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Wicked Sex Party 2

  • Release date:
    February 5, 2003
  • Runtime:
    1h 25m
  • Cast:
    Chloe|Ian Daniels|Asia Carrera|Jill Kelly|Jonathan Morgan|Stephanie Swift|Mickey G.|Brad Armstrong|Tabitha Stevens|Alec Metro|Evan Stone|Amber Michaels|Randy Spears|Herschel Savage|Dolly Golden|Sana Fey|Sydnee Steele|Barrett Moore|Brittany O'Neil|Lauren Montgomery|Kasorn Swan|Eric Price|Devin Wolf

Wicked Sex Party 2

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Orgy, All Sex

Director/Producer: Brad Armstrong

Cast: Stephanie Swift, Asia Carrera, Jill Kelly, Sydnee Steele, Chloe, Tabitha Stevens, Dolly Golden, Lauren Montgomery, Brittany O'Neil, Sana Fey, Barett Moore, Kasorn Swan, Amber Michaels, Brad Armstrong, Mickey G, Jonathan Morgan, Herschel Savage, Randy Spears, Ian Daniels, Alec Metro, Eric Price, Evan Stone, Devin Wolf

Length: 85 minutes

Date of Production: 2/9/99

Extra's: 13 minute long All Access (Behind the Scenes) by Red Ezra, 15 photogalleries, 4 promo reels, Free Speech Coalition commercial, Wicked Web, Casino, Awards on dvd rom, 15 audio biographies with direct to scene feature, 8 trailers, Spanish and German soundtracks, Double sided dvd cover, Credits!

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was very clear with no problems. It was the usual full frame presentation. The audio gave you the choice between a very sharp 5.1 track, a fair 2.0 track, and the two foreign language tracks. I suppose you could try and write this one off on your taxes by claiming you're learning a foreign language but don't come to me if you get audited.

Body of Review: Awhile back, someone at Wicked Pictures thought that having a big party with all the industry's top talent would be a great idea. Then someone else thought it would make sense to make the party an orgy. The boss found out and gave the go ahead as long as he could record it and make some money off the idea. The result was a series of movies called, appropriately enough, the Wicked Sex Party series. The first one starred Wicked's former contract performer, Serenity. This second one stars the lovely Stephanie Swift.

All kidding aside, the series has a lot of top talent having what amounts to a big orgy with several cameras to capture the action. 13 women and 10 men went at each other in a variety of positions on a large stage made up of a number of beds placed together. There was no fancy setting and none of the plotted dialogue that so many who watch porn hate. The performers would gravitate to a section that had other males and/or females that they wanted to work with. Surprisingly, some of them avoided their regular partners in favor of people they hadn't worked with before. This was a bonus to those of us who watch a lot of porn. After all, seeing even the most lovely gals gets a bit stale unless they're working with new faces.

I have been a fan of stars like Asia, Stephanie, and Jill for a long time so seeing them in a different situation than normal really worked for me. On top of that, even the lesser known talent was pretty good here, although I admit the implants were sometimes too much for my sensibilities. The men, obviously in heaven, did a fine job of keeping the ladies happy. The sex was mostly oral and straight but there was some lesbian action and anal going on here too. Of course condoms were used and there wasn't the kind of circus act sex that some consumers desire but Wicked is not really the place those people go to in the first place.

So, in what amounted to three scenes recorded over two days, Brad gives Wicked Picture fans something with a high replay value. There's simply no way you could catch all the action that's going on with a single viewing. If you're a fan of these women, you'll probably want to shell out the money and buy it but I think it rated at least a rental from folks who like seeing lots of action, but like the market niche Wicked zeroes in on.

Summary: The feature is 4 years old but had a fairly large amount of extras which added some value here. The 5.1 audio track was very well done and the women all looked good enough to eat (pun intended). While this may not have been the best orgy I've ever watched, it was a lot of fun and that's what this type of show is designed for. I would've liked to see Asia and Jill team up on Sydnee and Stephanie but overall, this was well worth checking out.



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