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Aces in the Holes

  • Release date:
    June 9, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 54m
  • Cast:
    Felecia|Alex Sanders|Shayla LaVeaux|Anthony Hardwood|Lee Stone|Ryan Conner|Brooke Hunter|Alexis Malone|Chloe Dior|Olivia Saint|Tanya Danielle|Carolyn Monroe|William Margold|Selena Steele|Hunny Butter|Monica Mayhem|Jim Holliday|Kelly Passion|Amythest Stone|Vanessa Mackenzie|Mickey Black|Rob Spallone|Root Logins

Aces In The Holes: Special Edition


Genre: Feature

Director: Jim Holliday

Cast: Chloe Dior, Alex Sanders, Hunny Butter, Anthony Hardwood, Kelli Passion, Lee Stone, Selena Steele, Felecia, Ryan Conner, Tanya Danielle, Amythiest Stone, Olivia Saint, Vanessa MacKenzie, Brooke Hunter, Carolyn Monroe, Shayla LaVeaux
Non-sex by: Monica Mayhem, Root Loggins, Mickey Black, William Margold

Length: 114 minutes (full feature), 87 minutes (wall to wall option)

Date of Production: 11/02

Extra's: Audio commentary with Holliday and performer Selena Steele, 12.5 minute long Behind the Scenes featurette, 13.5 minute long Holliday Casino-an interactive style behind the scenes feature, 4 star biographies with direct to scene feature, photogallery, 3 trailers, wall to wall sex option (skip the goofy dialogue), paper dvd catalog

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The fleshtones were accurate, I saw no artifacts, and other than a touch of grain and weak lighting a couple times, it looked crisp and clear. The audio was in Dolby Digital stereo and sounded very solid too. The music was by the usual people Holliday employs which is light and fun to listen to.

Condoms: Yes

Body of Review: Mention Jim Holliday and VCA, and you'll find that people tend to be divided into two camps: those that love his work and those who think he's a self-important, talentless jerk. Personally, I like his work and he provides a change of pace from the growing legions of gonzo producers out there. His focus is the gals with playful sex so how could I really dislike him? In his latest release, Aces In The Holes, Holliday uses a gambling theme with a high stakes poker tournament as the focal point of the non-sex action. Like all of his movies, the sex is the real star and VCA kindly added a wall to wall option so you could watch the sex alone, rather than wear out your remote's batteries (I like the funny bits and watch them but I'm told I'm in the minority). All the gals are featured on the dvd cover so you get to see what the movie has to offer you. That said, here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Chloe, a curvy gal with a nice smile, and Alex, had the opening scene. Some oral with anal-cutting right to the chase. I think they worked together really well and thought it'd be better if the scene were longer. warm.

Scene Two: Hunny, a gal that made about 5 movies and left the industry, and Anthony, the gypsy with the right attitude for porn, had a very solid scene together. They had chemistry but the energy level wasn't the absolute highest I've seen in his movies. Anal for those who like it and a lot to like besides.

Scene Three: Kelli, a kind of trampy looking blonde, and the massive Lee, had a scene in bed. Lots of energy with some chemistry as he did her with her plugging back. Warm.

Scene Four: Selena and Felecia had a lesbian lick fest here with lots to enjoy. I disagree that these two are over the hill and while I might've preferred less toy usage, they were great together. While I am not one of the foot fans Holliday caters to (all to often), I did like their fishnet outfits and strap on dildo action.

Scene Five: Ryan, a curvy blonde with blonde hair (at the moment), and the massive Lee, had a scene in an office. They went straight to the anal here and then rounded out the action a bit. Very warm scene.

Scene Six: Kelli and Tanya, a couple of the cutest blondes of the movie who wore great fishnet outfits, had a lesbian scene with Chloe on the lawn. Not as solid as Selena's scene earlier but both were hot. I just wish Holliday could find a way to minimize the video noise the fishnets introduce in such scenes.

Scene Seven: Olivia, Vanessa, Amythiest, Ryan, Hunny, and Brooke, had a reverse gangbang of sorts with Alex. If you like this type of scene, you'll love this one. Not as hardcore as some of the other scenes but they all had some fun.

Scene Eight: Carolyn, a major hotty, and Shayla, a gal that has done a lot of great work in the past, had a decent scene together. It wasn't the best here but considering the competition, that's not a bad thing.

Summary: If you like Holliday's past works, such as Melted Pink, you'll like this one at least as much. If you've never seen one before, check it out as a rental but otherwise, I'm rating this as Highly Recommended. For all Holliday's bitching and moaning on the commentary track, you'd think he was bitter about something (gonzo, other directors, and critics come to mind) but the simple fact is, he does have a lot of talent in showing fans what they want to see. While he professes to not be looking to make technically perfect movies, he does a very solid job on that aspect of his movies. Maybe in the future he'll make a movie titled Implanted Brunette Anal Queens and we'll get to see more natural women with blonde hair that just do solo, oral, and straight sex. Check this one out if you want to see some attractive gals having fun sex with high end production values.



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