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Double Hole

  • Release date:
    September 10, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 33m
  • Cast:
    Csoky Ice|David Perry|Jennifer Dark|Simony Diamond|Thomas Stone|Vivienne Laroche|Black Jack|Andreas Moranti|Viktorie|Nikita (II)|Alexa Mai

Private Reality 18: Double Hole


Genre: Vignette

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Viktorie, Misty, Andrea Moranti, Simony, Black Jack, Thomas Stone, Jennifer Dark, George, Vivienne La Roche, David Perry, Nikita, Alexa Mai, Choky Ice

Length: 94 minutes

Date of Production: 7/03 (compilation only)

Extra's: trailers, photogallery, production notes, cast biographies, lots of different languages and subtitles, double sided dvd cover

Audio/Video Quality: One of the scenes was done in 1.85:1 widescreen color and looked great while others were done in the usual 1.33:1 full frame. I saw no artifacts or problems with the colors. The audio, at least for the English track, was pretty solid but keep in mind that some of the time dubbing was done. The vocals and music were all done reasonably well.

Body of Review: The Private Reality series is sort of like a video magazine where you get to watch a couple of "making of..." behind the scenes shoots for upcoming movies along with a healthy number of sex scenes filmed for the dvd itself. I sort of liked Volume 17 when I saw it a few weeks ago and the latest volume, Private Reality 18: Double Hole was fairly well done too. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by title, date of production, director and cast:

Scene One: The Audition: 1/03: D-Tom Herold: Viktorie, Misty, and Andrea had a scene during an audition in front of a casting director. The sex included oral, straight and anal with a bit of ATM. I didn't like the way the lube frothed up and the sex was just average.

Scene Two: The Making Of Private Café: 3/02: D-Xavi Dominguez: Private bills this as porn's first soap opera but I seem to recall a series called Naked Hollywood (among others) that could lay claim to that title. It did look interesting though.

Scene Three: Checkmate: 2/03: D-John Palmer: Simony, the blonde on the front dvd cover, Black, and Thomas all had a fun time when she interrupted their chess game at a diner. The sex included an energetic anal and lots of oral but surprisingly, no DP. It was filmed in widescreen and looked very clear.

Scene Four: Disco Fever: 1/03: D-Tom Herold: Jennifer, a brunette, George, and Andrea had a scene at a disco which included a DP. Sadly, it looked really low quality, almost as if it had been shot back in the peak disco years in the 1970's. Pass.

Scene Five: The Making Of Island Fever: 7/02: D-Tom Herold: I wonder if anyone told Private that there is already a porno out by this name (made by Digital Playground). I'm sure this one will be hotter sexually, but couldn't they think up their own title?

Scene Six: Sex Souvenir: 8/02: D-Jean Yves LeCastel: Vivienne, a curvy gal with fake blonde hair, and David, had a scene in a bed. The sex was pretty passionate and included oral, straight, and even anal with a gape and ATM.

Scene Seven: The Sauna: 1/03: D-John Palmer: Nikita and Alexa, two of the hottest looking gals in the movie, were joined in a sauna by Black and Choky for some sexual antics after they warmed themselves up a bit. The sex included a DP with some ATM (sort of). It wasn't bad but not as hot as it could have been.

Summary: A couple of scenes were solid but the rest were fairly tame. I thought the Making of features were well made but would think Private should have included more sex in the overall plan here, especially considering how much this series costs to buy. If you've seen others in the series, you'll probably think this is one of the low to average volumes while if you're new to Private Reality, you might want to rent this before buying. It has some moments but not enough to suggest it as anything higher than a Rent It.



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