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Naughty Bedtime Stories Vol. 2

  • Release date:
    November 17, 2003
  • Cast:
    Steven St. Croix|Mike Horner|Chris Cannon|Dino Bravo|Teoni|Joey Ray|Randy Spears|Alaura Eden|Haley Paige|Derick Lee|Corina Taylor|Bud Lee|Natalia Wood|Brooke Banner|Simon Wolf

Naughty Bedtime Stories: Volume 2
Simon Wolf Productions

Director: Simon Wolf and Bud Lee

Date of Production: 08/6-25/2003

Length: 2 hours 21 minutes

Genre: Vignette

Cast: Natalie Wood, RayVeness, Alaura Eden, Corina Davis, Brook, Haley, Teoni,
Chris Cannon, Steven St. Croix, Joey Ray, Dino Bravo, Derick Lee, Randy Spears,
Joey Ray, Mike Horner

Video/Audio: Presented in 1.33:1, you can chalk up another well shot video
with a crisp clean transfer. The audio isn't shabby either in a stereo mix.
Clear dialogue and sounds for each story.

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Video Bios, Photo Gallery, Two Bonus Scenes (Roommate
From Hell and Magic Sex), Trailers

Plot Summary: Alaura Eden is a sexy guide that takes a sleepy
reader through some very arousing stories that almost always end with a twist.
Ghost pirates,
time travel, shape shifters, wizards, wood nymphs and gun slingers make up
these fun and imaginative short stories.

Scene 1: Natalie Wood, Derick Lee
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
Teoni tells the story of Hanging Jack to a reporter played by Natalie as they
go through some old prison. Once Teoni leaves Natalie by herself, Natalie becomes
locked in one of the old cells and a pirate appears. This pirate has a few
bad things planned for Ms. Wood until Hanging Jack's ghost appears and has
a little sword fight. Guess who wins. if you said the first pirate your wrong,
go back and read the first sentence of this scene review! Yep, ol' Hanging
Jack wins and gets a reward for his efforts. Natalie quickly offers up her
services and body to him. Jack being the gentlemanly ghost pirate he is heads
down south first and has Natalie ready to pop. Natalie has another favor to
repay and does so without any hesitation, taking his dick deep into her mouth.
Natalie displays her oral skill with a wet blow job for quite some time before
telling Jack she wants him to fuck her. Our former damsel in distress is now
on top of things riding Jack's dick hard making her gorgeous titties bounce
up and down. Natalie stops long enough for a quick suck before hopping back
on, she does this a couple of times before they change to spoon for more sex.
Jack gets a little doggy action before painting natalie's face with his sperm.
Some great post cum sucking by Natalie fades to Teoni letting us, the viewer,
in on a little secret. Very nice scene! natalie has one of the best all natural
bodies I've seen in a long time. I thought she gave a good performance in E-Love
, but this one is even hotter.

Scene 2: Rayveness, Chris Cannon
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Rayveness receives a diary that brings forth a "Runner", someone
who can time travel. The Runner tells a story about the inventor of the time
travel concept and how it pertains to Rayveness. Once the story is told and
the invitation for her to go into the future with him has been offered, she
accepts. It seems, in the future, they no longer have sex and since Rayveness
is going there, she would like to get a little for the road. Chris kisses
Rayveness's lips and breasts while she rubs herself through her panties. He
helps her out of those panties and goes down on her as she sits back in a chair.
Chris gives her a nice, long tongue lashing until she hops up so she can give
him a little
in return. Rayveness takes him as deep as she can and causes herself to gag
a couple of times working Chris up so much he almost burst. She cools
things down by lightly blowing on his dick before fucking her mouth again.
She uses her big tits to slide up and down his prick before sliding down on
to it in reverse cowgirl. Since they've just met 10 minutes ago, Chris wears
a condom for the sex. Chris has another close call as the two fuck while
in missionary for a while. Rayveness gets on her hands and knees to let him
bang her gash from behind which causes her large beasts to sway back and forth.
They work up to the pop here with Rayveness taking it in her mouth and on her
face. She plays with it by spitting it back on to his dick and sucking it back
into her mouth a few times. the scene ends with another twist...I'll never
tell. Scene number two is another good one. Rayveness is super sexy and gets
into the sex big time.

