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Coconut Holiday

  • Release date:
    November 10, 2003
  • Cast:
    Philippe Dean|Greg Centauro|Lucy Lee|Sebastian Barrio|Sarah Blue|Jennifer Dark|Julie Silver|Luisa de Marco|Veronica Sinclair|Alessandro Del Mar

Coconut Holiday

Director: Alessandro del Mar

Date of Production: 7/2003

Length: 1 hour 30 minutes

Genre: Feature

Cast: Veronica Sinclair, Sara Blue, Luisa de Marco, Lucy Lee, Julie Silver,
Jennifer Dark, Philippe Dean, George, Sebastian Barrio, Greg Centauro

Video/Audio: Another quality private production with great
video and audio. The video is presented in widescreen with the audio
in stereo. The
audio is mixed well with the music not overbearing in the scenes. The colors
for the video are very vibrant and rich. The outdoor scenes look fantastic.

Extras: Trailers, Photobook, Cast Info, Production notes, There is a Making
of that isn't listed in the menu. Once you are on the extra's menu just hit
the right button to show the selection.

Plot Summary: A girls boarding school is going on an island vacation. The
schools "bad" girls are being punished by one of the professor who
won't allow them to leave the boat they must live on for ten days. Needless
to say the girls figure out a way to get off of the boat and just plain get

Scene 1: Veronica Sinclair, ?
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal
Veronica, the female teacher designated to watching the girls, is allowed to
go on to the island to do some bird watching but does a little cocksucking
instead. The girls are stuck on the boat being taught french by their professor
Luisa gets the other girls to create a distraction so she can slip away. Once
Luisa is on the island she comes across her teacher riding a man on the beach.
Luisa happens to have a camera with her and takes some shots of her teacher
doing the deed. The couple move through several positions making use of the
beach and the large rocks there before attempting a facial cumshot. Most of
the cum falls on to Veronica's large tits. After Veronica is back on the boat,
all of the girls surround her and Luisa presents the photos to her and blackmail
her into covering for the girls for the rest of the trip while they go out
and have some fun of their own. All of the big tit fans need to make note of
Veronica, very attractive woman. Unfortunately, the sex here is interrupted
too much by the story progression.

Scene 2: Luisa, ?
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal
Luisa comes across her man as he is waiting for the teacher to show up again
and tells him she is horny, that's all he needs. After some kissing and groping,
Luisa bends down and settles in for a nice long blowjob. The man licks Luisa's
pussy for three seconds, at most, before slipping his rod inside of her as
she is laying on a large rock. The scene is interrupted by the principal teaching
more french and noticing Luisa is not there. The girls cover and say she is
in her cabin sick, but that she should feel much better in few hours...nudge
nudge, wink wink. The scene goes back to Luisa bent over the large rock and
getting railed before switching to a reverse cowgirl. They move back so Luisa
is bent over the rock again only this time taking his staff in her ass. He
goes back and forth between Luisa's ass and pussy before settling on her gash
to make him cum. After he pulls out and cums on her belly he slides back in
for a moment, before Luisa goes down to suck him a little and setting up
a meeting for a couple of the other girls for the next day. Better scene here
since it wasn't interrupted by the story. The setting was very nice with them
in the middle of a rain forest.

Scene 3: Sarah Blue, Julie Silver, ?, ?, ?
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
The guy from the previous scene is back and has brought a couple of friends
like Luisa told him to do. As the friends are doubting his story Sarah and
Julie come out of the Forest. The guy from the before takes Sarah one way while
the other two go the other way with Julie. Sarah is the first to get a little
taste of her man as she kneels to suck his cock. After some very nice oral
action from Sarah, the scene switches to Julie giving her to guys some brief
but equally impressive head. They Quickly bend her over and take her from opposite
ends. A quick shot of Sarah being eaten and fingered is shown and the scene
shifts back to Julie in reverse cowgirl taking a cock up her ass while blowing
the other guy. Julie stays in the same position for the dp that follows. We
switch back to Sarah who is now being fucked on top of a large rock on the
beach. They rapidly move through different positions and end with a facial
pop on
Sarah's cute face. Julie is shown having her pussy steadily being pounded as
she sucks on another dick. Both guys jerk off on to her face to finish out
the rest of the scene. This was a very good scene.

Scene 4: Jennifer Dark, Lucy Lee ?
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, PTM, Facial
One luck guy gets Jennifer and Lucy all to himself in this one. Both girls
do a little tag team sucking before Lucy leans on Jennifer to have her pussy
nailed from behind. The male performer stops every once in a while to let Jennifer
suck her friends juices from his cock. Jennifer's turn to ride some dick is
up and she takes it reverse cowgirl. Lucy pulls the dick out of her friend
to get in some more sucking before taking it in her ass for quite some time.
Jennifer and Lucy switch places so Jennifer can feel the dick in her butt.
Lucy jerks their new friends cock off until he cums on Jennifer's pretty face
to end out this scene. This was a very good scene with both girls getting into
the scene.

Scene 5: Veronica Sinclair, George Uhl
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
With the professor out of the way for the remainder of the trip, Veronica wants
to get in a little more sex. Luisa arranges for a man to come and help her
out. George warms her up by licking her slit from behind; Without missing a
beat, slams his cock inside of her for a vigorous screw. They move so ??? is
on top and you can see the sweat on her body glistening from the sun overhead.
They move through all of the familiar favorites before she jerks him off on
to her face. This was a MUCH better scene than her first one. Great background
for this one too.

Scene 6: Jennifer Dark, Sarah Blue, ?, ?
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal
Back at the college, we see Sarah and Jennifer run dow the stairs to a window
that two of the guys from the island climb through. They pair up and immediately
fondling each other. Both girls begin sucking on their partners. Jennifer hops
on to her friends dick while Sarah keeps sucking in the foreground. We get
some great footage of Sarah being fucked in the foreground while Jennifer is
going at it in the background. Both girls give up the backdoor here with Sarah
taking her cum on her ass and Jennifer have hers sprayed on her thigh. Fun
and playful scene to end the dvd with.

Overall Thoughts: This was a nice dvd filled with gorgeous
women, good sex and beautiful settings. The sex was warm but not really hot.
Both scenes with
Jennifer were very good and Julie's scene was nice as well. The backgrounds
really add to the fantasy, how many people wouldn't love to have a beautiful,
secluded beach all to themselves to do whatever they wanted to on. Coconut
Holiday is a pretty solid dvd with some good action, for those reasons I definitely
recommend this one.


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