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Real College Girls 10

  • Release date:
    September 15, 2003
  • Cast:
    Tina Tyler|Jassie|Benjamin Bratt|Sylvio Mata|Alex Rox|Amber Rain|Krystal|Brian Surewood|Bianca Pureheart|Brett Rockman|Crystal Ray|Katarina McKenna|Regina Kings|Betty Sue|Randy II

Director: Bob Sima

Cast: Amber Raine, Betty Sue, Crystal (Correspondant), Crystal Ray, Jenni Lynn, Jesse V, Katarina McKenna, Logan (Correspondant), Tina Tyler (Correspondant), Tania

Length: 1 hour 38 minutes

Extra's: This is a real barebones disc, as far as extras go. You get a slide show, and 6 previews for other Hustler discs (Brazilian Snake 2, Barely Legal #35, Hot Showers #6, Babes #5, Campus Confessions, and Young Sluts Inc. #9). On a better note, the scene selection is excellent, and lets you choose between the different sex acts in each scene.

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame and had decent color representation and good lighting. The picture quality was a bit soft looking, especially for a movie going for that "reality TV" feel. Still, most people won't find any fault with it, it was just a personal observation that struck me as odd. The 2-channel stereo audio was good, with one complaint - During the interviews, they either need a boom mic, or they need to show the corresponents how to use the microphone correctly. Because of this, it was often hard to hear what the girls were saying. However, once the sex scenes started, the sound was perfect.

The Movie: I've seen the previews for this series in the past, so I was really looking forward to reviewing this disc. The premise is that these are real college girls, looking to make some extra cash by doing a quick sex scene. The Hustler correspondants meet the girls on their campuses, interview them, look at their college IDs, and then take them to the location where the sex will happen. It comes off looking pretty legitimate, but the disclaimer on the DVD cover makes you wonder if the whole thing is in fact scripted. Not to mention, real girls would probably object to the sex without condoms. Somehow, we're supposed to overlook those facts.

Five minutes into this disc, I was ready to give this DVD a "collectors series" recommendation. Tania is just THAT hot, and her sex scene is nothing short of spectacular. It's a MMF scene, and Tina Tyler even gets into the action, whipping off her top and fingering Tania. Without a doubt, the best scene on the disc.

Unfortunately, the rest of the disc can't live up to that amazing first scene. The second scene brings a new correspondant, Crystal. She's a real cutie, a red-head with a lip ring. I was hoping she'd jump into the action as well, but she only gets topless. Katarina, the college girl in this scene, is just mediocre looking. Luckily, she brings along her friend Crystal Ray, who's a hottie. Together, the two girls take on one lucky guy, with a little anal thrown in for good measure.

The third scene just didn't work for me. Jenni and Betty are lovers in "real" life, and allow Hustler to video tape them going at it. I didn't find the girls particularly attractive, and the sex was pretty dull. They whip out some dildos, which add a bit to the scene, but ultimately doesn't save it.

The forth scene brings you Jesse, a REALLY small-chested girl. She has sex with just one guy, and it's your standard fare sex. (Yawn)

The last scene is another MMF scene, featuring Amber. She's a cute blonde who gets double-teamed by two guys in a hotel room. The sex is pretty hot in this scene as well, and Tina the coorespondant even helps, directing the black guy's dick into Amber's mouth. It ends with both guys cumming on her, and her then licking them clean.

Final Thoughts: I REALLY liked this disc, and I'm to make sure to check out the rest of the series. If Hustler could put together a disc with 5 equally hot girls, they'd have gold on their hands. But instead, they seem to limit the number of true hotties to a few per disc, perhaps to spread out the series even further. From a business standpoint, I guess I can't fault them, but it's frustrating. Still, Tania, Amber, and Crystal Ray make this DVD worth checking out, and I promise you won't be disappointed!


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