Scene 3: Corina Davis, Steven St. Croix
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, PTM, Facial
Steven goes out to a cabin in the woods and has his night interrupted by a
naked girl at his door yelling about being chased by wolves. Once she is in
the cabin and calms down Steven looks for clothes for her but doesn't quite
make it. Corina comes up behind him and tells him to make love to her. Well,
not one to look a gift horse, err, girl in the mouth he puts his dick in it.
She sucks his balls and takes his cock as far down as she can before bending
over for a little doggy style screwing. Corina and Steven lay down on the floor
for some spoon fucking followed by reverse cowgirl. Once she hops of for a
nice suck they move on to missionary and try out some "legs over the shoulders" sex
that sends both of them off, with Steven's winding up on Corina's face. What
do ya know, another twist for the end of this scene. Not as good as the first
two scenes, but not bad. Sex seemed a little by the numbers at times while
both performers looked like they were into it at others.

Scene 4: Brooke, Randy Spears
Acts Included: Oral ,Vaginal
Brooke is a maid that comes across a crystal ball made by Merlin's brother
Terlin (Randy Spears) made as a gift for King Authur. The gift allows the holder
to look into dreams. Brooke's dream is to be rich and have people look after
her. As Randy is pouring in hot water into her bath within her dream, the real
Terlin is yelling at her for using the dream viewer. As she gets out of the
bath, Brooke order Randy to dry off every inch of her. Somehow this drying
process involves licking and fingering her pussy until she's ready to suck
Randy's cock. Brooke eases herself on to Randy and rides him reverse cowgirl.
Brooke has very big tits and they are hypnotic as the bounce and sway as she
rides. Brooke bends over to offer her pussy to Randy doggy for a while before
laying back for missionary. They go at it with Brooke on top with Randy finally
spilling his seed on her gorgeous tits. Once again, this scene ends with a
storyline twist. Brooke is beautiful and I was very happy with my first time
seeing her. The scene overall, still wasn't as good as the first two but, it
was better than the third.

Scene 5: Haley, Joey Ray
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Facial
Joey is a scientist looking for new types of fungi in a forest and gets a surprise
by a wood nymph (Haley) that saves his life and wants to screw him. They do
not waste anytime and are ready to go with Joey kissing and licking Haley's
breasts. The licking doesn't stop there as he has her on the ground fingering
and licking
her shaven slit. Haley gives back a gift to him with a little oral, almost
completely swallowing him several times before hopping on top for a good amount
of time. With some spoon and reverse cowgirl thrown in for good measure, Joey
gets to drop his load on to Haley's cute face. Following the lead of the previous
scenes, we get to see another twist for the end of this one too. Another solid
scene. I liked the fact they held fewer positions here that allowed for longer
shots for the viewer to see.

Scene 6: Alaura Eden, Dino Bravo
Acts Included: Oral, Vaginal, Anal, Facial
Two gunslingers sling some lead at one another over a girl played by Alaura.
When neither hit anything, one leaves after Alaura's mouth get on his nerves.
The winner is soon between her legs eating her out. Once she has had enough,
Alaura has her turn to give head. Alaura mounts her cowboy in a reverse cowgirl
first before switching to standing doggy. They try out anal by going back to
reverse cowgirl. Alaura slides a finger deep into her twat as she continues
to be fuckd in the ass. They roll over on to their sides for more hard, vigorous
anal sex to work up the final pop for the movie. Alaura takes it on her face
and gives post cum head to finish off the dvd. Alaura has always been a good
performer, here she turns in another scene with the discs only anal.

Overall Thoughts: From the menus to the video itself, with
everything in between, this two disc set is put together extremely well. Fun
and sexy would
be the best way to describe this one filled with imaginative stories, special
effects and pulse pounding sex. Natalie, Rayveness, and Alaura turn in some
of the best scenes in the bunch, but that
doesn't mean
the others
any good. If you're looking for hard euro porn look elsewhere, however, if
you're looking for an all around well made vignette video I highly
Bedtime Stories: Volume Two.


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