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Beauty and the Bitch

  • Release date:
    October 15, 2001
  • Cast:
    Kylie Ireland|Alexandra Silk|Joel Lawrence|Shay Sweet|Dale DaBone|Violet Blue|Chris Cannon|Tyce Bune|George Kaplan|Inari Vachs|Nicole Sheridan|Voodoo|Sydnee Steele|Seth Gecko|Jason McCain|Bud Lee|Cameron Bennett

Beauty And The Bitch

Adam & Eve/Simon Wolf Organization

Genre: Feature, Supernatural

Director: Bud Lee

Cast: Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo, Kylie Ireland, Jason McCain, Inari
Vachs, Shay Sweet, Violet Blue, Chris Cannon, Tyce Bune, Sydnee Steele,
Alexandra Silk, Joel Lawrence, Dale DaBone
Non-Sex Roles by: Seth Gecko, George Kaplan, Julie Meadows, Mia Smiles,

Length: 106.5 minutes

Note: The box said the feature was much longer. Maybe they included the
director's cut scenes in the total length too.

Date of Production: 12/18-20/00, 1/23/01

Extra's: director's audio commentary track, interviews, Behind the
scenes of the feature, director's cuts of two of the sex scenes, Sex Reel
compilation, bonus scenes from other movies, trailers, behind the scenes of
A Wolf's Tail, Wolves featurette, 2 dvds, CREDITS!

Audio/Video Quality: A lot of the more recent Adam & Eve "Premium"
label movies have been lacking so I was concerned that this might be one to
fall in the cracks too. Luckily, it looked great! It also sounded very good
too with only minor problems that most people, even when trying to find
problems, would have difficulty finding. The music was very well done too.

Body of Review: Inari plays a woman of great wealth and position who
learns that not everything is as it appears. She also learns the value of
empathy in this morality play by Bud, Simon, and company. Others have
described the plot details in great depth, suffice it to say that if you've
ever watched an episode of The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, or read any
of Aesop's Fables, you'll see the ending long before it comes about. No
matter though since the team does such a good job, with attractive women, in
great settings, with high production values, you simply won't care if the
story is a rehash of so much that has gone on before. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes:

Scene One: Nicole tests out the hired help at a gala party. The help
is played by Voodoo who is also her husband in real life. I was kind of
curious as to why he wore a condom if this is his main squeeze but that's
how it is. The two went at each other full steam ahead and had a well done,
chemistry filled scene that included anal.

Scene Two: Kylie, playing a hooker, took on Jason. I like Kylie and
this was one of her better scenes of late. The two had fun and the sex
included anal.

Scene Three: Inari and Shay do each other in front of a group of men.
Inari is the woman on the cover of the dvd case-pretty hot, huh?-and it's
amazing that she hasn't been signed to a contract by one of the bigger
companies. She has the look, the sexual energy, and the force of will to
warp men's minds which would make her a perfect candidate for a company
needing a proven winner. The scene wasn't her best but it sure was fun to

Scene Four: My old pal Violet took on Tyce and Chris in a weirdly
filmed scene in the old west. I think she looked much better here than in Real Sex
Magazine 31
. I'm glad she learned a few new tricks since her first
appearance-it just goes to show you that practice makes perfect. The scene
here included a DP for those who care and it was pretty good. I still wish
that the originally filmed scene, which had Julie Meadows as the lead, were
included as an extra but I'll take Bud's word for it that this looked better
(he stated as much on the commentary track).

Scene Five: This scene had a mixture of three of the most well known
porn performers. It had Alexandra, known for her zany sexual antics, Sydnee,
known mostly for her super hot looks, and Joel, known mostly for his acting
ability and wood. Combine all three and you get what turned out to be a well
done scene. Alexandra, in keeping with how she likes things, took anal in a
few positions too.

Scene Six: Okay, you "know" who's going to be in the next
scene-Inari. It simply must be that the hot looking blonde is going to get
laid by a guy since that's a long time porn tradition. Well, it does work
out that way and the lucky guy was Dale. She not only takes anal here but he
unleashes one of the largest pop shots I've ever seen. What a scene!

Summary: The sex was well done, the cast looked good or better, and
the production values were off the scale in how well they were done. The
extra's were among the best package I've seen and attention was paid to the
chemistry of the performers. Personally, the extra's alone were worth the
going rate for this one. Since this was made, Simon Wolf Organization has set up shop on their own and made some top rate dvd's. It's good to remember that they've always focused more on quality than quantity, unlike so many of their competitors. Good work!


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