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Freshman Fantasies 18

  • Release date:
    September 25, 2003
  • Cast:
    Shane|Layla Jade|Katie|Dick|J.J. Michaels|Evan|Allisa|Barry|Melody Love|Alec|Professor Mike

Freshmen Fantasies 18

Digital Playground/All Good Video

Genre: Young Women, Vignette

Director: Professor Mike

Cast: Layla Jade, Dick Nasty, Melanie, Alec Metro, Allisa, Barry, Vivi Anne, JJ Michaels, Katie June, Shane Tyler, Evan Stone

Length: 116.5 minutes

Date of Production: 2/5/99

Extra's: Slide Show, Photogallery, double sided DVD cover

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as most porn is made these days. For a movie so old (in porn terms, this sucker was very old), it looked pretty solid in most cases with only some grain and marginal camera angles getting in the way of the fun on occasion. The audio indicator on my stereo receiver lit up with a 5.1 signal but after checking each track, it was obviously derived from a monaural master (each channel sounded identical). The sound varied a lot and it was the biggest problem here with some parts of the interview barely audible and other parts booming loud.

Body of Review: All Good Video is a company from long ago that is now finding its back catalog released by the folks at Digital Playground. Most of AGV's works tended to be vignettes with a slight story per scene and little else to tie into a main theme. One of the company's most popular series was the Freshman Fantasies series and this review is focused on volume 18 of that show. The movie had five scenes with a variety of youthful gals that each had a fantasy to display for the viewer. If this sounds interesting to you, read this scene by scene breakdown:

Scene One: Whores De Heurves: Layla, back when the blonde had short hair and small but natural breasts, had a short interview before going to the hotel room and seeing that she was assigned to bone Dick. While old, he has proven himself over the years and the two shared a common accent. After some foreplay with food that was quite erotic, she blew him. He then ate her a bit before using the food as lubricant. If that sounds gross, it really wasn't bad to watch. The two did a good job with what they had to work with and oral with straight was the theme of the day. He finished by giving her a creamy topping to her mouth.

Scene Two: Fluffy Fuckers: Melanie, a 19 year old gal with light hair and a lean body, had a scene in a hot tub with Alec. This scene was also playful but not to the extent the previous scene was. It was romantic in that they had roses spread throughout the water and how both of them approached the scene but otherwise it was fairly mechanical.

Scene Three: I'd Like To Try Some Penis: Allisa, a lean blonde that claimed to be twenty years old from Nebraska, also claimed to be a virgin (never having had sex with a guy, just women), started masturbating in the back of his car as they drove down the road before she got to a house. She was introduced to a man named Tommy (credited as Barry on the DVD cover) and they went to a bedroom to get busy. After a bit of foreplay, they kissed and her massaged her breasts awhile, eventually going down on her to warm her up some more. She then reciprocated and blew him before he started plugging away at her box. She did seem to enjoy it and I liked it as well.

Scene Four: Love @ Laundrymat: Vivi, a cute redhead who claimed to be 19 years old, described her fantasy of screwing in a public laundromat. She was a tiny gal and seemed to get into going there at night and having sex with a stranger (okay, I know he was a professional but the scenario called for a stranger). They took their time and the scene was a lot of fun. It was an interesting location and I guess the fear of getting caught made it more exciting for her.

Scene Five: If It Ain't Broke, Then Have Sex With It: Katie, a cutie from Tennessee with unfixed teeth in her 19th year, described her fantasy of having sex with a repairman and sharing him with her roommate Shane. The two fulfill the fantasy with Evan as the powerfully built plumber and they had a good time with lots of oral (it started off as a lesbian scene) and then straight sex.

Summary: I liked some scenes here better than others and none of the gals were in my top ten list (even back then). The sex itself was okay and I think the rating for this one should be a solid Rent It unless you have a personal attachment to some of the cast. It wasn't a bad movie but except for a few minutes here and there, the replay value wasn't as high as other releases I've seen lately.


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