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When Vivid Girls Go Asian

  • Release date:
    June 11, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 11m
  • Cast:
    T.T. Boy|Janine|Chasey Lain|Asia Carrera|Holly Body|Taylor Hayes|Kobe Tai|Racquel Darrian|Kim Chambers|Kira Kener|Cassidey|Dasha|Joey Ray|Dayton Rains|Teanna Kai|Raylene|Alex Taylor|Devon (I)|Sky|Jade Marcela|Scott Styles|Bobby Vitale|Syren|Rebecca Wild



When Vivid Girls go Asian

Vivid Interactive



Genre: Compilation Asian.


Director: Eddie Edwards, Guillermo Brown, Robby D, Chi Chi LaRue, Derrick Lane, Tommy Grimes


Cast: Dasha, Chasey Lain, Cassidy, Asia Carrera, Racquel Darrian, Raylene, Taylor Hayes, Kobe Tai, Janine, Alex Taylor, Devon, Sky, Dayton, Kira Kener, Jade Marcella,


Kianna, Teanna Kai, Syren, Derrick Lane. Cody


Length: 130 minutes


Date of Production: 1995 through 2001


Extra's: bonus scenes, photo gallery, previews and behind the scenes.


Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The scenes that were transferred from earlier films were grainy but some of the more current productions were washed out and grainy as well. The sound was sometimes distracting because it was so clear and immediate.


Body of Review: I wanted to review this dvd because I wanted to check out Kobe Tai. I have only seen her in one scene before. Well you certainly get a good sampling of her on this dvd.


Scene 1: Where the Boys Aren't 12, Kobe Tai, Janine and Alex Taylor


Directed by: Eddie Edwards.

This is an all girl three-way scene. We find the three girls on a pool table and they break out the dildos. The hairdo on Kobe Tai is a little plain and I haven't seen Janine with such a dark hair color or the overwhelming tattoo that covers the lower third of her arm. Anyway the action moves along quickly and loudly. I though Kobe Tai was a little over acting but overall worth a watch.


Scene 2: The Big Bust, Dasha and Jade Marcella.


Directed by: Guillermo Brown.

When is the last time you saw a jail scene in an adult video? Dasha and Jade find a way to spend the time in this girl-on-girl jail cell. Dasha is stunning and Jade grows on you. The action gets loud, hot and credible. They perform the double-headed dildo trick. Great stuff. Jade wears her stripper clear plastic platform high heels. I love that. It earns an A-.


Scene 3: Chasin' Pink 5, Chasey Lain and Kianna


Directed by Robby D.

Here is a moody girl-on-girl set featuring hot babes who know they are hot. These two are smoking hot, busty and both are sporting the stripper platform high heels. Did I tell you I love that? The scene is shot in video slow-mo so it's kind of couple's scene. When the action heats up we switch between real time and slow-mo. Great close ups and beautiful bodies. The temp increases and the dildos come into play. Fun to watch and watch again rates a B+.


Scene 4: Where The Boys Aren't 14, Dasha, Dayton, and Kira Kener.


Directed by Chi Chi LaRue.

Unusual girl-girl-girl threesome set in a garage or smokey bar scene. All the girls are wearing the lace up thigh high heel boots. All the girls are knockouts and the action is hot and convincing. The lighting is dark, backlit and diffuse because of the smoke. The girls look like they are getting the job done and done well. I rate this scene an A.


Scene 5: Cloud 9. Racquel Darrian, Asia Carrera and Derrick Lane.


Directed by Derrick Lane.

Finally a real penis. Girl-boy-girl scene. The two girls get warmed up first. Both of these girls are beautiful with nice but not overpowering breast. Looks like this one was shot on film. The action looks convincing in this one as the girls are really into it. This is the way the action should build up, not too fast and furious but slow then fast, soft then hard. The camera glances past Derrick Lane every once and awhile and you soon notice that he is starting to sport more wood as time goes on. Finally the girls double team Derrick. I notice that Asia Carrera does not do the usual cute face act for the camera and that is a welcome change. You know where she is not part of the action but has to throw in perky glance. I give this one an A-.


