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Eye Spy Janine

  • Release date:
    June 24, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 1m
  • Cast:
    Janine|Jenteal|Alyssa Love|Johnni Black|Julia Ann|Chandler|Randy Rage|Kobe Tai|Racquel Darrian|Raylene|Alex Taylor|Devon (I)|Corinne Williams

Eye Spy: Janine


Genre: Compilation, Janine

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Janine, Randi Rage, Chandler, Julia Ann, Johnnie Black, Laura Palmer, Corinne Williams, Racquel Darrian, Derrick Lane, Randy Spears, Alyssa Love, Anna Lisa Reese, Christian Steele, Kobe Tai, Alex Taylor, Jenteal, Devon, Raylene

Length: 118 minutes

Date of Release: 6/24/2003

Extra's: behind the scenes for Vixen (not a Janine movie), 3 unrelated bonus scenes, trailers, photogallery, double sided dvd cover, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The movie was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame, stereo English color. There was too much grain in many scenes and some color bleeding but most of the scenes were still hot enough to enjoy without noticing the multitude of minor imperfections. The music was sometimes too loud as well but better than it had been in the past.

Body of Review: Mention the name Janine and you'll likely get one of two reactions: either a fan who thinks she's a major hotty or a guy who complains because she only does other women. Personally, except for her growing collection of tattoo's and implants, I've always thought she was a major hotty. When she was partnered with Julia Ann in the team known as Blondage, I couldn't get enough of them. In any case, Vivid's latest compilation of this cutie and her co-workers, Eye Spy: Janine, had a lot of scenes to like-even if a few of them were way too short. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast, movie and director:

Scene One: Amnesiac: D-Ralph Parfait: Janine and Randi had a scene with Randi playing a doctor and Janine getting an examination. If it sounds good, forget it-it lasted a couple of minutes and all that happened was a bit of finger play that was way too clinical for my tastes.

Scene Two: Amnesiac: D-Ralph Parfait: This time Janine got to play with Chandler in a tattoo parlor. A little light B&D made this scene a winner. Yum!

Scene Three: Blondage 3: The Dresser: D-Paul Thomas: Janine and Randi went back at it with a little help by Julia in an office setting. It was also too short but had some spanking so I can't be too tough on it. A bit of rimming and fingering of the ass before a technical DP on Janine. Yum!

Scene Four: Girl Next Door: D-Toni English: Janine and Johnnie in a garage. this was one of the longer and more playful scenes of the show and was lots of fun to watch.

Scene Five: Head Over Heels: D-Austin Ellison: Janine and Laura in a shoe store. Very aggressive oral here made this one another winner.

Scene Six: Kink: D-Cleo Edwards: Janine, Corinne, Racquel, Derrick and Randy had a scene where there was also a light bondage inspired theme. While Janine didn't take any meat, the scene was good, even when she was just an accessory.

Scene Seven: Speedway: D-Ralph Parfait: Janine and her old partner (now Wicked Pictures contract star) Julia had a rough scene here with some dildo/vibrator action and hair pulling. Too short but fun while it lasted.

Scene Eight: Spies & Lovers: D-Cleo Edwards: Janine, Alyssa, Anna, and Christian had a scene in a tattoo shop. While I'm sure this was a comfortable place for Janine to strut her stuff (have you seen how many tattoo's she sports these days?), some variety might've been nice. The sex was varied between erotic and warm with Janine and hot & heavy with Christian. Not bad.

Scene Nine: Where The Boys Aren't 12: D-Eddie Edwards: Janine, Kobe, Alex, Jenteal, Julia, Devon, and Raylene has a scene on a pool table. If you like lesbian action, this was pretty wild. Yum!

Scene Ten: Where The Boys Aren't 13: D-Eddie Edwards: Janine took her time with Raylene in this scene from the popular lesbian series. I've liked this scene in the past but it's been included too many times in other compilations to receive full credit. The two worked well together and fans of rimming and anal fingering will especially enjoy it.

Summary: I really liked this one, even if my comments on individual scenes sometimes didn't reflect it. Aside from some minor issues, I think any fan of Janine should consider this one worth a rating of Highly Recommended.



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