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Euro Angels Hardball 21: Super Hard

  • Release date:
    November 5, 2003
  • Cast:
    Alberto Rey|Greg Centauro|Claudia Rossi|Kid Jamaica|Mandy Bright|Steve Holmes|David Perry|Sandra De Marco|Jean-Yves Le Castel|Jennifer Dark|Simony Diamond|Christophe Clark|Ian Scott|Bellissima

Euro Angels Hardball 21: Super Hard!: Special Edition Director's Cut

Evil Angel/Euro Angel

Genre: Anal, Foreign

Director: Christoph Clark

Cast: Jeanna Lee, Sandra Mark, Simony, David Perry, Mandy Bright, Steve Holmes, Kid Jamaica, Alberto Rey, Jennifer Dark, Claudia Rossi, Jean-Yves Lecastel, Greg Centauro, Bellissima, Ian Scott

Length: 161.5 minutes

Date of Production: 9/15/03 (box), 8/30/03 (credits)

Extra's: photogallery, filmographies, biography of Christoph, cast list, fetish menu, extra footage incorporated into the movie (it advertises as being 30 minutes longer than the VHS version)

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was presented in 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. Overall, the picture looked slightly better than average for a Euro Angel/Evil Angel DVD with a bit less grain I've come to expect from them. The DVD transfer itself seemed solid too although I did see a few artifacts from time to time. The stereo English soundtrack was about as good as usual with all the voices easily heard.

Body of Review: Evil Angel is one of the top two gonzo porn companies at this writing. The company provides some of the best hardcore action in the jizz bizz with few limits that plague other companies. For the most part, their movies have a lot of anal sex, including the ever-popular circus act sex (the most extreme acts allowed in the USA), and few condoms. Combine these traits with the sheer enthusiasm of the performers, the experience of the directors the company employs, and the amount of sex you get in a typical release on DVD, and you have the winning formula that pleases many fans on a regular basis. In the latest release by director Christoph Clark, Euro Angels Hardball 21: Super Hard!: Special Edition Director's Cut, the company provides a cast of stunning beauties that never say no to whatever type of action the men enjoy. Much like the last volume in the series, Volume 20, fans are going to notice a lot of fuck for the buck. Here's a breakdown of the scenes by cast:

Scene One: Jeanna, Sandra, Simony, and David all had a scene after Christoph showed some tease footage. The gals were all hot looking and had all-natural bodies (which a lot of fans appreciate). By the time David joined them, I was ready, willing and able to enjoy everything (and anything) they did. There was a lot of oral and some straight sex with plenty of anal for fans that like that kind of thing (the cover advertised "all anal" so there had better be lots of anal). There was some ATM action going on as well with some major gaping going on before he popped in their faces. I would have preferred less of the lesbian "lizard flicking" kissing going on but otherwise, it was a very well done scene.

Scene Two: Mandy, the gal on the front DVD cover with the hot looking fetish outfit on, made a call for some guys and guess who showed up? That's right, Steve, David, Kid, and Alberto came over to spread some cheer, and her legs, in a group grope scene. The woman is well known throughout the world as one of the most energetic performers in porn (a gal with few, if any, limits) and her action here was just what was expected with plenty of oral, straight and anal with several DP's and ATM action. There was even a DAP (double anal) at one point for the fans of circus act sex. Whew!

Scene Three: Jennifer and Claudia, two women that looked great themselves, did Jean-Yves, and Greg outside on the lawn. Okay, you know there would be oral, straight and anal here, right? Like the other scenes, there were no condoms used either (this is no surprise since only rarely does Evil Angel incorporate condoms; typically in their Brazilian stuff or she-male pictures). There was lots of anal and DP action as well as ATM for fans. It ended with a facial to both of the gals. It was well done and fans of ATM will simply have to see this one (yes, there was a lot of it going on).

Scene Four: Bellissima, a lean brunette with large breasts, and Steve, were on a boat ride in a lake. The two acted like young lovers on the rear deck of the ship and she started going down on him for a while before Ian and Greg joined in on the action (by making them go inside the cabin. I liked her fishnets and enthusiasm as much as her energy levels during the scene. This one also had the kinds of sex you'd expect from the show although they bathed her in semen to her face and breasts at the end.

Summary: The picture wasn't quite as clear as the last volume but the sex was great and should please every raincoater out there that likes the rougher stuff. With more than two and a half hours of material, it's easy to see why I rate this one as Highly Recommended. The cast was better than usual, particularly in terms of how attractive they were as well as energy levels, and the production values good enough that anyone with a pulse will probably not notice any minor flaws.


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