Scene 6: Girl World With Cassidy 1, Cassidy and Teanna Kai.


Directed by Robby D.

Guess what, a girl-girl scene. Unusual set though, looks like hell, no really, painted flames, cut out two-dimensional flames, real flames superimposed by video magic. All we need are the girls to spurt horns. Don't worry they didn't do that. The girls are really sexy. Lots of make up and eye shadow. Teanna Kai wears the stripper clear plastic platform high heels while Cassidy has got the mules. The background sound has fought its way to the foreground and we hardly ever hear if at all any vocals. This is more like MTV hard core uncensored music video. There is extensive use of video effects, slow motion, ghosting, jerky editing, on yes the the superimposed flames. This scene was not a turn on despite the typical girl on girl manipulations going on. I have to give this a C-.


Scene 7: She Town, Taylor Hayes and Kobe Tai


Directed by Tommy Grimes.

Hey, another girl-girl scene. The guy you see at the beginning fools you into thinking it is going to be a three-some. Taylor Hayes and especially Kobe Tai look hot in this one. Their hair looks good, talking big hair, and they start out' wearing nice outfits. The action heats up pretty good and is convincing. Taylor almost looks like she is coasting at the beginning with Kobe Tai doing most of the work. One thing you notice is that Taylor Hayes has short fingernails. A sure sign she likes to please the girls. I give it a B+.


Scene 8: Where the Boys Aren't 13, Kobe Tai, Devon and Sky,


Directed by Eddie Edwards.

An all girl threesome. The action quickly escalates and it takes the Devon and Sky to work over Kobe Tai. They send Kobe there and back a couple of times and she still wants more. She keeps screaming harder. This one gets a C+.


Scene 9: Sex and the Stranger, Raylene and Syren


Directed by Cody.

Girl-girl set in a bubble bath surrounded by candles. The girls are beautiful and they start out gentle. Lots of kissing and caressing. The girls look good. The action takes its time and finally builds up with an eye rolling intense climax. It earns a B+


Scene 10: Where The Boys Aren't 15, Dasha, Kira Kener and Raylene.


Directed by Chi Chi LaRue.

The next scene is an all girl piece. Set in a garage, Dasha and Kira Kener are fooling around in the back of an SUV when finally Raylene shows up looking pissed off but then joins in. The girls look hot despite the mechanics work boots they are wearing. Good hot convincing action that gets very vocal. Rates a B +.


Bonus 1: Art Lover, Rebecca Wild and Bobby Vitale


Directed by Dyanna Lauren.

Boy-girl. 10 minutes of sweat dripping sex. If you didn't know Rebecca Wild has medically augmented breast. Bobby uses a condom and keeps his socks on as well as a five o'clock shadow. The two look like they are getting a good work out and I am convinced the action is hot and sincere. I give it an A.


Bonus 2: Shy, Kim Chambers, Joey Ray and Scott Styles


Directed by


Chi Chi LaRue ( also part of the behind the scenes segment )

Here is a twist; boy-girl-boy scene set in the mens shower room. Our two girls double-team Kim Chambers. Kim Chambers is a full figured beauty. In this scene she looks like she is really have a time of it. I mean she is a screamer. Condoms all around but there is a massive facial at the end. This one gets an A.


Bonus 3: Sin-A-Matic 2, Holly Body, Suzy Kats and T.T. Boy


Directed by Jon Dough.

A girl-boy-girl on a tropical island. The girls look good and they do the right things but the action gets over the top quick. T.T. Boy seems to be having an attitude. Latter the cameraman is having an attitude. We keep hearing him tell the girls to hold up their skirts out of the way of the action. The girls give it a good try but I give this on a B-.


Behind the Scenes of Shy

You gotta watch this one. The girls have awesome climaxes in real time while the director is complaining about the scene being boring. Latter we see who Chi Chi LaRue is. In the shower scene during the facial we see in real time how vocal the guys are when they come.


Summary: There is a variety of fair talent on this dvd with only one below par scene you could fast forward over. I recommend renting this one for "Chasin' Pink 5" and "Cloud 9" and also to get a sample of Kobe Tai.



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