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Anal Intensive 5

  • Release date:
    February 4, 2003
  • Runtime:
    2h 16m
  • Cast:
    Alain Deloin|Sandra De Marco|Sandra|Jean-Yves Le Castel|Bob Terminator|Kevin Long|Tristan Seagal|Lucy Lee (III)|Daniella (czech)|Pierre Woodman|Romana (czech)

Anal Intensive 5


Genre: Anal

Director: Pierre Woodman

Cast: Daniela, Romana, Adelka, Stepanska, Sandra, Rebecca, JY LeCastel, Tristan, Kevin Long, Bob Terminator, Alain Deloin

Length: 136 minutes

Date of Production: 9/21/02

Extra's: bonus scene: "Two Cocks In My Ass" (a double anal with Rebecca and 4 guys), trailers, slide show, director's profile, spam

Audio/Video Quality: The picture was very sharp and clear. The audio was good although there was a lot of dubbing (most of the cast doesn't speak English). The dvd transfer was very well done.

Body of Review: Pierre Woodman is known as a European director who has worked all over the globe with many companies, filming beautiful gals. Currently, he does a lot of work for Hustler, including this series, Anal Intensive. In the 5th volume of the series, we get to see a bunch of very attractive gals who enjoyed having some very hardcore sex with groups of guys. If you like anal, read on or run out and get this dvd. Here's the female cast by scene (Hustler didn't see fit to list credits for the men and I'm only half sure about who's who):

Scene One: Daniela, an attractive blonde with great legs and hot looking eyes, took on a couple of studs in a very warm scene that included anal with a major gape before the facial.

Scene Two: Romana, a lean cutie with brown hair, took on a couple of guys in a scene that had a DP. Not bad at all.

Scene Three: Adelka, a very lean brunette, had a fair scene which included a short DP with two guys. She over acted and was unconvincingly loud.

Scene Four: Stepanska, another cute blonde, took on three guys in a good scene that had a DP and facials.

Scene Five: Sandra, a reddish haired gal with a bit of a tough looking face, had a good scene with some guys and while there was no DP, she had the longest, widest gape time.

Summary: Anal isn't my big turn on and I liked this one based on the performances. If you like anal, I'd highly recommend it. Although it's not the hardest hardcore you'll find in this regard, it was pretty warm at times with lots of energy. Of course no condoms were used by the cast as this was a Woodman release if that matters to you. Check it out as an alternative to some of the formulated porn on the shelves at your local porn store.



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