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Fuck ‘Em All 2

  • Release date:
    September 5, 2001
  • Runtime:
    1h 39m
  • Cast:
    Chloe|Alexandra Silk|Tabitha Stevens|Alec Metro|Dee|Cheyne Collins|Brandon Iron|Crystal|Darling|Chennin Blanc|Lola (I)|Julie Meadows|Kristy|Nakita Kash|Professor Mike

Fuck 'Em All 2

Digital Playground

Genre: All Sex, Anal, Inter-racial, Toys, Outdoor Sex, Lesbian

Director: Professor Mike

Cast: Tabitha Stevens, Chennin Blanc, Cheyne Collins, Brandon Iron, Julie Meadows, Chloe, Kristi, Jon Dough, Kyle Stone, Mark Davis, Mr. Marcus, Nakita Kash, Alexandra Silk, Lola, Crystal, Alec Metro, Dee

Length: 102 minutes

Date of Production: 8/5/99

Extra's: photogallery/slide show, credits

Audio/Video Quality: The picture is almost always sharp and clear as is the audio. There were some rare occasions where the dvd mastering led to minor problems but that was the exception rather than the rule.

Body of Review: Fuck 'Em All 2 is the second in the three part series starring Tabitha Stevens. She is known as much for her appearances on the Howard Stern show as she is for her love of anal sex. In this series, she tried to get a handle on what her audience wanted and succeeded as often as not. This second volume has better sexual performances than the first but didn't have the very amusing commentary track the original volume had so it's a trade off of sorts. Here's a description of the four scenes the dvd offered:

Scene One: Tabitha had outdoor sex with Cheyne, Chennin, and Brandon while some construction workers watched from next door. The premise was a staged fan letter but that quickly discarded in favor of getting down to business. Most of the sex was oral with the vaginal sex, and trading of partners, coming in second. Clocking in at nearly 25 minutes, it was fun to watch and displayed plenty of energy/chemistry.

Scene Two: Tabitha played an adult version of "Spin The Bottle" with Julie, Kristi, Chloe, Mark, Kyle, Marcus, and Jon in a living room. They played two rounds and there was plenty of swapping out of partners. This scene was a lot more hardcore than the first and included oral, straight, anal, and facials with some participants not using condoms. High energy and heat were par for the course here.

Scene Three: Tabitha enjoyed a lesbian orgy with Crystal, Nikita, Lola, Darling and Alexandra in the living room. If you like various toys, both large and small, along with attractive women, and oil, you'll like this one. I wondered why the scene went to black at one point but it might've been a mastering problem. No matter, it was a very good scene if you like that sort of stuff as much as I do.

Scene Four: In the last scene, Tabitha got all dressed up in a formal nightgown to enjoy the tuxedoed duo of Alec and Cheyne. Dee gave Tabitha a little licking to warm her up but was basically in a cameo role here as a makeup artist. The sex included oral, straight, and anal with a DP. This was probably the weakest scene and it was enjoyable to watch.

Summary: Tabitha seems to like sex of all sorts of flavors and this dvd proves it. I know a lot of guys would've preferred her to take Marcus up her rear but Chloe did a fine job of that on her own. The dvd is not fine art but it did display the talents of the cast without a lot of wasted plot so many porno's are known for. While I would've liked to see another scene or some more extras (especially another commentary track), I think this one is a keeper that I can recommend. It has something for everyone without the fast forward fodder many of you hate.


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