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Sorority Sex Kittens 6

  • Release date:
    February 10, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 9m
  • Cast:
    Felecia|Alex Sanders|Kitty Monroe|Shayla LaVeaux|Don Fernando|Lee Stone|Ryan Conner|Mark Ashley|Dino Bravo|Olivia Saint|Tanya Danielle|Anna Mills|William Margold|Selena Steele|Lexi Lamour|Kelsey|Katie Morgan|Sabrine Maui|Monica Mayhem|Casey|Jim Holliday|Raylin|Vanessa Mackenzie|Jim South

Sorority Sex Kittens 6


Genre: Feature

Director: Jim Holliday

Cast: Petra, Lee Stone, Raylin, Ryan Conner, Felecia, Selena Steele, Shayla LaVeaux, Kelsey Hart, Sabrine Maui, Tanya Danielle, Monica Mayhem, Lexi Lamour, Alex Sanders, Don Fernando, Mark Ashley, Casey, Katie Morgan, Olivia Saint, Anna Mills, Wanda Play, Vanessa MacKenzie
Non-sex roles by: Rob Spallone, Jim South, Root Loggins, William Margold, Dino Bravo

Length: ~130 minutes, 92 minutes (wall to wall version)

Date of Production: 6/02

Extra's: audio commentary with Jim Holliday, Shayla LaVeaux, and Selena Steele, Behind the Scenes featurette, wall to wall sex option (it skips all the non-sex stuff), trailers, photogallery, VCA catalog, limited biographies, CREDITS!

Audio/Video Quality: Except for a few moments of weak lighting (you can hear about it in the commentary), the picture looked great. The audio was also solid as usual for VCA.

Body of Review: Mention Jim Holliday to a porn consumer and you'll likely get one of two distinctly different responses. Either the consumer will love him and sing endless praise about Jim's use of women, high production values, and a light-hearted approach to porn that seems to be missing or you'll hear howls of whines about how he uses old women that are past their prime, too much stupid dialogue, and focuses on foot fetish stuff rather than more mainstream sex acts. For the most part, I'm in the first group that likes the old geezer. Sure, he sometimes comes off like one of those bar room drunks who thinks they know everything and at times his obscure references (that even the cast doesn't understand) weigh a bit too heavy for me, but overall-the guy does a great job. The sex is fun, the mood of his movies uplifting, and the cast seems to know what they're doing.

Enter one of his newer movies, Sorority Sex Kittens 6. In a departure from some of the earlier, fluffier volumes, Jim tries to make some statements regarding current events. He also relies heavily on some of the proven talents of gals like Shayla, Selena (who makes her come back here), and Felecia (a gal loving cutie) instead of getting the newest flavor of the month types (who typically flake on porn shoots anyway). Those who prefer less used faces will still have plenty to choose from with the large cast and fans of Jim's will know what I'm writing about. Like most of his shows, you'll get pretty much what you expect-good or bad. Here's a quick breakdown of the scenes by the cast but I won't waste your time with a virtual screenplay of what takes place and bore you to tears:

Scene One: Petra and Lee out in the desert. A short scene but she looked great (and was reportedly out of the business when the commentary was made). No anal but it was well done with oral and straight. All scenes had condoms.

Scene Two: Raylin and Ryan took on the massive Alex and even had anal. The women knew how to have fun and he was no slacker himself. Not bad.

Scene Three: Felecia and Kelsey had a little lesbian scene. Yum.

Scene Four: Shayla and Alex had a warm little scene here. Those who suggest she's over the hill or should retire might do well to watch this movie, this scene was just one of her good scenes of late, in which she obviously adored having sex with Alex. The results were a scene with loads (pun intended) of replay value.

Scene Five: Kelsey had a short solo scene in the desert. Some of the time, I get really worked up watching her and other times she just doesn't do it for me. This was a short but fun scene that I liked a lot.

Scene Eight: Shayla and Selena on a bed. I would've preferred a longer scene but that just didn't happen. Still okay though.

Scene Ten: Sabrine and Don on a bed. She was good here and he was up to the challenge.

Scene Eleven: Tanya and Monica in the desert. Fans of lesbian scenes will like this one a lot.

Scene Twelve: Felecia, Petra, Lexi, and Sabrine in body stockings. Yummy!

Scene Thirteen: Selena and Alex had an energetic scene that included anal sex. She's never been my favorite performer but she did prove she had the right stuff to continue making movies here.

Scene Fourteen: Sabrine and Mark had a great BJ scene.

Scene Fifteen: Shayla and Petra outside in the desert. Jim claimed that Petra had left the business after this movie and that's a shame as she was pretty warm here with Shayla.

Summary: This release is not going to change anyone's mind about Jim Holliday. If you liked him before seeing it, you'll still like him afterwards and if you hated him before, you'll still hate him. It was fun seeing some of the onscreen antics of Rob, William, and Jim as well as hearing some of the silly stuff written by Jim for the cast to read. I can only imagine what was left on the cutting room floor as the commentary pointed out how a great deal of it was cut. That would've been a great extra and maybe some day it will make it to a deleted scenes section of a Jim Holliday movie. In any case, if you like the performers (most are on the front dvd cover) and like Jim's past work, you'll like this one even with the few minor technical problems it had. If you just want sex, the wall to wall feature shows us that there's over 90 minutes of pure sex and you can skip the acting stuff as you please. In short, there's a lot of fuck for your buck here. I'm listing it as recommended but fans will consider it better and detractors will have to stew in their own juices since they "just don't get it".



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