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Hollywood Orgies: Mimi Miyagi

  • Release date:
    October 29, 2002
  • Cast:
    Mimi Miyagi|Alexandra Silk|Kelly Jean|Ruby|Racquel Darrian|Madelyn Knight|Shelbee Myne|Dayton Rains|Harley Raine|Chastity|Lola (I)|Sydnee Steele|Cheyenne Silver|Rasha Romana

Hollywood Orgies Mimi Miyagi

VIVID Interactive

Genre: Compilation featuring title star.

Director: various.

Cast: Mimi Miyagi, Dayton, Cheyenne Silver, Racquel Darrian, Madelyn Knight, Trixi Tyler, Bianca Trump, Alyssa Jarreai, Alexandra Silk, Syndee Steele,

Shelbee Myne, Kelly Jean, Ruby, Lola, Harley Raine, Chasitity,

Charleise Lamour, Phylisha Anne, Rasha Romana, John Dough, Tim Lake,

Tom Chapman, John Decker, Evan Stone, Dave Hardman, Brian Surewood,

Mark Davis, Bobby Vitale, Rick Masters, Ian Daniels, Mike Horner,

and Tom Byron

Length: 130 minutes

Date of Production: 07/03/95.

Extra's: multi angle mania, bonus scenes, photo gallery, previews and on the set.

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The scenes that were transferred from earlier films were grainy but some of the more current productions were washed out and grainy as well. The sound was sometimes distracting because it was so clear and immediate.

Body of Review: I wanted to review this dvd because I am a fan of Mimi Miyagi and what better way to go then a release titled "Hollywood Orgies Mimi Miyagi". She appears in only two scenes on this compilation. There are some hot scenes on this dvd but I wouldn't call this a Mimi Miyagi compilation. Maybe that is why this dvd included the extra feature "multi angle mania". This is a four-angle scene that shows the action from the left side, right side, overhead and from underneath. Here we go…

Scene 1: Old school orgy/swing party. Old school because it looks like an 80's adult flick judging by the clothes, big hair, and grainy film. The main girl is wearing thigh high white high heel boots. Other participants are wearing t-back g-strings. By today's standards this could be a couples film. There is at least a 12-minute build up before this scene heats up. Other clues are the lack of tattoos, piercings, landing strip trimmed pub areas (just natural bush) and no condoms. I miss the 80's hot chick look. If you watch carefully you'll see pre-boob job Mimi Miyagi with a short curly hairstyle. She has a supporting role in this scene. This scene is worth watching at least once to checkout Mimi Miyagi and if you miss the 80's.

Scene 2: This scene is a "sex in the office" fantasy with dueling couples. Guys with pony tails, when was that? the 90's. They get right down to the action unlike the first scene. The hot action looks convincing. Another way to tell this is a more modern piece is the use of condoms. The action heats up and we see the girls wind up face to face while doing doggy style. This scene is worth watching at least once.

Scene 3: Have you ever wanted to watch sex in a dungeon? In this scene there are two guys in red berets that are servicing three hot babes while another guy is watching while being tied up. There are leather straps and paddles hanging from the wall and the girls are wearing dog collars, fetish high heels, black panties and bras while lying on what looks like a light table. The guy tied up and watching the action bothered me. Does he represent the frustrated viewer at home? The action warms up as evidenced by the loud vocals. One girl sounds like she is giving birth. I like the S&M theme and vocal orgasms so I give it an A-. This scene is worth a repeat viewing.

Scene 4: The next fantasy is an orgy in an apartment as viewed from outside though someone's video camera. The girls are not babes but have that sexy trashy vibe I find really hot. One girl has huge boobs and the other small perky ones and there are condoms all around. I also liked the fetishy white platform high heels. The distraction here is the view switches from inside the apartment and back to looking in from outside in black and white. That part is not a turn on. I was convinced the girls were into the action by the vocal moans and groans. One interesting part shows a bj performed like the girl is brushing her teeth. The best part is the monster facial the big boobed one gets. This scene is worth a viewing.

Scene 5: The next scene has three girls and two guys where for some odd reason one guy is wearing a 1890's style navy officers outfit and everyone else is nude. The orgy is set in an abstract world with seamless walls and harsh over head lighting. Here the vocals come in strong over the sound track and the extreme close ups show every pimple. The girls are great looking and the action hot. An B+

Scene 6: Your first thought when you watch the next scene is "toga party." Wall to wall people. During this action you notice that one side of the room is a floor to ceiling glass wall with one guy watching from outside glass wall. Does he represent the frustrated viewer at home? Reminds me of scene 4 and 3 where someone outside the action is watching and probably not having much fun. The sound track was a little annoying and the warm soft lighting is distracting. They were using condoms during penetration here but for the money shot they blew the load onto the butt opening anyway so why bother. Good action and convincing vocals by the girls but I can only give it a B-.

Scene: 7 Finally Mimi Miyagi makes an appearance on this dvd. This looks like a film transfer to dvd, which came out very grainy. The other girl has smallish breast when we get to see them. The action is pretty hot though. The Mimi Miyagi here is really into the sex unlike first scene on the dvd. She has found her style. Both girls do it with black high heels on. I like to watch this version of Mimi Miyagi.

Multi angle mania: Amber from Oral XXXamination

This segment features a beautiful blonde on her knees servicing what looks like the cameraman. She is wearing high cut panties and high heels. I give this scene an A for the four point of view novelty.

bonus scene: Here is a scene from Breathe with just great sex in an abstract seamless background white room. Kira Kenner has big breast and gives a great performance. I liked this cut and it is worth a repeat viewing.

2nd bonus: The next scene is from Couchtails. Hard rock sound track and hard pounding sex, what a great combination. The girl here is a screamer, also worth a repeat viewing.

On the set: Upper Class. I recognized the director as a former porn actor from the 80's. There is a monster facial here you should not miss. Also you must check out the female ejaculation scene because when it rains it pours. A + for the screamers.

Summary: I selected this dvd because it features Mimi Miyagi. Only two scenes had Mimi in it and one of them was an early Mimi who played a supporting role. I didn't like the grainy scenes though. I recommend renting this one for the multi angle mania cut, Mimi Miyagi, and the bonus clips.



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