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Ultimate Dyanna Lauren, The

  • Release date:
    November 12, 2002
  • Cast:
    Janine|Jenteal|Dyanna Lauren|Asia Carrera|Taylor Hayes|Raylene|Alex Taylor|Lexa

Ultimate Dyanna Lauren, The


Genre: Compilation, Implants, Straight, Lesbian, Foot Fetish, Implants, Anal, Toys, Outdoors, Candle Wax

Director: several, none credited

Cast: Dyanna Lauren, Asia Carrera, Tina Tyler, Felecia, Melissa Hill, Anna Malle, Janine, Jenteal, Keri Windsor, Dee, Chloe, Raylene and many others (only Dyanna was credited)

Length: ~160 minutes of Dyanna scenes and ~52 minutes of other scenes

Dates of Production: varied as the scenes were taken from movies dated between 1993 and 1999(?)

Extra's: 3 minute slide show, unrelated scenes

Audio/Video Quality: Both were all over the place. The best looking scene was very sharp but it was the exception, not the rule. A few of the scenes looked and sounded especially bad but most looked fair. The music was bothersome as it droned on and on.

Body of Review: Dyanna Lauren is best known as a Vivid contract performer and director. She has blondish looking hair and large implants but always managed to differentiate herself from the other contract gals at Vivid with her sexual appetite and enthusiasm. How many of the others seem to enjoy anal sex, among other acts?

This compilation has 16 scenes of Dyanna with a variety of performers and started out with a dripping candlewax scene that was pretty hot. I think she performed in about 150 movies as a performer (not including compilations like this one) with almost half being for Vivid. None of her scenes here used condoms and included some anal if that matters to you. The scenes also didn't appear to be edited as other Vivid compilations seem to be so you might do well to check this one out rather than get the original dvd releases.

Summary: This grouping of her scenes is probably as good as you can expect from Vivid so fans will want to buy it. Others will want to rent it first but it has a harder edge than Vivid is known for and more related content than I expected from them. I just wish they would've labeled each scene with cast and original movie as well as turned down the music on some of the scenes.

So, unless your tastes for porn require circus act sex beyond the oral/straight/anal you'll find here, this gets a limited recommendation. My only other concern was the weak audio/video here but plenty of scenes were good enough to save it from the rental only pile.


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