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No Man’s Land 15

  • Release date:
    January 31, 2002
  • Cast:
    Tricia Devereaux|Ashley Renee|Stephanie Swift|Sahara Sands|Alex Dane|Ruby|Kim Kummings|Nico Treasures|Alexx Knight|Wesley Emerson|Missy (I)

No Man's Land 15: Missy's In Charge

Video Team

Genre: Lesbian, Toys

Director: Wesley Emerson

Cast: Ashley Renee, Missy, Alex Dane, Sahara Sands, Alexxx Knight, Stephanie Swift, Tricia Devereaux, Ruby, Kimberly Kummings, Nico Treasures

Length: 87 minutes

Date of Production: 8/19/96

Extra's: short biographies, photogallery, trailers, video lingerie catalog, Centerfold biographies of black women, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The picture looked very clear with only minimal grain. The audio was a bit on the low side and hollow but otherwise okay.

Body of Review: No Man's Land is a long running series that focuses on lesbian sex with heavy toy play. The movies generally have some minimal story that loosely holds the scenes together without getting in the way of your pleasure. If you like lesbian style sex, particularly with lots of toys being used, this series will probably appeal to you more often than not.

Okay, in volume 15, the cover advertises that Missy is in charge. Maybe someone needs to call up Video Team and ask why Sahara was cast as the lead and had more scenes than anyone else if Missy was in charge. Okay, so the cover lied to us-this being porn, they can make it up to us with hot scenes filled with total babes, right? Sadly, this was not the case. I bought the dvd for under $9 in order to see Tricia and Stephanie have a hot time. This will teach me to think with my big head next time I buy movies. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast as best I could identify them:

Scene One: Ashley and Missy had a scene on a bed. There was little to no heat here and the two came off looking like lipstick lesbians.

Scene Two: Alex and Sahara had a bed scene were they tried too hard to look really into the action. If you think they were, you must believe the check's in the mail and that the nice government man at your door has only your best interests in mind. Ha!

Scene Three: This was the reason I bought the dvd, it had two of my favorite performers, Tricia and Stephanie, when both were still pretty new to porn, along with Alexxx on a bed. While Steph hasn't aged a day since (I met her last year), Tricia looks better nowadays. None of the three looked to be having much fun either. My hopes for seeing some hot lesbian action had pretty much disappeared by this point.

Scene Four: Ashley, Sahara, and Ruby has a scene in a storeroom. The action included toys, like the rest of the movie's scenes, but also had a technical DP (one toy in ass, one in pussy). You'd think that would be a scene that couldn't be screwed up but somehow they did. I expected more from the movie having watched several other volumes with better heat.

Scene Five: Kimberly and Nico had the final scene on a table at a bar. The most accurate thing about this one related to the cameo appearance by Dic "Wild Dog" Tracy who, while the girls were on the counter in front of him doing each other, kept reading his newspaper.

Summary: This was definitely the weakest volume of the series I have seen. Even with performers I like, back in their youthful days no less, I found this one painful to watch. When the spam at the front of the dvd is the best sex you see, you know you're in trouble. The picture was clear, the audio okay, and basic premise of showing lesbian action solid enough but it fell flat, very flat, this once. The story was bad enough but the action was worse. Pass this one up.

Happy Birthday Tricia! January 12


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