she removed them to stuff increasingly larger anal plugs into her sweet ass. Her sheer awkwardness was of interest but she seemed far more at home when blowing Mick Blue in POV fashion, concentrating on his head and applying just a touch of hand friction before helping Mick stuff his cock into her ass. Marica has come a long way in terms of how well she rides cock, especially anally, but she was pale in comparison to Ashley (and some of the others shown afterwards), her small size making Mick look huge by comparison. She pushed back to meet his thrusts and did some decent oral on him though, giving him a foot job and a lot of head until he bust a nut of population pudding all over her hand and mouth for swallowing.


Scene Three: Juelz Ventura, a heavily tattooed hard body with a great porn resume, was up next with Mick Blue, the gal wearing neon blue shorts and a pink bra as she worked out in the limited home gym. If anything, Juelz looked like she had lost some weight, getting too lean for my tastes though I truly enjoyed the way she poured her water all over her lithe frame. She stripped and anally masturbated, using an anal vibrator up her ass while rubbing her pussy until applying a larger dildo to get a better effect. Her beautiful eyes showed a lot of desire as she made the switch to Mick’s cock, slurping on his rod before replacing the toy in her ass with his dick. She slowly rode him initially but sped up over time, the missionary position not having enough light to make the scene as crisp though I always believed the couple was into the tryst. This continued until she knelt before him and he tossed out a wad of spunk all over her face and upper torso, Juelz providing some post coital head and swallowing at least some of his baby batter as the camera faded out.


Scene Four: Mia Lelani, a cute little Asian gal in the trademarked pink bikini attire, was up next during a kickboxing workout, glistening with sweat and caressing her curves in a gym before pouring her water on her body and stripping. She transitioned from the tease to anal masturbation from there, stretching her sweet ass out on the floor before replacing the toys with the cock of Mick Blue. She aggressively sucked him off in POV, using both hands to stroke him during the hummer and her tongue applied to lick his nuts. This enthusiastic hummer was lengthy and led to her sitting on the cock for some vaginal penetration, quickly moving into anal when she bent over to spread her legs for him to gain easy entry to her ripe little rump. From the sounds of it, her ass was very tight too, Mick holding on for dear life lest he deposit his wad of splooge too early into her, the lighting of this scene not as good as most of the others though Mia showing her appreciation for cock most persuasively. The scene ended when she rested on the floor with an open mouth, Mick beating his meat frantically onto her throat and on her chin, Mia sucking him clean with a smile.


Scene Five: Alexis Ford, the sexy little fuck bunny featured on the front cover, was up last but hardly least in her cover attire. She stretched and smiled seductively, giving glimpses of her assets in the home gym before going outside by the pool to oil up with her water and a series of increasingly enticing poses. Once this was over, the music stopped and she was anally masturbating on a large white ottoman, a green glass toy eventually replaced by the pecker of Mick Blue, which she savored in a particularly heated blowjob. She throated him and her wonderfully beautiful eyes kept great contact with the camera in the POV scene, the scene as award worthy as any I have seen of late. Once ready, she crammed his cock into her ass and impaled herself silly by riding it, moaning softly but her energy levels were superior throughout the scene. She took time out to blow him clean at times but was always back on track to drain him of ball batter with a lot of chemistry and a will to strut her stuff like the award winning champion she clearly proved to be. The manner in which she rocked her ass cheeks during the penetration and pumped to meet his thrusting member assisted this endeavor too, the ending blowjob so wildly sloppy that Mick unleashed his seed as her makeup smeared, Alexis savoring the semen before swallowing it to top all the other scenes of the movie (only Ashley Fires coming close in the levels of intensity).


Bonus Scene: Anal Workout 1: Liza Del Sierra, a fetching stripper type with a fleshy ass, was up next as she stretched in the house to a slower tempo music beat, her black booty shorts riding up her crack and her colorful top allowed for short glimpses of her tits. While I don’t think her makeup was optimized to enhance her looks the best they could have been, she showed that she was ready, willing, and able to give Mick Blue a show during her solo masturbation performance with a large vibrator, Liza exchanging the toy for his cock in her pussy, mouth, and ass to impale herself soundly in what amounted to a truer POV scene than the last one. This weakened the chemistry displayed but she was energetic and enthusiastic, the gal applying some hand to gland combat to beat his meat into an early withdrawal of spew into her mouth for swallowing. The scene was 29:37 minutes in length.

Summary: Anal Workout 2 by director Grazer for Elegant Angel earned a rating of Recommended from me thanks to the casting, general quality of anal penetration, and the strokability of the provided footage. I could see why Alexis Ford earned the spotlight place on the cover and Ashley Fires rocked it like few of her peers could claim, the others offering a fair selection of backdoor antics to merit some applause. The technical values were pretty solid here, Mick having wisely followed the general company formula for Elegant Angel and it worked out nicely all around. In short, Anal Workout 2 ensured the anal basics were covered so give it a look if you’re into some of the most popular ladies in the industry getting fucked in the ass by Mick Blue.


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