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Once You Go Black…You Never Go Back

  • Release date:
    March 24, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 22m
  • Cast:
    Mr. Marcus|Brian Pumper|August|Mandingo|Darren James|Melanie Jagger|Sabrine Maui|Jules Jordan|Alexa Rae|Cris Taliana

Once You Go Black... You Never Go Back

Evil Angel

Genre: Interracial

Director: Jules Jordan

Cast: Cris Taliana, Brian Pumper, Darren James, August, Mandingo, Sabrine Maui, Mr. Marcus, Alexa Rae, Melanie Jagger

Length: 140 minutes

Date of Production: 3/14/03 (box), 3/25/03 (box)

Extra's: bonus footage, fetish menu, photogallery, cast list, filmographies, director's biography

Audio/Video Quality: Most of the time, the picture looked good and the sound was decent. The look of a handheld camera was sometimes a nuisance and some of the back lighting distractive, but overall, it was better than most Gonzo porn. The sound was a bit low at times but nothing most guys would care about.

Body of Review: Evil Angel is known far and wide as one of the top porn companies in the Gonzo niche. With the exception of Red Light District, the company provides the best hardcore action with attractive gals and good production values you'll find. In Once You Go Black..., the company shows viewers once more that Jules knows what consumers want, and gives it to them in spades (bad pun, sorry). In each of the five scenes here, we get to see a lot of the tease stuff that most fans seem to like, along with loads of oral and vaginal sex, with some hardcore anal (not all scenes though), and facials galore without those pesky condoms so many fans hate. I'll keep the descriptions short since those wanting a virtual screenplay might as well shell out the dough but here's the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Cris, a youthful looking gal, took on both Brian and Darren in a well done scene. Like all the women here, you can see her picture on the dvd cover if you're interested.

Scene Two: August, a brunette with an ample sample, had some fun with Mandingo. His penis was huge and credit should be given her as he looked like he could've ripped her in two. While she wasn't the most attractive gal of the show, most men would probably beg her for sex if given the chance. Her tease sequence was especially good.

Scene Three: Sabrine, in yet another hot appearance, had sex with Marcus which included anal and ATM. The gal continues to grow on me since I first saw her in a weak Ed Powers dvd awhile back. Very energetic although it didn't look like she (or the other women) came, they did seem to have fun.

Scene Four: Alexa, one of the best performers in the industry, took on Marcus. I could just watch her tease for the whole 2+ hours and be happy but she did seem to know what would make Marcus (and this viewer) happy. I was thankful that there was some extra footage of her in the bonus footage section. Yum!

Scene Five: Melanie, an attractive looking gal, took care of Mandingo's manly needs. This was another anal scene and she did take it in her mouth afterwards. Pretty warm.

Summary: If you like interracial sex, this is a good choice to check out. Sure, it's more expensive than most other straight porn but Evil is known for providing people with what they want. The men were top notch and the women usually good choices too. No one will be able to suggest that they aren't into black men at least a little bit. In all, a well made dvd with only a bothersome watermark (Jules has stated publicly that he's trying to combat pirates by adding his website address to much of the movie in the lower right hand corner) that most people won't notice and some weak lighting and/or camera work (only occasionally). I'm calling this one a recommended dvd but adjust the rating according to your desires to see smaller white gals with larger black guys. In short, there's a lot of fuck for your buck here.



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