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Private Life of Jodie Moore, The

  • Release date:
    September 29, 2003
  • Cast:
    Alberto Rey|Philippe Dean|Tyce Bune|Mandy Bright|Sebastian Barrio|Bobbi Eden|Jodie Moore|Elza Brown|Claudia Claire

The Private Life Of Jody Moore (AKA: Private Life Series #13)


Genre: Compilation

Director: varied with each scene

Cast: Jody Moore, Tyce Bune, Art Core, Bobbi Eden, Claudia Claire, George Uhl, Elza Brown, Sebastian Barrio, Mandy Bright, Alberto Rey, Philippe Dean, Bailey, Toni Ribas, Mike Horner, Steven St. Croix, Nick Manning, Joachim, Dan Stallion, Kiwi, Mia Smiles, others uncredited

Length: 172.5 minutes (not including the additional bonus scenes)

Date of Production: 9/03 (compilation only)

Extra's: lots of bonus scenes, production notes, trailers, a masturbation featurette with Jodie, quiz with bonus scene, interviews, bloopers, backstage report, featurette on survival shaving, filmography for Private with Jodie, all her photogalleries for the company, double sided dvd cover, hidden Easter Egg scene, commercial for Private's PDA program

Audio/Video Quality: Most of the scenes were presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame but several were presented in 1.85:1 ratio widescreen color as well. Most of the scenes looked very clear with only minimal grain. I didn't see any artifacts but, to be fair, my attention was directed at the action this time so one or two might have slipped past me. The audio was in stereo with minimal separation between the channels but as clear as you'd expect with a bunch of languages and subtitles available (Private's standard group). As with most Private movies, the audio was typically dubbed but not bad.

Body of Review: Jodie Moore, an Australian blonde born on 4/11/76, was a feature dancer in the land down under for six years before making the plunge into adult movies. She had worked with all sorts of companies before signing a contract with Private and seems to have found a good home with them. She enjoys sexual pleasure with men and women, never shies away from anal, and likes multiple partners. She doesn't care for condoms either and you'll be unlikely to find too many scenes of her using them. In the latest release by the folks at Private, The Private Life Of Jodie Moore, the company has given it's all star treatment to the young blonde in the latest double disc set that is cram-packed with scenes and extras. Here's a breakdown of the set by original movie, director, date, and cast with action as best I could figure them out with the limited information Private provided:

Scene One: Perfect : D-Michael Ninn: 11/01: Jodie, Tyce and Art had an artistic scene with fire, masks, and special effects like slow motion. This was perhaps her weakest scene I've ever watched and keep in mind that I've seen her with Ed Powers. It even had anal but the visual crap made me think: Pass!

Scene Two: Private Reality 12: Dangerous Girls: D-Little Al: 5/02: Jodie, Bobbi, and Claudia, all three very hot looking blondes, had a lesbian scene in a loft as they took a study break. If any one of them had been my study buddy, I'd have flunked out of college a long time ago (and not have cared one little bit). Yum!

Scene Three: The Other Face Of Pleasure: D-Antonio Adamo: 2/02: Jodie and George had a scene on a tropical beach that was too short but warm nonetheless. It had oral and straight only for those keeping count.

Scene Four: Sunrise: D-Alessandro Del Mar: 2/02: Jodie, Elza and Sebastian had sex on a boat at sea. The wind tossed hair and perfect lighting helped make this scene really great to watch but it was also too short.

Scene Five: In The Arms Of Evil: D-Antonio Adamo: 2/02: Jodie, Mandy, Alberto, and Philippe had a scene outdoors by a pool. It had too many slow motion effects but included anal with a DP for those who like stuff of that nature.

Scene Six: The Scottish Loveknot: D-Gazzman: 6/02: Jodie, one of Private's newer contract performers, and Bailey, had a scene outdoors in the lovely Scottish countryside. She looked really good here, much better than elsewhere that I've seen her. The sex included anal and except for some slow motion camera work, it was pretty warm.

Bonus Scene 1 The Angry Lover: D-X. Dominguez: Jodie and Toni had a scene in a hotel room that was a bit rougher than average. It included oral, straight and anal sex with her jerking him off into her mouth at the end. I liked that it was presented in widescreen and looked very clear as much as the sex itself. Whew!

Bonus Scene from Quiz: D-Gazzman: Jodie, Steven and Mike had a hot little scene on a couch that ended with a DP. Whew!

Scene One, Disc Two: Perfect : D-Michael Ninn: 11/01: Jodie, and Nick had a dream sequence by the ocean. It was softer than most of her other scenes but okay to watch once or twice.

Scene Two, Disc Two: Black Pleasure: Jodie and Joachim had a scene on a boat at sea. I'm not sure which movie it came from since Private didn't provide that many details but the scene was well made with lots of heat and chemistry.

Scene Three, Disc Two: The Scottish Loveknot: D-Gazzman: 6/02: Jodie and Dan had a short scene that was very erotic. The sex was oral and vaginal only but warm.

Scene Four, Disc Two: Perfect : D-Michael Ninn: 11/01: Jodie, Kiwi and Mia had an erotic scene on a stage while Nick and others watched them go at it. The music was way too loud but the action was pretty warm, if too stylish.

Scene Five, Disc Two: Sex Survivors: D-Alessandro Del Mar: 2002: Jodie, Elza and Philippe had a scene on a grassland in the open sun. The sex included anal and I wish I had a chance to see this release as it looked pretty solid (and a lot better than the television show). Yum!

Scene Six, Disc Two: Perfect : D-Michael Ninn: 11/01: This was the overly stylish orgy scene from the movie, Perfect. If you haven't seen the movie, let's just say that Ninn's style is an acquired taste with a little bit going a long, long way.

Scene Seven, Disc Two: In The Arms Of Evil: D-Antonio Adamo: 2002: Barby took on Joachim and then Alberto on a boat at sea. There was oral and straight before the obligatory DP. Jodie was watching but I think they could've used a scene where she took more action in for this compilation. At least Jodie masturbated a bit for the viewer.

Scene Eight, Disc Two: Lesbian Pleasure: Jodie took on a brunette who's name escapes me at the moment by an outdoor pool. The scene was too short and the music too loud so it doesn't matter much anyway. Fair sex at best but they looked good in the natural light.

Summary: I really like this series since it provides so much fuck for the buck! If you're a fan of Jodie Moore and haven't purchased all her movies from Private, this would be a great compilation to pick up for a decent price. Like Rita Faltoyano's or Michelle Wild's volume, this was easily worth a rating of Highly Recommended, despite a handful of weaker scenes. I wonder if the other volumes in the series were as good as these three or if they were just so good due to the wonderfully beautiful ladies featured. In any case, check them out if you have any interest in the leads whatsoever.


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