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  • Release date:
    April 23, 2003
  • Cast:
    Ian Daniels|Alex Sanders|Steve Hatcher|Billy Glide|Jonathan Morgan|Stephanie Swift|Julia Ann|Joel Lawrence|Dee|Lee Stone|Holly Hollywood|Evan Stone|Flick Shagwell|Pat Myne|Kaylynn|Randy Spears|Zana|Gina Ryder|Lezley Zen|Cherie|Sydnee Steele|Kristal Summers|Fujiko Kano|Martin Brimmer


Wicked Pictures

Genre: Comedy

Director: Jonathan Morgan

Cast: Julia Ann, Ian Daniels, Dee, Randy Spears, Gina Ryder, Cherie, Evan Stone, Lezley Zen, Fujiko Kano, Steve Hatcher, Pat Myne, Sydnee Steele, Zana, Ashley Blue, Flick Shagwell, Lee Stone, Alex Sanders, Kristal Summers, Joel Lawrence, Stephanie Swift, Holly Hollywood, Kaylynn, Billy Glide
Non-sex roles by dozens of unnamed folks as well as: Mike Horner and Ron Jeremy

Length: 148 minutes

Date of Production: 5/5/02

Extra's: There were a lot of great extras on this two disc set and this release really raised the bar for future releases. There was a great audio commentary with Jonathan Morgan, Julia Ann, and Randy Spears. While I would've liked Evan Stone on it too, I won't be greedy as the three above were great together. There were a lot of audio biographies with direct to scene feature. A feature where you could look at the script itself and jump to the scenes. A feature where you could choose between multiple branches that had different sex scenes. Multiple angles on some of the scenes. The usual Wicked Casino and web link. A great All Access: Behind The Scenes feature that lasted 53+ minutes. A Pre-production series of featurettes that included shorts on Make Up, Auditions, Rehearsals, Locations, and the Art Direction (by Wicked Director Brad Armstrong), 7 deleted scenes introduced by Jonathan, an alternative ending, a multi-version scene between Evan and Randy, an 11 minute long Director's Diary (excellent way to see why smart people leave directing to the professionals), a promo montage of the Girls of Hercules, a good interview with the lovely Julia Ann, the box cover shoot, a bunch of bloopers, the trailer to the movie, a whole bunch of photogalleries-both the performers and the usual movie related ones, a link for the company profile and awards, a double sided dvd cover (one side is more explicit than the other), CGI menu's (generally only the lamest people care about menu's but these were pretty cool), CREDITS!

Note: This dvd had more extras, good extras at that, than virtually every other dvd on the market, including mainstream! Whew!

Audio/Video Quality: This might amaze people but the picture was very clear and presented in widescreen format, with a choice of a DTS or 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround soundtrack. At the time of this writing, you can count the number of such adult releases on a single hand.

Body of Review: Hercules is one of the most well known characters in all mythology and the subject of television and movies all over the world. Who could forget the old Steve Reeves movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger's first movie, Lou Ferrigno's terrible version (which even had a sequel), Disney's attempt or even the campy Kevin Sorbo television series? Those were only a few examples but porn's versions of the legendary Demi-God have been pretty weak...until now. Wicked Pictures has thrown out all stops and made what will likely be the comedy release of the year. Evan Stone stars as Hercules who fights the evil Goddess Hera, as played by the lovely and hot Julia Ann. The movie is a tongue in cheek look at the legend and his trials. The movie also took a reality TV approach at times with interviews of the characters as though it were all real. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast and action:

Scene One: Julia and Ian had an okay scene. She looked great though (duh!) and the oral sex was very warm with the vaginal average.

Scene Two: Dee, looking very good here, took care of Randy with the standard oral and vaginal sex. The scene was actually quite warm and perhaps Dee's best in a long time.

Scene Three a: Evan got to enjoy both Gina and Cherie in the woods. Very warm scene and the group had plenty of fun. I've always liked Gina and this scene showed off her talents a lot. Oral and straight sex but the three had fun. If you choose the alternative branch you get to see the "B" scene.

Scene Three b: Okay, you decide that Gina, Cherie and Evan are too hot to watch so what do you do? Do you skip the scene? Naaa, you hit the alternative branch and watch Randy and Lezley instead. She was very hot here and I believe she's left the business which is a shame. Hot!

Scene Four: Fujiko, a small Asian gal, took on both Pat and Steve in the courtyard. She went the extra mile and did anal here but the scene wasn't as hot as the last two.

Scene Five: Sydnee, another Texan hotty and talented Wicked Contract performer, took on Evan. Lots of chemistry and heat between the two (it was her former husband who got Evan into the jizz bizz when he was a dancer in the Dallas area). Yum!

Scene Six: Zana, Flick, Ashley and Lezley took on Randy, Lee, Steve and Alex had a very well done oral orgy scene. With this kind of female cast, can you really whine too loudly? Not bad at all!

Scene Seven: Julia and Kristal, both looking mighty tasty, enjoyed Joel in a scene that took place in Hell. Like most of the scenes, the action was oral and straight but only the most jaded of porn hounds would care. Yum!

Scene Eight a: I know that by this point, most fans were hoping for a good hot lesbian scene. Luckily, Wicked obliged and provided some real hot gal on gal action with Stephanie, Kaylynn, and Holly. Sweet!

Scene Eight b: Okay, lesbian action isn't your thing because you're a closet homosexual or something. That's fine, Wicked provided an alternative branching scene for you too. In it, the awesome Julia and Sydnee combo team up on Billy. If you make it this far on only a few viewings, you're probably too jaded. Very warm!

Summary: A good comedy, porn or mainstream, should be entertaining above all else. Wicked Pictures can certainly bank on Jonathan Morgan's Hercules in this regard. It's not just that the movie's extras were so extensive that a second disc was needed (truly needed) to hold them all, it's not just that the women were almost all hot looking and great performers, or even that the humor permeated every aspect of the production, but those were all good reasons to buy this one. What makes this a DVD Talk Collector's Series choice is all that and more. The sex was plenty hot and the commentary alone was good enough to rent, if not buy. Maybe the sequel will be a take off on the Xena television show-perhaps Zana: Princess Warrior (to protect Wicked) or something similar. In any case, fans of porn comedy will get an awful lot of fuck for their buck with this one. Great job Wicked!


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