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Anal Desires

  • Release date:
    August 13, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 16m
  • Cast:
    Lauro Giotto|Lucy Lee|Steve Holmes|Craig Moore|Paul|Melanie Jagger|Travis Knight|Gina Lynn|Thomas Stone|Stacy Silver|Gary|Lucky|Sophie Gently|Ferenc|Amythest Stone|Alessandro Del Mar|Alexa Mai

Private Reality 17: Anal Desires


Genre: Vignette

Director: varied by scene

Cast: Soffie, Paul, Gina Lynn, Travis Knight, Melanie Jagger, Amythiest Stone, Australian Thunder, Stacy Silver, Lucy Lee, Steve Holmes, Alexa Mai, Lauro De Giotto, Lucky, Gary, Thomas Stone, Ferenc

Length: 76 minutes

Date of Production: 6/03 (compilation itself)

Extra's: trailers, photogallery, production notes, cast biographies, lots of different languages and subtitles, double sided dvd cover

Audio/Video Quality: One of the scenes was done in 1.85:1 widescreen color and looked great while others were done in the usual 1.33:1 full frame. I saw no artifacts or problems with the colors. The audio, at least for the English track, was pretty solid but keep in mind that some of the time dubbing was done. The vocals and music were all done reasonably well.

Body of Review: The Private Reality series is sort of like a video magazine where you get to watch a couple of "making of..." behind the scenes shoots for upcoming movies along with a healthy number of sex scenes filmed for the dvd itself. I liked Volume 16 when I saw it last month and the latest volume, Private Reality 17: Anal Desires was fairly well done too. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by title, date of production, director and cast:

Scene One: Dreamy: 6/02: D-Tom Herold: Soffie, a hot looking brunette, masturbated by an outdoor pool and caught the attention of Paul. Before long, the two were licking each other and screwing, first vaginally and then anally. It was a pretty warm scene.

Scene Two: XXX: 10/02: D-MBJ: Gina, the well-known porn performer, gave Travis a blowjob set to music. The music sucked worse than Eminem's (she was in one of his videos) and the sex too limited to appreciate. Too many effects and not enough heat make for lousy porn. It's been brought to my attention that Private commissioned the scene as an artistic blowjob-only scene so MBJ is off the hook this time.

Scene Three: Making of Caribbean Vacation: 6/02: D-Alessandro Del Mar: This was a 12 minute long Behind the Scenes look at the movie. It looked pretty good.

Scene Four: Waiting For You In A Room: 11/02: D-Gazzman: Melanie, Amythiest, and Australian, had a scene while waiting for a friend inside a small living room. The gals were cute and this world-renowned director provided them a lot of opportunity to display their moves for the camera. There was lots of oral and straight with a healthy amount of anal too. Very energetic action and all caught in widescreen too. Yum!

Scene Five: Making of No Job, No Blow: 7/02: D-Kovi: This was the 11 minute long Behind the Scenes feature for the well made Kovi movie that I reviewed a while back. It looked good.

Scene Six: Living A Dream: 8/02: D-Jean Yves LeCastel: Stacy, Lucy, and Steve, all had a scene on a bed. The sex included oral, straight and anal with a bit of ATM. It was way too short for me but still warm to watch (except for the ATM stuff).

Scene Seven: Erotic Fantasy: 11/02: D-John Palmer: Alexa, a very cute gal, started masturbating while reading a book. She fantasized about a gang bang between her, Lauro, Lucky, Gary, Thomas, Ferenc on a bus (or was it a train) and the gang bang was shot in a sepia tone manner with slow motion. It was okay but the special effects hampered the heat for me.

Summary: While I liked a few scenes, too much of the show was limited either by effects or artistic matters. As such, I'm kind of on the fence about how to rate this one. The poor use of current star Gina Lynn and the shorter than average length of the show pushed me to rate it as only a Rent It. The technical issues were well handled but the series needs to offer more fuck for the buck to get the higher ratings.



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